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  1. CVW-8 had VA-52 with them, so good chance we'll use that squadron when the Intruder comes out. But, I am partial to VA-145 and VA-165 personally. My step-dad was with the Swordsmen and I babysat for Boomer DHs when I was in high school lol. VFA-15 and VFA-87 were both A-7 squadrons before they were Hornets, so we're already set there!
  2. Hello again, Hoss, I hope all is well! On the tailcode, our squadrons are VFA-87 and 15, as well as VF-31. You are right, VFA-97 is a west coast squadron, but for us, we are east coast based, hence the AJ tailcode. You've got a lot of VA time there in your career (I actually moved to Whidbey in '79...but I was three years old, so I doubt we crossed paths - my father flew Station SAR there in CH-46s)...You must be looking forward to the Intruder module! Only two weeks away, right? Take care, shipmate! V/R, Spool
  3. RECRUITING STATUS UPDATE: F/A-18C All Categories: CLOSED F-14B Cat Other Drivers: CASE BY CASE F-14B All Categories RIOS: Open
  4. Perhaps...but DiCE doesn't have a line in the export.lua, so that is why it is confusing to me. No big deal though DiCE is a great program, but I have a modded countermeasures lua used through OvGME at this point, so I don't need it.
  5. The saga is complete! It was DiCE that was causing the problem. Removed DiCE and now TX Link works exactly as it should. Good stuff. I wrote Vaicom and suggested they put a note in their install notes about the DiCE conflict. Not sure why a countermeasures mod would impact comms, but it did!!
  6. As I said...I appreciate your help. I have tried all the things you have suggested, as well as contacted Vaicom directly. I am beginning to suspect it was DiCE that was causing the problems. I have uninstalled it, completed a clean and repair, and will reattempt. I don't want to give up, as others in my Wing are successfully using the TX Link as it was designed for MP operations...so, it has to be something in my setup. Hoping that DiCE is the issue. We shall see.
  7. This is only happening when IN the Hornet. Works fine outside the aircraft. I am about ready to shelve it and waste the $20 because it shouldn't be this difficult to get something working. I'll just have to make due with Voice Attack alone. I appreciate your help. I used the Search Topic function to find what I found in here...makes sense to have it all in the same place, in my opinion!
  8. Posting another log so I can clearly show what is happening. Starting at the bottom, this log shows when I am in the aircraft. I say "arm seat" to test the Hot Release bypass function. It works properly. I then press Comm 1 for the first time. It "should" open the VIACOM listening function (it does this when I am NOT in the aircraft in DCS) I say "kolkhi". VA recognizes the word, but because VIACOM is not listening, it is rejected with the red block. I key Comm 1 a second time and say "kolkhi". VA recognizes the word. But VIACOM is still not listening, so it is rejected. I key Comm 1 a third time and say "kolkhi". This time, VA recognizes the word, and VIACOM is listening, so it awaits further input. I key Comm 1 to close the VIACOM listening window. I repeat the process. It takes three keys of Comm 1 for VIACOM to listen for the command again. I am thoroughly stumped. Works as it should outside the aircraft...once inside the aircraft...takes three activations.
  9. I have not changed it from the default selection of NORM. Also, it does this in SP or MP, so that does not seem to matter...
  10. Separate issue...REALLY hoping this one is an easy fix. Working to get the TX Link function working so I can use VIACOM with MP. Have the VA commands set up as per the manual for TX Link. Function works as advertised BEFORE getting in the Hornet. Even while in the DCS menu, a short press of the Comm 1 switch on throttle opens up listening, a second short press mutes listening. However, once getting in the aircraft...it now takes THREE short presses of the Comm 1 to get VIACOM to start listening for commands. A fourth short press will make it stop listening. Then, another three are required to get it listening again. Has anyone dealt with this? I cannot figure out why it works the way it is supposed to BEFORE I get in the jet...then after I'm in it...it takes three activations of the Comm 1 to get it to start listening. Also, why does the log look like it is actually resetting itself, listing me entering the module multiple times...I was just sitting in the aircraft the whole time in this log. The double blue box "Listening resumed" followed immediately by "listening suspended" is messing things up. But again, I can't understand why it is behaving differently once I am in the pit, but works correctly outside the aircraft? AH! Thank you for your patience and additional instructions! I was missing the part about using the arrow keys rather than the mouse...I have my GUI back, THANK YOU!
  11. Well Max, unfortunately no dice. The menu comes up when I press LAlt Space, and when I click Move I get the four way arrow...but when I click anywhere on main display, nothing happens. Of note, when I press LAlt+Space, the menu comes up on the right edge of the main display, but the Config GUI is not there, or on the second monitor to the right of the main display. I suspect the only way to resolve this will be a complete reinstall of VIACOM...and since I can find the GUI through maximizing the window via Task Manager, I don't feel like going through that pain. thanks for the help though!
  12. Thanks Max, I will give it a try. I have tried the move selection with a right click in the task bar, but when I click the desktop, it does not relocate. So, hopefully your method will yield better results!
  13. Has anyone figured out how to deal with the bug when your Config GUI will no longer display on your screen? You get the taskbar window showing it is open...and if you go to task manager, you can maximize it...but I seem unable to get just the small sized Config menu to display anymore. I believe it happened after I dragged that GUI over to my aux monitor. It worked fine while it was open...but after closing out that session...it has never come back up. Just the tab in the task bar. I have searched and found a couple others who have experienced this...but have not seen a fix. Hoping there is one out there...but at least I can still access it through the maximize function, I guess. Very strange bug.
  14. It's possible! I did my U/I Mini training on Nimitz during her 2017 deployment, so you might have seen me there... -Spool
  15. Hey JackJack, so during my last deployment on Stennis as the Mini, we had low level blue floods aft of the island. Forward had low ambers...you're right forward and aft have different settings for when Boss yells "SET RECOVERY LIGHTS". The low level blues are so low that they are worthless if you come topside from underneath the ship and your eyes haven't adjusted...but if you're in the junkyard pre-flighting a Hawkeye (like I used to do...) they are JUST enough to not trip over tie-downs...most of the time!
  16. RECRUITING STATUS UPDATE: CVW-8 has entered Phase II of SFARP where we are intently focused on learning BVR tactics by the numbers. Cat I recruiting is closed as the FRS is shut down until the completion of this FRTP and deployment cycle. Cat Other recruiting remains open on a case by case basis. Minimum levels of proficiency are required, including the ability to pass a Fleet Carrier Qualification with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and the ability to efficiently conduct aerial refueling with no more than two disconnects. A Cat Other candidate looking for CVW-8's brand of mil-sim operations will be self-motivated to digest materials available to them and quickly get up to speed with CVW-8 SOP and tactics...must be ready to hit the ground running! If you are an experienced Hornet pilot or Tomcat driver or RIO looking for a Navy mil-sim DCS group...please visit our website, read through the FAQ, and submit an application! Virtual Carrier Air Wing EIGHT (virtualcvw8.com)
  17. Really nicely done, gents. Looks like you have a great thing going there for Tomcat bros. V/R, Spool
  18. Just because I know you are seeking a realistic presentation...you will want to flip your SH-60s around so they have their noses pointed toward the island. They are parked this way because their tow bars are attached to their tail wheel...nice work, looks great!
  19. Per CV NATOPS, the standard marshal radial is meant to be on the reciprocal of final bearing (the angled deck) That said, in reality there are many time where either weather, airspace constraints, or other factors will necessitate placing the marshal radial off of final bearing. In those cases, the procedures to correct to final bearing whether on the CV-1 or CV-2 approach (rarely utilized), are also outlined in CV NATOPS:
  20. You got it...1 min legs capped by 2 min turns...that said, you make it work to hit your approach fix at your approach time. It's a fun game...ensure you set a speed that lets you do easy math for distance...240kts works well (4nm per minute) -Spool CV NATOPS sez:
  21. RECRUITING STATUS UPDATE (23AUG): F-14B Drivers and RIOs: OPEN F/A-18C Pilots: 1-2 slots remain for experienced (CAT Other) pilots. CAT I recruiting is closed for this FRTP. FRS Phase set to complete on 18 SEP. Phase 1 of Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program (SFARP) will commence upon FRS Phase completion.
  22. RECRUITING STATUS: F-14B Drivers and RIOs: OPEN F/A-18C PIlots: Between 3-5 slots available (some experience required)
  23. But…if you take the time to read this post, you may discover that we might be for you. Let’s get that out in the open, right up front. The beauty of the DCS community is that there are myriad groups out there, all of which have their own unique brand of how they like to fly this outstanding simulation. If you are a pilot who has decided that the multi-player side of DCS is something you would like to get involved in, you are faced with many choices! It is helpful to know what YOU are looking for in an online DCS group, and it is just as important to know what brand of flying an online DCS group offers. It is readily apparent that in DCS, as in many things in life, one size does not fit all. Virtual CVW-8 is led by current and former active-duty Navy personnel who have spent the better part of twenty years training, operating, deploying, flying, and living within U.S. Naval Aviation squadrons and commands. Virtual CVW-8’s CAG is an active-duty E-2C/D Hawkeye Naval Flight Officer who has deployed with three different squadrons, four different air wings, aboard five different aircraft carriers, including a tour as the Assistant Air Officer (Mini Boss) aboard CVN 74 during her around the world combat deployment. Our CAG Staff includes current and retired F-14A/B and F/A-18A/C/E/F pilots who are invaluable in helping the air wing develop and maintain its brand of simulation for Virtual CVW-8 aircrew. Because of the lived experiences of its leadership, Virtual CVW-8’s brand of simulation can best be described as Naval Aviation Military Simulation (Mil-Sim). What does this mean, exactly? It means that Virtual CVW-8’s leadership loved what they did in the Fleet, and DCS provides an opportunity to continue to enjoy that type of operational environment. It means that we strive to enjoy this simulation in a manner that represents real-world operations, to the best of our ability and within the limitations of the DCS world. Virtual CVW-8 has developed a structure to our training and operational deployments that attempts to closely resemble that of a real-world CVW. Training phases such as Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program, Air Wing Nellis, Tailored Ship’s Training Availability (TSTA) and Composite Unit Training Exercise (COMPTUEX) form the core of our Fleet Readiness Training Program or FRTP. Many hours are spent by wing members developing detailed briefs and training materials for the building blocks of combat to provide a foundation of tactical learning and execution that will carry the air wing through the integrated phases of workups and our eventual combat deployment to the Syrian Theater in support of EUCOM and SIXTH Fleet objectives. Virtual CVW-8’s membership is diverse and its experience wide-ranging. Many of our members are current or former military members, but many of them are not. However, all members share a love and passion for Navy aviation and a desire to enjoy a simulated structure that helps create an experience of immersion and realism. The members of Virtual CVW-8 are looking for a particular brand of DCS simulation. That said, what does Navy Mil-Sim NOT mean? It does not mean that anyone is calling anyone “sir”. It does not mean that we are playing soldier or airman, or Sailor, or whatever. Rank structure exists to identify those members who have volunteered to shoulder the administrative burden of maintaining an active group of disparate personalities, as well as creating the simulated environment we all enjoy. It also does not mean that we are high strung, full of ourselves, or think we are better than any other brand of simulation that is out there. We simply know what our brand is, and we work hard to maintain that brand, because we owe it to our members. We recognize that tastes change, interests wax and wane, and there may come a time that Virtual CVW-8’s brand is no longer what someone is looking for. That is the natural progression of things, and a natural part of this hobby. Should aircrew decide that our brand of simulation is no longer for them, we will always wish them well because the motto of “Fly Where you Have the Most Fun” should always apply to a recreational activity such as DCS. So, is Virtual CVW-8 a good fit for you? Start by asking yourself these questions: - Do I have a passion for Naval Aviation? We are a boat-based squadron and we fly these modules because we love operating around the ship. - Do I enjoy flying the F/A-18C or F-14B from a cold start to shut down condition? You will not find air-start aircraft available in Virtual CVW-8 servers (though there are training opportunities where off-server air-start aircraft may be utilized.) - Do I enjoy realistic radio communications that makes use of the full spectrum of available radios and do I enjoy working to adhere to a standard communications format? - Do I enjoy Standard Operating Procedures that outline the expected operation of my aircraft in almost all regimes of flight, and do I enjoy working to get better at understanding, learning, and executing according to that standard? - Do I enjoy realistic procedures around land-based airfields and adherence to CV NATOPS for all Case launches and recoveries? - Do I enjoy working as part of a team and learning how to fly and fight my chosen aircraft in a manner that is modeled after realistic execution? - Can I receive constructive criticism in the debrief concerning areas of the flight where I either failed to adhere to SOP or failed to apply tactical learning and execution, and do I appreciate that criticism of ourselves in the debrief makes the entire air wing more lethal and increases the level of realism we all enjoy? - Do I desire to become a member of a group that seeks to model realistic behaviors of a U.S. Navy fighter squadron because it is the type of simulation the members of that group enjoy? - Can you support flight operations that are based in the U.S. Eastern time zone and which typically start at 2100. Can you support a minimum participation level of at least one multi-player flight every ten days? If you answered yes to all these questions, Virtual CVW-8 may be a good option for you. We currently have unrestricted recruiting on the F-14 Tomcat side of the flight line and are looking for both experienced and new pilots and RIOs. On the VFA side of the house, our recruiting is limited to experienced pilots who are familiar with the Hornet and its systems and are able to safely fly the aircraft in the field and carrier environments. Combat skills are not a prerequisite for membership. This is because our FRS training season has progressed past the basic stage and our opportunity to train Cat I pilots is coming to an end as we shift our Instructor Pilot focus to SFARP. If you made it to the end of this narrative, congratulations! If your interest has been peaked and you would like to learn more about Virtual CVW-8 and our brand of DCS simulation, please visit our website at https://virtualcvw8.com/. Finally, if you would like to speak with a member of Virtual CVW-8 about recruiting or any other subject, please visit the website and submit an application. We look forward to hearing from you! FLY NAVY!
  24. Recruiting update: Limited F/A-18C slots remaining. (~3). F-14B driver and RIO recruiting open.
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