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  1. I am curious nobody is responding to us... it seems like a new bug for sure... It is really annoying, especially at night where the cursor's blue cross remains very visible and very bright in the cockpit... I hope it gets fixed in the next hotfix... or else, I was wondering if they had introduced a key command that is yet undocumented? (I tried to look through the controls menu to find a new binding but was unsuccessful...) ???
  2. Hello all, These days I can only play single player, and sometimes it feels a bit empty or lonely and I would like to hear more radio comms from other assets of the mission (I play mostly Liberation). Now we can communicate with our own flight members via the radio menu, we can communicate with the supercarrier (quite nicely) or other ATC (pretty limited), with the AWACS (pretty limited but useful) and tankers (when needed). I would like to hear the radio calls from other flights (CAPs, Bombers, Attack, etc.), is it possible? For example, while I am doing a TARCAP lets say, I would love to hear the A-10Cs attacking ground targets or evading SAMs under me... is there a way to hear them (in the ME)? I tried playing with the frequencies to make them correspond, to no avail... I tried in the advanced waypoint options to turn on the RADIO USAGE WHEN CONTACT or WHEN ENGAGE to ALL, but I dont hear them in my F-18... (On the right frequency)... I remember, a while back (couple of years perhaps), the quick mission generator was almost unusable because one would hear all other flights speaking always at the same time, when passing waypoints, when attacking, when defending, etc... several dozen AI speaking all at once, impossible to understand... Now, nothing.,.. not a word... anybody knows how to control what we can hear from other AI groups? thanks!
  3. No, but someone else (Airbaba) pointed me to another simple workaround: before launching the mission in DCS' ME, one can assign the proper options for our OWN flight for wingman reactions in ADVANCED WAYPOINT ACTIONS. see here:
  4. Yes thanks so much, someone else had already pointed me in this direction on their Discord channel, but yes, this is the only way to do it for now... (but they still get panicked as much...) but even better, I think that all that discussion about this that was generated on the discord triggered them the idea that they could include some options in the UI of Liberation about this, so we dont have to edit the mission in the ME every time. We will see. thanks again.
  5. AI BEHAVIOR IN GENERAL Perhaps the ONE most important thing for me and I am sure for a majority of us who fly more SP is the AI problems... I fly SP for many reasons I dont need to explain in details (mostly work, schedule, RL obligations and travels..). In SP, DCS feels very lonely and an improved interaction with the AI (this is like ATC by the way) would help the feeling of team work... for now wingmen are useless... It would be great to have not only better AI behavior but more communication channels (with better ATC, ground assets, of course supercarrier that we already have, JTAC, better AWACS, more voices, more wingmen voices, etc.) but top priority: AI behavior.... pleeeease...
  6. Hello Thanks for asking us. I am of the same opinion as many here that all the modules are great, but the most pressing improvements are the general ones: -Optimization of the engine and especially for VR (VR is the best thing that could happen to military simulation but our engine is way behind in the technology and therefore has pretty bad performance... I run it with an i9 and RTX3090 and it does not look particularly great... of course the gained immersion is why I do it...) -Weather, in all aspects including with evolution over time and space (and perhaps its effects implemented in how our sensors and aircraft are impacted by it...) Planes fly in the sky and weather is what makes the sky so unpredictable, rich and beautiful or difficult... -ATC, COMMS and procedures in general (the same way that is initiated with the supercarrier comms) Every flight starts with a taxi, a takeoff, a return, a pattern, a landing and a taxi.... Proper ATC would boost the immersion big time (hopefully including interaction with the other aircraft around, hearing the controllers talk to the other aircraft, etc). -Dynamic engine of course... (this is THE most important thing that we are waiting for, because otherwise, DCS remains a very beautiful sterile sandbox...), and perhaps even some other mission generation tools that could be simpler than a whole Dynamic campaign engine but certainly better than the present mission generator... -these will benefit ANY module...
  7. @Taz1004 OK, just made an experiment in a simple single player mission and, you are right, the calls ARE silenced (great)... except for one call at mission startup (dont ask me why...), neither air nor ground targets are called with the solution you gave... now I will try in Liberation... stay tuned...
  8. ah... that is possible, because I noticed with my single players experiment missions this morning that the Wingman did not report air contacts all the time like in Liberation but it did, yes, for SAM for example... even when it had himself shot a HARM towards it, a second before impact it 'discovered' a contact (and it was the very same SAM that was about to get smashed by himself)... strange... will take a look at it in Liberation and single player again... thanks by the way do you know how to contact them (who?), I would have several suggestions for them... I tried and looked through the github website but I am not sure how to proceed to contact the right person?
  9. USING (stupid) AI WINGMEN (as efficiently as possible) in DCS: LIBERATION I have been making some experiments with the (pretty stupid) AI wingmen since I play DCS: Liberation in single player all the time at the moment. For a while I contented myself with planning as efficiently as possible other flights to the best of my knowledge and dispensing with AI wingmen altogether… (flying a single aircraft group). But I decided to investigate the possibilities a bit more and here is what I found making some experimental missions, if it may be of any inspiration to some of you. There are a few radio commands that seem to work better than others with AI wingmen (they don’t work all the time, but they are somewhat better then all the others)… In terms of managing their stance, position, etc… the commands HOLD POSITION and REJOIN seem to work pretty well (they will break these orders only if they detect an enemy airplane close to them, I am not sure how close, but something like 12 NM or so). This means that we can bring 1 or 2 wingmen and have them wait at specific points or distance from the threats, mission goal, etc… Better, it is possible to order them to HOLD POSITION individually (wing 1 or wing 2, etc.) HOLD is the only way I found to order them NOT to attack anything at random… Another order that is pretty handy is COVER ME when I feel that there are some air threat close by, or if I am painted by enemy airborne radars, then the AI will attack the bandits that are threatening me. (by the way, ATTACK MY ENNEMY does not seem to work very well at all…). Then, there are the specific combat orders and those that seem to be working pretty well are: ENGAGE BANDITS, ENGAGE AIR DEFENSES and ENGAGE GROUND TARGETS although, if there is a SAM around, they might not engage ground targets (even if ordered) and go for the air defenses). Based on those experiments, I decided to try a new approach to my missions in Liberation. (I still need to do more experiment within Liberation and will report here). I plan the mission for my own use (with no extra waypoints, holdings or ingress…) and add as waypoints many targets that I wish with the ADD WAYPOINT function. I bring 2 AI wingmen with me (because the first level of the radio menu has only room for wing 1 and wing 2) and give them a mixed loadout of A-G, anti-radiation and A-A munitions (it can even be slightly different for both, therefore they can become specialists but they both have AA missiles)… Quickly, in the heat of the mission, I can use the HOLD or REJOIN orders to use them or have them wait, and I can order any of them to ATTACK AIR DEFENCES or to ATTACK GROUND TARGETS, and if there is some air opposition then ENGAGE BANDITS and if things get really bad, COVER ME… When a task is completed, I can order them to HOLD or REJOIN again so they don’t get stupid and engage anything on their own… When I feel they are getting low on gas I can order them to RTB so we don’t lose to many planes… This way, playing Liberation becomes really fun with AI wingmen. The only annoying thing is their constant calling of contacts (which I have not found yet how to disable…). If anyone knows how, I would be very glad to hear about it... a few hours later: I just made some experiment with Liberation and having TWO wingmen is completely impossible and useless... they get so saturated with contacts and so panicked by all the threats that they ignore all my commands and I end up spending all my time trying to get their attention... no point... Tomorrow I will try my idea with ONLY one wingman and will report...
  10. @Taz1004 Sorry to bump this topic but I find it very interesting and, unfortunately, nowadays it doesnt seem to work? I am having a blast in single player with DCS : Liberation but I get so much annoyed by the AI wingman contact calls (repeatedly...) I tried your solution but even if I put -- in front of the relevant lines in the common_events.lua file my wingman still blasts his calls non-stop? any advice? Thanks
  11. @Wood Yes, it was single player and Yes, AI wingmen are a bit useless. One of the things I like to do with them (usually only one, armed for AA), I bring him along for the ingress but order him to orbit a little way out of harm, I turn his radio off (in order not to hear the constant warnings about enemies 150NM+ away...) and I pursue alone until I feel AA danger, then I call upon him (Attack Bandits), and that it does ok (so so ok...) but at least I have more AA firepower like that. These strategies are for single player of course... I must say that I wish I could play the same kind of mission with other people in multiplayer but I find it hard to start... Once I played some BMS with a couple of very welcoming guys and it was a blast, but in DCS I dont know where to start and how to get into it... Not to mention that I have a crazy RL schedule so I cannot commit to a group, let alone a squadron of any kind...
  12. I have to share with you guys... I just played one of my favorite/best mission in DCS (of all time.. and I do play since 2003...)!!!!! I am currently playing DCS: Liberation Operation Blackball (Cyprus) (around mission 5)... I took off from the carrier at 5 AM with one wingman and a mixed load of Mavs and AA missiles (self-protect OCA strike!) against Lanarka AB. It was dark, completely dark, and carrier operations were nocturnal and illuminated. The first 45 minutes were very exciting because, after a 20 minute ferry flight to the west, I managed to wreck some elements of the SA-11 protecting Lanarka and I downed a couple of MIG-29 that were vectored to me by the AWACS. My wingman downed a pair of SU-34 and I ordered him to RTB (before he crashed because of dry tanks...). At that point, the sky was barely starting to pale a bit, with some red glow on the horizon... My last MIG's chase took me way out on the ocean and I was pretty far with little gas remaining... With a very nice sunrise and pretty pink clouds, I decided to try and make it to Gecitkale (an airfield that we captured quite early in the game because it was guarded only by an SA-8 and a few tanks...) I landed at Gecitkale with 400 Lbs. of gas... phew.. ...to my surprise, there were several Tomcats landing there at the same time (very immersive!). By that time the sun was fully up and it was daytime (I had been constantly adjusting the cockpit lighting in the last half hour...). After refueling and rearming, I took off from Gecitkale and asked the AWACS for a picture. He directed me to a vector 50 NM away and I started my climb towards it when I noticed some bandits right in front of me (a pair of MIG-29s unseen to the AWACS) that were getting in position to shoot me down... It was a close call, and my heart was racing with the surprise but I managed to splash both of them... After a while and no more bandits close by (anything the awacs was giving me was more than 150 NM away and I didnt have the fuel to get there and back), I started back towards the carrier, about 100 NM east of my position. I did a climb and save fuel kind of profile (FPAS page on the MFD) and was directed to a Case I recovery by Marshal. After one bolter (grrr...) I successfully grabbed a 3-wire and parked, secured the FA-18C and opened the canopy to take a breath... Several ground targets, several AA kills, many close calls, an emergency landing on a divert Airfield, and a very pretty morning with sunrise on beautiful low clouds... And while I was parking and securing the aircraft, many Tomcats trapped in my back or executed their breaks overhead... So many unplanned beautiful surprises... This is why Liberation is so great!... there is no way to replicate this kind of pleasure with a canned self-planned sterile, mission-editor style mission.... I love DCS: Liberation!
  13. AI wingmen are useless in DCS... not only they call 'ejecting' all the time as you said, they saturate the radio constantly with their Godly detection range ...
  14. Personally I like to set the default to START IN FLIGHT so that CAP (especially ennemy) start in the air. I then change the friendly start to Runway, Warm and Cold with a variety in order to make things more random... Of course, I start my own flight from scratch (COLD) and in this way, the picture looks much more alive when airborne... Anybody can answer my question about balance of forces in PACIFIC REPARTREE ?? an experience with it? By the way anyone know how to reach those who make them? I could give them a suggestion? THanks
  15. OK, just a bit more info. I have been doing some experiments (watching the F10 MAP at Time X 10 just to check...). I tried the same thing with the other naval campaign around Cyprus, Operation Blackball. The same thing happens at around T + 35 minutes, the Kuznetzov and the Moscow start sending volleys of anti-ship missiles towards our carrier and fleet, but now the balance of forces is much better and we (AI ships) manage to kill all the incoming missiles with ship defense (SM-2s)! Strangely, I let the mission run for 2 hours (accelerated) and the enemy does'nt send any more volley? This campaign is much more playable because of that... But I still feel that the other one (Pacific Repartee) would have the potential to be a REAL naval campaign, which would be great with our Hornet and Supercarrier (please, whoever made it, could you balance the red naval forces better please?)
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