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  1. It desperately needs sorting....yes
  2. Because Open Composite requires the one in the Windows/system32 directory, not the older version in the DCS directory. Other option you have is if you're using a mod manager drop the required dll into the mod archive to save the manual process.
  3. zildac


    Ensure you are downloading from here: https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/-/tree/openxr This is the link for the system-wide installer: https://znix.xyz/OpenComposite/runtimeswitcher.php?branch=openxr This for the standalone 64BIT DLL: https://znix.xyz/OpenComposite/download.php?arch=x64&branch=openxr Link for WMR headsets:
  4. The base software has the ability to vsync at 45 or 30, as stated there is currently no motion smoothing / reprojection. My experience is similar to to @dburne. I came from a G2. I lock at 45 using vsync in Varjo base and whilst it occasionally dips it is on the whole solid and smooth. The image in comparison to a G2 is far superior as is the edge to edge clarity due to the lens design. One thing of note is that the vertical FOV is smaller than my G2 and initially it was a little off putting. It took a few hours to get used to it, but id say on the whole I'm very happy with the upgrade. 12900K 3090ti...3090 self destructed a week ago!
  5. Thanks, must have missed that (Discord is a fire hose!) I'll go take a look
  6. Am I right in assuming that this only works with WMR? So no joy with Varjo Aero and OpenXR (OpenComposite)?
  7. Thanks, I did get a reply from him after I asked on discord. Would be great if ED could offer support for this (along with native OXR too)!!
  8. Hi, it's exactly what it's name suggest. It's most noticeable when VR zoom or Spyglass zoom are used, but it effectively gives you misaligned images in the left and right eyes which can cause you to feel "cross-eyed". It doesn't appear to be an issue if using Open Composite. It can also be very headset dependent, even for the same brand and model there can be differences.
  9. So with Foveated rendering enabled in base, I'm assuming it still needs to be enabled in OXRTK too? I'm using OCC and OXRTK.
  10. Do we still need to use the "cross eyed" tool from ED? I cloned left to right (I'm right eye dominant) but swapping "Top and Bottom" puts me way too high in the cockpit. I don't notice any issue without the swap. Just received my Aero today so still trying to get everything dialled in. It's a very different beast to the G2!
  11. Ah OK. So you create the .MIZ file on your local machine, pick the liveries and even if the clients have the liveries installed locally they don't show in when they join the MP server? In this case then, yes, that's not correct.
  12. I'm confused, aren't the liveries required to be installed on each of the local clients, and of course the system creating the mission? Perhaps I have misunderstood.
  13. Understood. I'd still try and set XMP on personally depending on what RAM you have on the board. But yeah the leave the rest at defaults
  14. You're welcome, glad it helped you solve the issue. Re the BIOS settings, optimized defaults should be the default, but I'm guessing perhaps someone had a play around in the BIOS at some point. One thing to check is whether you have XMP enabled now. If not try it, if it breaks stuff turn it off. Also, has anyone ever tried an overclock? Perhaps the BIOS settings were a remnant of a failed OC attempt.
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