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  1. Agree on that but then mi-8 cockpit comes to my mind, which also seems like crazy complex.
  2. HAGS is off. First time I chose resolution override I had to restart VR and after restarting fps went to 25. Having seen that I went again into ctrl+F2 System and disabled the override. For some reason that I do not understand this did not require restart of VR and immediately it went back to 40fps.
  3. The issue with this profile is that it need additional software like joyvjoy. I really enjoy CTS for more than 2yrs now and I hope that @Home Frieswill build something for ah-64d soon.
  4. It is set 100% in OXR desktop app and I am using 3080ti with 12GB vram. I also have 2xMSAA and the only change I made was OXRTK System -> Resolution
  5. I tried this change and it went to 25fps from 40, any ideas?
  6. In my tests I am using OXR with motion reprojection disabled.
  7. I have somehow similar experience in VR using G2 with 3080ti and i7 and DCS OB. I am flying same mission in Caucasus using every helicopter. With the u-1h, mi-8, ka-50, gazelle and uh-60 the flight is smooth with ~45fps (22ms GPU time). When I switch to ah-64d or mi-24 flying the same route I experience 4-10fps with GPU time of 100-150ms! I have been capturing logs and performance stats with no meaningful explanation of the issue related to CPU or GPU bottleneck but I have managed to reproduce with the most recent helicopters. You can try with the attache track file and let me know. VR_test.trk
  8. I have two bass-shakers under my seat (left-right) with simshaker for more than six months. My experience is that I cannot fly without them any more, when you startup the helicopter you can feel the slow rotation of the rotor. The immersion is so much better with the shakers/ I am using an external usb sound card with Nobsound NS-20G and 2x Reckhorn Body shaker.
  9. I have been using OXR and I am trying to understand why I am getting solid 45 with uh-1h but on ah-64d things are quite fluid. Same graphics settings I get 40fps but randomly it goes down to 10-15 with very high GPU time. Can this happen because of the higher quality textures and more complex 3d model? I would say yes but it should happen all the time.
  10. @Home Fries if you are working on th ah-64 profile have you seen this for ideas? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322761/
  11. remove dlls or use mod manager like ovgme. Otherwise update will remove files and you need to restore.
  12. Install oxr using the below instructions and use skatezilla to launch DCS with oxr dll(s) in place. I hope this helps.
  13. DCS updater gui is the launcher and maintenance utility, that said you can use it with any version oxr or stemavr.
  14. Is there a way to choose medium textures per mod? I only thought it's global.
  15. You should better remove the dll(s) from the bin folder before updating and then you can hit the update button on skatezilla. After updating put the files back, it's always easier to use mode manager like OvGME
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