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  1. Finally I finished this mission with score 100. Wasn't easy at all for me, but a lot of time and fun. Thanks for your support.
  2. I have to admit that I didn't fully fulfill the previous tasks. Some of the cargos were damaged but I went on even though. Wouldn't it be the issue?
  3. Hello CHPL, unfortunately the infantry at Tango/Bravo checkpoint is hidden somewhere in the near forest so I can't take them to the outlook. The hmmwv ends up under the tree. What is the trigger for infantry to get on, please?
  4. Thanks. I landed on Batumi alone, that is true. I was waiting on the bridge for visual contact with Wolf-1 but probably I missed him so after several minutes I took off. It would be good from Peter to confirm the visual contact for me.
  5. Hello, yesterday I finished the first mission with the score 60. Is that good? What is tha maximum possible score and how is it counted, please? Thanks.
  6. When I start auto at 3000 ft atg, I can change my mind at eg. 2000, set gov to auto, throttle up and continue flying. With fuel cut I wasn't able to restore the flying.
  7. Are you able to recover to normal flying when "fuel" autorotation? With "governor" one it is not a problem.
  8. Thank you very much, it helped me a lot. I used my way but the governor emergency had to be initiated immediately after the throttle and collective down. I also had to be more aggresive with the pedal and the cyclic. Then I was able to descent 2k knots/min and land relatively safely.
  9. Hello, what about Governor, is it necessary to set it to en emergency mode? I am still unsuccessful with the autorotation. Throttle down, collective down, no trim, cyclic back, pedal right, governor emergency, speed about 60 knots but all I can see is falling down without any control.
  10. Thanks a lot. I finished the entire campaign today and tomorrow will start the 2025.
  11. Using Stable 2.5.6, from Mission Editor I select View Trigger Zone List and default radius for Sklad (btw. Sklad means Store) is 15 so I changed it to 150. Regarding UN Campaign, now I have Campaign completeness 97 % because I accidently pressed Complete button instead of Cancel after I failed one previous mission.
  12. I really appreciate your help. Mission success. :) I changed the value from 15 to 150, maybe they forgot the zero at the end. One more question: I marked one mission as complete even it was only 50 %. Is it possible to jump into it and complete it for 100 %? I do not remember which one it was. Is there any list of missions completeness, please?
  13. Flyingfrog, great, thanks. I confused the Martel convoy with another one. Now I cleared what was necessary, Walker searched the tall house and I am waiting for the next instruction. All city is clear but the last word from Walker was hang on. :) Do you know what is going on now? What shoud be done? I tried to sit very near to Walker group but they do not enter.
  14. Trying Aurora misson now. I set up UHF to 235 MHz. How to contact Martel convoy, please??
  15. Hello, I think there are 15 missions in UN campaign. I am in/at/on 10-th (VIP passenger) at this moment. I had no idea that it is possible to skip any mission. :)
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