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  1. Same problem for me. I cannot purchase this, and have OB, Huey, and Marianas.
  2. That’s my thinking as well.
  3. It works absolutely fine for me (using rudder pedal toe brakes). Pull handle, press toe brakes, release toe brakes, release handle. Done.
  4. Glad it's not just me, feel the same. Doesn't quite feel right, but I have much less experience.
  5. I agree, it actually brings me back to my light aircraft flying days (albeit Cesnas and Pipers handle a bit different :D) I too find the dive characteristics very difficult, nose wanders about a lot, but I've got very used to balancing rudder trim and throttle up/down now.
  6. I get it twice, on approach then the forward sign... stop and then unfold. However sometimes in multiplayer (normally when you restart on a cat in some servers), you can't get the crew to do sweet FA no matter how much you shout at them. Then I attempt to turn around, the NWS HI gets stuck straight ahead, and worse actually inverts (this is a bug right?) and I shoot off the deck to much hilarity. :D
  7. ASW seems to have a negative effect for me so I leave that off. Shadows are definitely are massive hit, but I like them too much to give up on them! I get 30fps on carrier deck until lining up on a cat which I get 40fps and then a fairly solid 40fps throughout multiplayer. I think it’s absolutely fine and playable. I’ve tweaked loads of other stuff and don’t get much more so it looks to be the max I can run. Running a 3700x, 32Gb, GTX 2070S and Rift S. I haven’t found a silver bullet yet to get vast improvements apart from shadows. I take it the consensus now is that there’s no need for any shaders mods?
  8. Got exactly the same problem! Yesterday was fine, working as normal. Today... won't run. I have changed absolutely nothing.
  9. Thought it was! That’s my weekend sorted then :joystick:
  10. I bought the F18 before the freebies, and to be honest haven’t had time to check anything else out as been having too much fun with that! Bought Persian Gulf and Supercarrier though while in the sale, and I’ll probably get the F14 in time. When is Supercarrier released? (I’m on OB)
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