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  1. I downloaded the zip file from the yandex link. I personally didn't found any trojan on my pc but was alarmed by this guys comments on "Modding Hub" (Discord) after I shared your link... Possible their have genuine reasons Or it might just be some malicious conflict of interests. Thanks for your great work ! I installed the cockpit on private third party mod and works great... thanks
  2. F-2 MOD old but still working: virtualcockpits
  3. ... (Caucasus will not be updated to even a current set of technologies we used for THe Channel. We might consider developing a new Caucasus map to avoid problems with thousands of missions that are created for the current map. Of course, the old one will stay in DCS.)... Kind of a contradiction in there with a obvious reason
  4. ...and then? Keep your history lessons to yo self as it doesn't bring me any answers over my concerns.
  5. That News make me even more worried and disappointed somehow... If you talking about a new game! That means you guys going to split your attention between 2 projects. Are you sure you not biting more than what you can chew? And i don't need to say no more .
  6. That means you had 1.5 years to really make it good... but you didn't
  7. ([ Mid Term ] Modern Air Combat. ) Why not just call it FC4 ??? Can't believe it you guy's going to release a package with the same airplanes and charge us again for the airplanes we already own in FC3... Talking about being greedy!
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