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  1. DCS Open Beta: AI aircraft dropping guided bombs are horribly inaccurate - fixed. Maybe this fixes the mission problem? I can't test right now because my first daughter has just been born, I'll try when I can.
  2. I tried the mission on the latest open beta, but it didn't fix the problem, Fang still misses. This time looks like it even gave up faster, it tried 2 times and then RTB.
  3. No, it seemed to work fine until fang missed the targets. I played 5 times, and I didn't have this problem of messages appearing at the wrong time.
  4. I had this problem today too, of 5 times, 2 it worked, but on 3 fang did not hit the target. Looking at their view, looks like they are circling the target, but they finish the turn too close to them, they open the bomb hatch but close right after. They look a bit too high I think. On the 2 times it worked I was shot down by the migs... :music_whistling:
  5. I just yesterday did this mission, and also didn't trigger the ILS/TACAN training parts. After the "show of force", I received the message about the Huey coming, and then continued following the waypoints 5, 6, 7, and 8, as per the kneeboard. I only received a single message when near the airport, but it was only about contacting the tower I think, nothing about any training. Also one of the waypoints is veeeeery far away from the airport, I think at the waypont 6 or 7, I was at 80nm of the airport! Is this supposed to be like this?
  6. Yes, this was my original question, together with the yellow line one: Weapon System CMD Depress is not unlocking a target for me. I lock a target, and pressing it does nothing.
  7. Yes, I understood about RDO and yellow lines, tested it and it is ok. What I wanted is unlock a target that I locked with the TDC, that is in front on me. Looks like this is not possible.
  8. Ah ok, I tried to find this information on the changelogs, but didn't find it. Ok, thanks for the clarification. I find weird that I cannot leave anything locked like it was before I locked the first one, but this should be the way the real airplane does. I can do this by swithing the radar totallly off and on again, but it wouldn't be a wise thing to do in a dogfight!
  9. Thanks, I couldn't find this in any manual. As for the Weapons System CMD DEPRESSED, should't it deselect the current locked target like when no targets are locked, or it is supposed to stay this way?
  10. I am new to DCS, using Openbeta. While doing the radar training mission, I lock the target in TWS, switch to STT, everything is ok. When the target is about 10nm from the, the green lines and green target data becomes yellow, and after this I cannot unlock from it any more. Weapons System CMD DEPRESSED does nothing, I tried event mapping it to keyboard, but it does not work. I don't remeber when doing trainings before the lines becoming yellow, is this normal? See screenshot.
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