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  1. Will we EVER get a marker on hud to show where the T-pod is looking like the A-10, or does the bug not have that ability? Considering the lightening they added is copy / paste of what is used on the A-10 and never was actually used on the hornet (hornet uses the AT / FLIR) I don't see why this isn't possible. I get we can see after the tdc is pressed, but it's not real useful for when actually slewing from it's original state.
  2. you are going entirely too fast to be dumping in flaps. 160-170 and the aircraft will stabilize on its own. Flaps are designed to give the aircraft lift at low speeds, so by adding them at a high speed it really amplifies the effect. You are welcome to come fly with me any time and I'll be glad to teach you the basics. Good luck either way
  3. Is it possible for a JSOW to track and hit a moving target or is it primarily for stationary objects?
  4. Is that before or after i press alt-f4?
  5. So I know the A-10 is capped to not go above 85% N1, but is there a way to override that in the 'oh shit' situation? I've read the entire manual and have not seen it mentioned anywhere. Bueller?
  6. ill fly with you.. let's see what we can do
  7. I'm curious if any of you have ever flown dcs using a yoke or wheel designed for flight sim? How did it work?
  8. Is it possible to use the TDC to designate a target on the HUD then hand it to the flir?
  9. was it? I've not read the manual or watched any videos.. just did what was needed to reasonably follow the needles.. Thought I was between 150 - 120 .....Thanks for the compliment on a smooth approach though. :)
  10. First night landing in the Tomcat. Roast me
  11. They worked great between this last update and the one before it.. I had my hopes it was fixed. I could be wrong, but with replays to me it seems the more complex the task the more corrupt the replay is.
  12. I'll be glad help you. Been flying for a loooong time and can prob answer nearly any question you have. Send me an email to saucedanator@gmail.com so we can schedule a time to get together. Welcome to the sim world.
  13. If you use the X-52, like me .. you may notice the stick appears to be sort of "sticky" or does not move very smooth for very fine adjustments or may take a little effort to get it to initially move. To fix this, simply spray some furniture polish (pledge) on a paper towel or rag and wipe it on the under side of the plate just below the spring and around the rim on the base where the plate meets about once a week. This will solve your issue. Been doing this for a while and a friend of mine recently had this complaint so figured I might share with you here too. Hope it helps some of you.
  14. Harpoon flys over target goes into guidance, does 180* turn and hits target. If done from carrier takeoff harpoon does 180* and goes into ocean. Track file and video included. hpn.trk
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