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  1. Not sure on the space bar getting remapped. But if you have voice attack/viacom, you can use a voice command to "hit the space bar"
  2. Not sure if this helps tracking down the issue, First time trying the mission i started up, performed radio checks via spacebar. Then went to CAT3, took off and blade just kept going straight in burner. I then restarted the mission When starting up, your given the option to hit spacebar or use f10 menu to perform radio checks. I used the f10 option, and went to cat 2 instead. Took off and blade followed me. It could be tied to the cat you choose, or the radio check, or both.
  3. If you have vaicom pro/ voice attack, what you can do is create a new word. I used "space", since all the cool words have been taken by vaicom for other things and had it trigger the space bar. Found it useful with raven one campaign. And any other campaigns that use the spacebar for triggering events.
  4. I believe the issue your experiencing is you boresighted as pilot, finished your startup and went airborne. Then switched to CPG while airborne. I don't think the George AI completes startup procedures as if a human was sitting in the seat. So when you go into the CPG seat after a cold & dark startup in the pilots seat, you would have to do a full configuration from the CPG seat as well before taking off
  5. Try resetting your viacom LUA code from within the viacom control panel
  6. Doubtful, I'd expect the next patch to come out mid January
  7. There is a way, use the following mod https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317764/
  8. During daytime you need to hit the salute key, for night launches you need to flash your lights, or set the special options that flash your lights when the slaute key is hit
  9. Were you a carrier? Did you leave ground power on during alignment? I believe the SINS cable is connected when ground power is on
  10. Going to any processor that has a higher IPC will net you better performance. Just as an example, going from a ryzen 3600 to a 5900x brought my cpu frame time down from 11ms to 8ms in dcs. You will always be chasing frame times within dcs due to the aging architecture of the game. However ill advise that you do your best to ensure your always GPU limited, aka gpu frame times higher than cpu frame times, due to a cpu not having any tricks up its sleeve to interpolate missing frames.
  11. I've always said "request takeoff" and the deck crew resets on the super carrier
  12. For me, going from a 2070 super to a 3080 solved all of my issues with vr and the samsung o+. I can tank up my steam SS settings and can see the cockpit with reasonable clarity and with MSAA at 4x, the external views are tolerable. But each person is different, i firmly believe chasing increased HMD resolution is a lost cause with the current DCS configuration. Odyssey + is sufficient IMO
  13. What i ended up doing was setting the WMR & STEAM TIMEOUT settings to 30 minutes, getting a Styrofoam mannequin head, setting it up on my desk with the headset on it, launching dcs, then letting it compile while I'm doing other things around the house. Stopping by every 10 minutes to confirm if it loaded. Then launching free flight missions for each of my primary aircraft in each map that i have until all load successfully. It's not perfect, but until an auto load utility is developed, i feel its the best i can do
  14. @Reflected When the A6 comes out, i hope you are willing to do a flight of the intruder style campaign. Loved the nod to it in m11 of fear the bones
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