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  1. Happens to me with all modules. Any replay that is longer than about 10 minutes is useless.
  2. I´m a bit conservative with the modules. I´ve got 3 maps (Persian Gulf, Syria and South Atlantic), Combined Arms, a couple of DLC campaigns and only 5 aircraft: A-10CII, F-16, AV-8B, Huey and the Gazelle. And I feel like I am already at my brains maximum capacity to remember how those work... But, every new sale is so tempting ...
  3. I would do it the other way round, depending on whether you play other VR games or not. I always leave the standard resolution at 100% and only adjust the per app resolution. But yeah, I did the same thing when I was on my 1080 Ti - 48-50% resolution. It´s not ideal as the picture becomes quite blurry, but it gets you playable framerates...
  4. What do you mean "ugly" ? Looks like a standard landing to me
  5. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher irgendwo gelesen zu haben dass die Frequenz, die einem der Instructor in der Mission nennt, falsch ist. Aber ich finde den Thread nicht mehr. Wurde hier z.B. auch schon mal als Bug gemeldet: Ich hab die Mission mal im Editor geöffnet, da ist eine Frequenz von 144 Mhz eingestellt, die Zahl ist aber rot, weiß nicht was das bedeutet. Aber ich habe in der Mission auch keine Antwort vom Tanker bekommen wenn ich alle Anweisungen befolge.
  6. This might be a stupid question and I´m sorry if it already has been answered or is totally obvious ... But where do I find the radio frequency of my own flight ? All others (ATC, Awacs, JTAC...) are on the kneeboard, but I can´t find the own for my wingman. Edit: Never mind, I found it. It´s on the kneeboard.
  7. Well, it works fine for me, so why not ?
  8. Well ... although I hadn´t planned any further updates... I have to say, the weakest link in my setup gave up: The Thrustmater TFRP pedals... I never planned to invest a small fortune in rudder pedals, as I always thought those were good enough to taxi the A-10 around. Two things happened: 1. the pedals started to freak out. I basically had to recalibrate them before every flight and after a while, the left pedal would only go to 80% of the movement. That was OK for the A-10, but already with the Harrier driving around on the Tarawa became a bit risky. Then I purchased the Gazelle. And that thing really needs a good rudder to fly properly. So I decided to get new pedals. But the weird Raceroom frame made it difficult to fit anything in there. I finally settled for the Thrustmaster TPR: Well that´s a huge difference in the Gazelle now. And thanks to the pendular style, the pedals don´t hit the frame or the wall... And as it happens when you browse aircraft related stuff on Amazon, they go like "Hey, I see you like airplanes... how about a nice picture to hang on your wall ?" And I was like "Hell yeah, you got an A-10 ?" Amazon said "I sure do !" So here it is, my current, probably not final, cockpit thingy:
  9. I said it in another thread, Razbam are creating the map, is it really their job to also create missions for all the aircraft modules ? I can only speak for the modules I own, but for example, there are also no missions for the Harrier or the Gazelle on the Syria map. Marianas doesn´t have missions for A-10 or Harrier or Gazelle or TF-51 They have given access to this map to certain mission designers and there already is a "Through the inferno" mission for south atlantic, so I don´t really see the problem. Just download that and you´re good to go.
  10. Isn´t that something that has to be programmed with TARGET ? The LEDs on my Warthog never light up (I don´t use TARGET). I don´t think they light up by default. Regarding your problem: Do the movements of your throttle line up with the collective in cockpit ? I´d say as long as the collective in cockpit moves with your throttle inputs, it´s working as intended. For me, the Warthog works fine as collective, but I never used anything else, so I can´t compare... For reference, this is my setting (I only use the right throttle as collective)
  11. You do realize the map was only released into (very) early access two days ago ? Most of the features and landscapes aren´t done. Sure, I´d also like a nice sightseeing mission, but I´m very much ok with it if they do that last, when everything else on the map is finished. Calling the developers lazy is really inappropriate in my opinion.
  12. just for reference, what are your hardware specs ? In my tests yesterday it made zero difference if I set the textures to high or low. And I can fly 50 feet off the ground without any stutters pretty much everywhere. The problem starts over airfields, larger cities or areas with lots of trees. Also, from a certain distance, those are fine, it starts when I get very close. So I think it could be LOD related, or as I wrote earlier, shadows. I´m on a Ryzen 5800X, 32 GB Ram, RTX3090 and Windows 10
  13. Ist wohl schon bekannt, sie arbeiten dran. Als vorübergehende Lösung kann es wohl helfen die Spiegel zu deaktivieren.
  14. I did some more testing and it seems to me that the problem lies with shadows. If I turn them off completely, I get pretty smooth framerates, even at Ushuaia. If I set them even just to "low" - stutters like crazy over the city.
  15. I think the missions are done by the people making the aircraft modules and not the ones making the map.
  16. Ja, das stimmt, nur bei DCS ist mir das bisher besonders aufgefallen. "DCS hasn't yet downloaded this DLC... What is up? I would love to change this to a thumbs up." - was soll man mit so einem Review anfangen ? Die South Atlantic Map hat auch gerade mal 16 Bewertungen auf Steam, 5 davon negativ. "After being a fan of DCS for years now, i was super excited for this new map, it was dog poop. the mountains were textured like a game from early 2000's, the scenery was barren, the photos dont match the product, dont buy at till its like a ten dollar map or free as it is in its current state." Gerade bei den Texturen auf den Bergen hat einer der Entwickler letztens in einem Video ja noch gesagt dass die Bergspitzen noch in Arbeit sind und sowohl Mesh als auch Texturen noch geändert werden. OK, man könnte tatsächlich bei Steam vielleicht etwas deutlicher darauf hinweisen wenn einzelne Module noch "Early Access" sind. Es steht zwar immer drunter in der Produktbeschreibung, aber das Steam-übliche "Early Access" Banner haben die bei DLCs nicht. Persönlich kann ich das mit den Texturen z.B. aber auch nicht nachvollziehen, ich finde gerade die Bodentexturen ziemlich schön. Klar, die Map ist noch sehr unfertig und auch ich habe über bewohnten Gebieten arge Performanceprobleme, aber mit sowas muss man halt rechnen wenn man Early Access kauft.
  17. Nun, die Steam Reviews sind bei sehr vielen DCS Modulen "gemischt", meistens weil die Hälfte der Leute zu blöd sind zu lesen was sie da eigentlich kaufen. Zitat eines negativen "Reviews" zum Apache: "Leider kann ich das Spiel nicht empfehlen. der Release vom Spiel wurde verschoben und jetzt zum eigentlichen Release Tag gibt es nur eine Beta Version. Es gibt auch keine neue News wann man das Spiel offiziell spielen kann." Und solche Reviews findet man bei den einzelnen DCS Modulen haufenweise. Was soll man da noch sagen ...
  18. I did a bit of test flying myself, first took off with the Harrier on Punta Arenas and did a tour over the mainland, then with the Gazelle from Port Stanley over the Falklands. The VR performance for me really is a mixed bag. I´d say for the most part it is one of the best performing maps, similar to Persian Gulf... ...as long as you steer clear of urban areas. As soon as there are more than 10-20 houses in view, I get massive FPS drops. Over Rio Grande or Punta Arenas, the performance is comparable to Marianas Islands, unfortunately. Looks great though, textures are great, water looks nice, I found penguins ... But yeah, it still needs a lot of work, many unfinished areas.
  19. And here I am, not following my own advice Good news is, the (VR) perfomance is nowhere near as bad as on the Marianas map. I´d even say it is very good, unless there are more than a dozen or so houses on the screen ...
  20. Nein, Du musst nur drauf achten, dass Du auch aus deren "EU" Shop bestellst: https://virpil-controls.eu/shop.html
  21. Hard to believe, but this is even better than "fly by wire". It´s wireless !
  22. It is in the manual. "GND Selects INS align mode and commands the Mission Computer to provide a ground alignment display on the DDI provided that the parking brake is on." (page 370 from the manual) Also on page 376: "Alignment Once the necessary data is in the system (LAT / LONG position and Magnetic Variation), pilot should verify that the parking brake is on and place the INS mode selector knob to the GND position (without pausing at the SEA). Ground alignment display will appear on the DDI" And yes, Chucks Guide also mentions it in bold red letters.
  23. Eugel

    Love the harrier

    Same here, I fly the A-10 as my primary, but recently have had more fun with the Harrier. A few times in multiplayer, I was the only A-10 while others were flying their F/A-18, so I had to start alone on some airfield and by the time I got to the target area, the party was already over. With the Harrier, you are more flexible, you can start with the others on a carrier, you can keep up with their speed, etc. Sure, compared to the A-10 you only carry half as many weapons and have to head home to refuel and rearm more often. But the Harrier is just so much more fun to fly. I love the agility, the engine sounds, the cockpit ... and vertical landings in VR are amazing.
  24. If you use motion reprojection/motion smoothing, your FPS are already capped. But if you turn it off, because it causes issues, it won´t be smooth with just 30 or 45 FPS. The way it works is that for example with a 90Hz headset, if your GPU can only manage 45 FPS, the software will calculate an intermediate picture and fills in the "missing" 45 frames. This comes at the cost of picture quality because it doesn´t have all the information of a fully rendered picture. It basically takes frame 1 and frame 3 and interpolates what it think frame 2 would look like.
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