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  1. Just got the campagn and i went over the mountain of documents, Im flying the first mission and i see a ton of waypoints but i dont see what they points are in the kneeboard. I see my target on the KB but I found my targets coordinates in KB should I just manually add it or if its already added what waypoint would it be. I got used to missions telling me what each steerpoint was and what was bulls and this one is your target. kinda thing. Im down to learn I just wanna know what you guys are doing for this/
  2. Ive talked with many about this and the game seems to tell me that there should be In the images i added you will see the end of missions breif where they say here is the intel and location of a target but its not there and when i enter the mission planner and look I dont see the circle showing me its location. Any advice?
  3. I read the whole thing I use track ir and i wasnt looking down for the image. I can see in a post where i say they didnt show the waypoints of the building and to not show the whole message is a little silly but at the time i only took the screenshot for the code on the top, and i assumed i would get the coordinates at a later time. but they never came
  4. I didnt see any coordinates, in the past i saw them posted along with the finished message you get I posted the top part of the image but at the bottom there wasnt any coordinates, I messed up and didnt get the whole image but there wasnt anything. But ill try to keep an eye out
  5. I finished a mission and landed and got a thing saying we have the location of the building we need to hit but its not in the mission planner or in the f10 map.. any ideas?
  6. ahhh ok thanks I thought the points you are referring to are the ones to the north where the first and second CAP missions are CAP 1 and 2
  7. I noticed this a few times and was wondering if i could use these to help me plan. I see them on the planner and it looks like enemy routes
  8. What you said worked for me, I was just showing you what it did say before i fixed it incase It could help anyone in the future
  9. Doing what you said did fix the issue here is what it says when you hover over the dot
  10. It just says what the keybind is. I found a fix I think if you right click on the keybind you can reset it to default or something and it took away the keybind red dot . Howerver the main red dot next to the name of the name Rudder stayed but i was able to move the stick. I will try your idea.
  11. I kinda feel like its a crucial part of the campaign , Kinda like our thing that makes us unique. We will raise our slow movers up and they shall be our war cry
  12. You have all seen em if you played this campaign, They glide across the airport with a speed and elegance only a slug could appreciate. Seemingly able to escape the natural laws of momentum and gravity they are able to float in a slow motion "jog" across the area. I pray for their safety and well being as this can not be good on the human body. PS LOVE THE CAMPAIGN SO FAR
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