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  1. Go to the first link on this post, check for the versions of mods u need. it should be saying VSN Mods 2.5.6 Stable Version download whatever u need. Next Copy folders from Flaming Cliffs DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\bin copy folder "bin" to VSN_Mod\ DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\FM\data copy folder "data" to VSN_Mod\FM\ Thats all. Check in ur entry.lua of the mod (open with Notepad++) the lines make flyable look like this for example. make_flyable ('Namexxx', current_mod_path .. '/ Cockpit / KneeboardRight /', nil, current_mod_path .. '/ Comm.lua') OR the one that comes with the mod is already for that. Dont change things if you dont know what it'll do.
  2. What version of the game and mods are you talking about?
  3. Great job man. Seen it working for a long time. Its getting developed very nicely.
  4. Very well done wish u all the luck and enthusiasm for this beauty. You got nice set of skill, will be awaiting to be among the first to see it launch.
  5. Fix SEM OK Found the fix. Dropbox link with updated shapes sem for troubles in views . link here https://www.lockonforum.de/community/thread/8284-super-etendard-sem/
  6. This. How to Fix in VSN SEM mod? View goes bad, something to do with shapes. Fix needed anyone. @
  7. True to c0ff's post! You can still mod. Maybe try savedgames folder for mods. make sure version below. make sure path is correct and sdef support the format.
  8. Dear Morkva 55, firstly good luck to you for just life apart from this, and also wishing you at the same time for your outstanding efforts and enthusiasm for creating mods like these. Its clear we all want these mods but we are not really thinking about what goes behind all this hard work. Hope it fulfill what you need, wish you time, luck and abundance my friend. :thumbup: Thanks again!
  9. Huge thanks! Just one small little problem. Thanks guy this is absolute joy to be back with VSN mods after revert back to older version, just one question In mod VSN-SEM 2.5.6, there's some kind of problem with f2 view (outside view), Im using Viewsf15 pit lua with AFM settings. f2 view on watching the back of the plane, front and closer around back and front causes the view to extend far from the plane automatically, or it get away from aircraft, its super annoying, now this does not happen with any other vsn mod. Im out of ideas and tried to even select different avionics/views/cockpitshapeslods, but something is in shapes of the plane and i cant understand maybe, a fix would be awesome.?! Using OB Thanks for the wonderful mods guys, cdpkobra, razo+r skatezilla blacklibrary and more who i missed, huge THANKS, absolute blast for many STILL!!! :pilotfly:
  10. Thankyou Frank we community very much like your hard work and enthusiasm for projects like Su-57 and Mig 23 UB. Keep it coming for years and years to come my friend. Best wishes
  11. Oh snap. Jee thanks for the quickest reply, now i know why i cant just add simple things like throttle brakes rudder etc. Thanks for looking into it. I saw it fly in AI and is brilliant. just want to fly this get a feel for her till i get back on my joystick later. Also basic key binds for throttle, brakes, flaps, etc would be a simple but great addition. Cheers
  12. Firstly thanks ALOT for this beauty bird and the Edge 540 team in providing us with yet again a fantastic mod which is too good to be true. I downloaded from the youtube link provided from Grinelli and super CAP, so everything loaded well except i cant figure out keyboard controls for if i want acceleration/deceration throtlle, rudder inputs, brakes or anything to do with keyboard bindings default. i went to input to add these individually but maybe im doing it wrong, and in game it freezes any key binds even ESC or Pause if i use add keybinds manually in input folder. How do i get complete keyboard binds in Input-Keyboard to fly the plane with keyboard? Thanks for the 540 again. It looks and sounds beautiful, idk about flying unless we figure this out.. :)
  13. I dont think we are here to criticize ED for blocking something which is their right, to be honest nothing on this whole platform can provide anything like what ED has to offer, just minor tweakings to some official modules needed, mods are just shells, yea sometimes the visual quality is good but its the other stuff which makes them complete, which ED has also been able to provide us with oppurtunity to play with Mods and use data from the software itself for a long time and i feel if it could stay the same way, this beautiful intense software and we community will be much happier. And thanks ED and the community of beautiful people who make the skies look at peace!:pilotfly:
  14. @cOff the bandcamp music is bang on комендант!! Keep up the hard work fixing and making music. Perfect world ill be a coder too, music is already consumed and spread.
  15. Thanks Nightstorm that cleared things. Space is a major problem here. ill just revert OB (not stable) to and test coz it worked last time :doh:
  16. Excellent job done by everyone on this beautiful project, will make an amazing addition to DCS World. Thanks again. Will be impatiently waiting.
  17. ' Thanks for all the efforts put by you and the community to highlight a major issue very nicely. Thanks to the E.D team for efforts to listen to us. Now questions, My last build of the game was before i updated to the latest and mods were unbable to use FC3, 1. if i revert again now, do i need to remove mods from savedgames folder too? 2. I got mods of only skins in my main directory, do i need to delete them too. and 3. how much time am i looking at for reverting? the full game length of time? COz i just did downloads and installs past 2 days non stop with my rusty pc.
  18. Hi Razo+R how are you man. Will come soon just the 1.5.8 mods or latest beta also?
  19. Will reverting back to update solve it is the question right now. Priorities are different at this point if you know what i mean, lol. Im not even sure if that may help has any one tested. And also if the mods are accessible in 25t avio, whats the point of blocking FC3 then? I mean mod still works for others who wont update the game, now maybe ever. lol
  20. The same thing happened to me, just cancel the updater if u are downloading a fresh OB install of the latest patch, just click DCS_updater.exe as admin, mine gave errors like bad exception twice and once an error saying along the lines curl error (6). Dint know i just reclicked updater and it took off where it stopped.
  21. This is great thanks, Just another question, with the latest OB, are the aircraft mod using FC3 disabled to used FC3 avionics, and u can still fly with 25t, but why? i mean its still accessible a mod afterall. But wrong question i guess, should i revert back bcoz i really love some mods along with my MiG-21s, 18/Cs, and 16.
  22. Nothing can kill the A4s and 339s. Always top of the list of mods.. :doh: Both of them dont use AFM and FC3 files so no problem in them for sure.
  23. Mods are down in Latest Ver Open Beta. Need a fix for VSN mods. SU-57 working fine without changes in code. VSN mods need changes in Entry.lua. but only flyable in su-25t flight dynamics, makes it unpleasant. All FC3 based mods cannot be used atm. Anyone know how to fix this?
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