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  1. 11 months later, the CCRP training mission is still in Russian... 11 months later the CCRP training mission text is still in Russian.
  2. Are you looking at copy pasting this once every 25 days or are you looking at experimenting with different intervals? Nothing much has changed in the past 25 days since you posted this message. It's still true that ED have put in a fair bit of a time for WW2 despite the smaller customer base and their roadmap shows they will continue to do so...
  3. I've heard people say changing any graphic option like changing preload radius has helped them out, so this is probably the same thing and the resolution matching or not isn't actually relevant, it's the changing of a setting that probably "fixed" it.
  4. Really interesting thread. Looking at your flight profile before the mishap, you have an airspeed of less than 5 kmp (2.7 knots) and go from at least 3m/s (590 fpm) vertical to 4 m/s (789 fpm) in the second before really dropping out of the sky. Is that really considered a safe flight profile? I'm not trying to counter your point, I'm legitimately asking as an armchair rotorhead. I'm not a real world pilot and mostly fly the Huey, but recently started the Mi-8 and taking into the account the different units (metric is actually more familiar to me) I had zero issues landing the Hip, which honestly surprised me as I had read so many horror stories. That may well be the result from biased training which is limited to DCS practice, books and ground school instruction by real world pilot, but still with an eye on playing DCS. This has resulted in me coming in to land at a shallower angle probably, I don't know.
  5. Looking over those log files, they contain my full name. Is there another way to share them instead of attaching them on a public forum?
  6. This, Imagine every dev and content creator forced us to keep up with their own discord server. Having to search 40+ discord servers wading through poorly executed memes in the hope of finding a brief status update. I'd have to quit my job to be even somewhat informed.
  7. Yes, never had issues before 2.7. Then started getting the second mission crash and after this weeks update crashes are all over the place. Recent computer with EVERYTHING updated, bios, drivers, you name it. Did a repair, nothing helps. Also have 32 GB memory and 16 GB page file as per instructions. Don't have any mods. So all the recommended steps for me to take are either not relevant or already done. The only thing I haven't done is uninstalling the latest windows security update, which I'm really hesitant about because it's, you know, a security update. Other games don't crash on me, ever.
  8. Very well done, you should be happy about the result.
  9. Well, if the general needs it.... You're in luck, they are in fact adding more ww2 content. Like all modules, it takes time and releases take a while.
  10. Shame to hear about Oilfield currently now working, it sounds like the one to play when the issues with sling loading get fixed.
  11. Hi, I'm currently learning the Mi-8 and normally enjoy playing campaigns for aircraft I'm learning. I'm wondering what campaign is most suited to start with for the Mi-8 as it has several available.
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