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  1. From May 25 change log: DCS Open Beta * Water has very bright reflections at night in the mission without clouds after the mission with cloud preset - fixed. Edit: Confirmed fixed.
  2. Thanks, I see it's been reported since at least May 2021. 100% reproducible, hopefully will get fixed soon. At least we have a work around.
  3. Thanks for isolation info. If this has been reported earlier, particularly with any official response, please add the link if you find it. This is the closest thread I found when searching before posting:
  4. Just noticed this with latest version v2.7.12.23362 Have not isolated, but these steps did reproduce: Steps to reproduce 1. AH-64 -> Instant Action -> Desert Challenge 2. Quit mission 3. F-18 -> Mission -> Mission Qualification: Supercarrier CASE III Recovery 4. Observe sea glowing. (Restart game and skip straight to 3. to see normal behavior) Good (Normal) Bad (After repro steps) EDIT: Workaround is to restart game. (Repo step 4 hints at this, but it's important to know it can be temporarily avoided.)
  5. @Mange Your request is very reasonable. Any control that behaves like a switch rather than button needs the 'Action or not action' control binding, like Master Arm and Arrestor Hook often do in modules. We should not need hacks that will get overridden by updates. Chance this module, including controls, will be updated in future... 100% By the way, I do appreciate hacks and work arounds. For now, I just bind Open and just never close the guard. Would personally be happy for option to start open.
  6. You won't regret that. Great plane and 2.5 Baltic Dragon campaigns (1.5 come with the aircraft, 1 sold separately)
  7. Finished the campaign today. Enjoyed the experience. Played about one mission per week until mission 9. Decided to wait for bug fix and play some other sims. Missions typically took 2.5hrs to complete which is a big commitment for a single play session. It would still be nice if all missions (of that length) could be split into two parts so player could resume in the middle. A bit like [Take off & Training part 1], then [Training part 2 & landing]. Not sure how practical it is to create and maintain those extra mission files. Perhaps something for ED to work on (along with more mission branching etc.) I could safely say I only took the plunge due to Baltic Dragon's name on the box, more so for exciting topics like 'training' . The experience and immersion was great as expected. I normally wait six months for everyone else to find the bugs and have them fixed, but was looking forward to more A-10 flight, so jumped in on day one. No regrets. Overall quality was good. Mostly small spelling or mis-match between text and voice type issues, no show stoppers bar the (now fixed) Mission 9 one. So thanks Baltic Dragon, well done with this campaign. And thanks to the helpers and great voice overs.
  8. Fix confirmed in DCS Open Beta I did overshoot WP1 or WP2 and missed progress from first contact of Black Jack. Circling back to WP1 a couple times eventually triggered it and I completed the mission. My fault, but perhaps trigger zones or shapes could be improved to account for not following flight plan precisely.
  9. These missions are very long, often 2.5hrs. I usually have to wait for a weekend with enough contiguous free time to play one. BD has been fitting some missions with an option at the start to skip sections. I think it's partly for this reason, to effectively jump to a later part of the training since there is no save feature. The point at which is issue occurs is not a bad candidate for a training check point. It's about half way through, and the first half is more about describing the TPG function and interface. It seems the next part is about actually using it to find and track targets.
  10. Same, just encountered this. Anyone know if the sequence does not freeze up if you select the alternate response requesting more instruction? Looking at Ready's video, it does not occur in the older version of this mission, though clearly a bunch of other issues have been fixed since.
  11. We all know why time acceleration is sometimes useful, but smacking the 'Time normal' button when a radio communication occurs requires some effort, and occasionally misses some important message. Requesting an option to automatically return time to normal speed when radio or communication messages occur.
  12. I think you're talking about Mission 1. I found that part confusing as well, only sure of the Mode 3/A four digit code.
  13. UI text often appears misaligned vertically. The effect sometimes looks more pronounced at different scales, but does appear to be present at all scales. I've copied some screen captures and images and added some single pixel red lines to highlight the misalignment. Interestingly, this new Voice Chat guide shows the same issue in its screenshots: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/medialibrary/30a/k3o2gik7dkxf2qpk2fram6igpp8egac0/DCS_Voice_Chat_Quick_Start.pdf While this issue does not affect game play significantly, it is ugly and decreases text readability. The issue has been around for years. I could not find it reported already in this forum with a quick search.
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