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  1. If I put slider on zero or on 100 I don t see difference maybe I m wrong?
  2. What about Mi 24 single player campaign?
  3. Where I can see shturm missile range,I dont know if I m in range or not for pilot position asking?Can someone explain this two lamps on hud ? Where can I see how many shturm missiles I have or rockets or cannon ammo?
  4. I have problem with no existing flight of Mi 8s which I have to protect from Georgian Mi 24 after I finish first task of practice,after I receive message of new task from control and from Mi 8s on these coordinates the flight which suppose to be heading in my direction are non existing and nowhere to be found?I read lot of forum post about this mission but this is not correct for me.
  5. Memory of hero,recently payed and downloaded,mission 5 not working properly the mi 8 and the Georgian mi 24 don t exist on my flight?
  6. No, you must light targets with flares in the night for su 25s
  7. When I get to target location I release flares and after that I get message "stand by for target heading.Mantain altitude above 3000 metars" and after that is NeverEnding story of flying in circle and never finish mission?
  8. I try everything but I can t get signal on arc-ud,watched all tutorial which I can find but nothing seems to work for me.On arc-ud panel I put on narrow,put preset chanell on r 828 radio,tune station and nothing,try hundred times??
  9. Can someone help me with Spring tension mission called Firefly?
  10. I figured documents and finished mission but this mission from Border campaign called Flight problem is when I meet Mi 24 flight they are not responding on my radio calls and they are circling on this location forever maybe I m doing something wrong with my radio,I set frequency on my R863 radio for them but they are not responding.I must try couple times more,thanks for help in either way.
  11. Ok I will try documents again but what about mission in Border called "Flight"when I suppose to met with Mi 24 flight,they are flying in the circles on the meeting point and don t reply on my radio messages and when I land on farp without them mission is not complete.Can you tell me in "documents"which three stops?
  12. Yes you are right about module but yesterday I was complaining about faulty campaign today I bought another campaign called Border and guess what, this is also faulty and again first mission,I think that DCS should label his products with working and not working sign for us customers because we spend money for nothing,unbelivable???
  13. The mission is land on farp near Tschinvali and unload some documents,and this is done and after that I must fly and land near Wp 4 and unload or load some stuff,after that I get conformation that is done that I fly to my base,but results of mission is 50 percent and that is not changing after I land and after I quit mission?
  14. After I bought mi 8 modul and learned to fly this machine and finally ready to play I am totally disappointed with Spring Tension campaign,first mission documents I can t finish because mission is not working properly? After i spend time to learn to fly this complicated module now I can t play I cant move further from first mission in campaign,this is unbelivable?
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