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  1. I use my mouse to slew my TDS. I've set it to axis in the options and I like the acurate, quick lock I get. If BS has a click cockpit, Im afraid I will have to give up the TDS slew with a mouse. I've already tried two USB Mice with no luck, they just emulate each other and the settings only see's it as one mouse. I've also tried a programabel mouse with no luck. Any Ideals ?
  2. I've got a couple of dum questions about dual SLI Boards or Crossfire. Im looking at biulding new rig and Im looking hard at MSI K8N Diamond Plus SLI Nforce Skt 939. Do I have to get two cards at first or can I run just one? Is there a master and slave card? Do they have to be Identical (Manufacter,Model)?
  3. Exploded Vehicles , Bridges , FAC and Slow Civ. Vehicles. I don't get the time length on the burns of vehiles or bridges? If u blow up a bridge made of concret it burns for ever and if u blow up a tank with 200 gal. of fuel and ordance it burns less than a minute. Longer burns on all vehiles would be a big help for ground missions, on keeping track of where you are at and where you have been. (I would take the Graphics Hit ) Civilian Traffic: There is no speeding thats for shure. Trains bus and cars 15 mph or less. Military convoy is about 25 mph on secondary roads easy targets. You should see a big difference in speed from military convoy and cilvilian traffic I think or am I missing somthing or has this been over looked for some reason? FAC or Forward Air Controler: I don't know what im talking about here but I do Know every military use them and I thought there could be something done with the AI like the AWACS can be contacted for next air target except for a ground target being sent by a ground observer like the lased targets. Lock On ROCKS keep up the good work just my 2cents.
  4. Hands and feet. I agree with that. But I've often wounder why they don't finish the cockpits with arms that move with the stick and throttel or push buttons, flip switches and so on. Feet that move with the rudders. This may put a new twist on a clickable cockpit or when you hit a key comand. Oh ya and don't forget making those hand jesters like flying the bird. Just kidding!
  5. Fastest we have is adsl and it has monthly service plus installation fee. that'll have to wait a while. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I forget to mention that 24 hours estimated time is with Bit Torrent. I have FlashGet download manager. I'll try Get It Right. Hey, you live in the United State! You don't know anyone with DSL? Yes I do, but nobody that I would trust with a Credit Card and its a six hour drive. Just the way life deals the cards. :roll:
  6. Re: any of u downloaded this demo on 56K It took me about 16 hours on 56K doing about 50.9. I used Get It Right download program because I always get disconected about four times. I also used the Check Six download of the demo. The Lock On Russian server said 24 hours for the download and the Get It Right program wouldn't work. I hope they can fix that. Man I don't no what Im going to do If they don't put this on CD. :(
  7. Hi Ive had the X36 for years with nothing but good things to say about it. They got it wright the first time. No need for a upgrade here. :wink:
  8. Hi All Is there a way to switch from full screen to windows mode with out useing the option setting. When I use loMan it always sets it to full screan and if I change it I'm thinking it might overide the LoMan settings. Alt Tab pauses the game and messes with the memory. Thanks
  9. Maybe since there is only 512 RAM and the preaching of ram for objects and landscape are set to high. Long load times wouldn't bother me if I got good game play. :wink:
  10. If none of that works for you, take a look at your RAM it may be bad and have it tested. Another thing to look at is your virtal memory setting. Set min and max to 1024 or just let windows run it. You got a great rig you should be flying about 30 to40 fps easy with everthing on high. XP Home Edition SP2 AMD 64 3400+ Skt 754 Asus K8V SE Deluxe (800 FSB) Corsair 1.5 Gig PC3200 Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS PNY GF 6800GT 256MB (67.02 FW) Res (1280x1024 32Bit) (120 Hertz) Mitsubishi 930SB 19" CTR Saitek X36 Trackir 2
  11. I looked at your pic's and I've seen this problem on my system and still have it time to time and I don't have the cure. Matter of fact I just had it yesterday and restarted PC and it went away. I have other display problems like disapering cockpit or plane all together. Sometimes just a skyblue screen or even total lockup. I just restart or reboot and it gose away for awhile. It happens in any mission. Im looking for a answer too they had a thread on the UBI fourm with same problem and no answers either. Till then I grin and bear it, then I clean install again. I clean it all the way to the register before reloading. :? I've tried all of the Force Ware Drives even the Betas with no change. XP Home Edition SP2 AMD 64 3400+ Skt 754 Asus K8V SE Deluxe (800 FSB) Corsair 1.5 Gig PC3200 Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS PNY GF 6800GT 256MB (67.02 FW) Res (1280x1024 32Bit) (120 Hertz) Mitsubishi 930SB 19" CTR Satiek X36 Trackir 2 Loman 2.1 FSAutoStart
  12. It's nothing u have to turn on, u see it in all the cities from a distance or shore lines. It looks like heat waves and u can't capture a picture of it. It only happens when moving. I've also seen the effect on the A-10 guages. I've tried the new driver and clamp works for me, but dosen't end it all. XP Home Edition SP2 AMD 64 3400+ Skt 754 Asus K8V SE Deluxe (800 FSB) Corsair 1.5 Gig PC3200 Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS PNY GF 6800GT 256MB (67.02 FW) Res (1280x1024 32Bit) (120 Hertz)
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