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  1. Depends on the size of the crisis. I kind of think of the emergency jettison button like the chaff/flare slap button.
  2. In a crisis, the fewer things one needs to do the better. So I'm thinking, if I need to jettison the HARM, I'm probably going to want to do the fewest things possible to achieve the result, while minimizing additional damage or destruction, to me or something else. So to me, that would mean default to the thing that doesn't launch a missile and possibly strike something, or go somewhere. Dropping the HARM, like dropping the tanks, someone in flight could just mark it. But a launch... now I've got to bring a lot of variables in to actually figure out where it landed. So, to me, from a systems and repetition stand point, I'd want the same thing to happen like everything else, but if I couldn't make it like everything else, then I'd want to put a check somewhere in the middle of the process, to clue me in that what I'm doing is wrong. Such... if it's going to be a launch, requiring master arm on. Now you say that arms the weapon. Ok, then make the check WPN ON. Or does WPN ON also arm the missile? This whole process just seems to be missing a step, that could cause some things to go sideways in a high pressure situation, that don't need to be missing. But, if that is the way it is, that's the way it is. At least if I remember to hit it twice, I can at least just drop it and mark.
  3. Thank you, this is a fantastic explanation, and track. There is a way to S-J the HARM without launching it, and I'm just not pushing enough buttons. I was working under the incorrect assumption that the only way to get it off the plane, using S-J was to launch it, and that felt wrong. I seem to remember that in an earlier version, soon after HARM release, that I just needed to press the OSB button once, and pickle, and the rack and missile came off. But now I need to press twice, make sure both are highlighted, and there we go. Is it a quirk of the F-16's systems design that the default S-J method for an A-G missile is unguided launch and not jettison rack and missile? Seems like the default should still be the same as the emergency jettison, which is rack and missile. It also doesn't make sense to me that someone could be out on the range on SIM, doing a dry run for some training, and, for whatever reason, launch an A-G missile into someone's back yard, but, I suppose that too is a quirk of the systems.
  4. I am, yes. I can see "AUTO", but flying the steerpoints last night did not result in them auto moving to the next one, like it used to. I have a small ILS practice mission and I kick the auto pilot on so I can set up everything, and when I got everything set up I went to look for the localizer, and noticed I was circling steer point 1.
  5. Emergency jettison doesn't ignite, it drops. It might drop pylon as well, but it does demonstrate that there is a way to jettison that doesn't involve an active launch.
  6. When using the S-J page, selecting a HARM, and hitting the pickle button, the rocket engine on the HARM is ignited, sending the explosive weapon somewhere. This occurs even with the master arm not set to on. Master arm off, or simulate, meaning weapons safe, allows a HARM's engine to ignite. I'm told this is correct as is, but it strikes me as highly unlikely that the United States military would allow a rocket engine'd explosive to come off the rail at full blast, with the safety on. Does anyone else think it logical that both the weapon manufacturer, the airplane manufacturer and the DoD would allow weapons to launch with the safety on? I find it illogical, so much so, that I can't believe that is correct as is. Anyone have any comment on why S-J just wouldn't do exactly what emergency jettison button does, or why the US military believes it should fire off rockets when the safety is on?
  7. Would this affect not automatically moving to new steer points? Because if so, it isn't fixed yet. I can't auto to the next steer point in Nevada.
  8. I've already acquired the first piece needed for the sim pit.
  9. I don't know if HARMs are supposed to be launched when using S-J (they just fall off using emergency jettison) but if the HARMs on 4 & 6 don't have cords, then I don't imagine they can be "launch jettisoned," either... First HARM is launch jettisoned. Second HARM is emergency jettisoned. Track attached. Jettison Launches 4 6 HARM.trk
  10. Attached track where using the missile override button on hotas pauses the HARM count down. Override stops HARM countdown.trk
  11. I believe it was $49.99, like all other maps, after EA. There was a question about price while in EA, and Fernie quoted the response, here: The base price on digitalcombatsimulator.com is $59.99. It is currently on sale for $41.99. All the other terrains have a base price between $49.99 and $44.99
  12. When did the price increase to $59.99? After Cyprus?
  13. STRG SEL and ALT HOLD both worked for me on Marianas after update. I threw them on, so I could enjoy the views.
  14. I do dev for banking and finance. I stood a GAP refund website up a few years ago in our DMZ, to facility indirect auto dealers' refunding GAP to customers. The first IP that hit that website within minutes of it popping up DHS. I don't know if they "actively monitor" us, but I imagine everyone running port 80 (and now 443) on IP is scanned pretty frequently. Now, our GAP site doesn't have any ITAR stuff, but... you guys aren't an American company. Other than extreme harassment, what can DHS do? Do they... alert INTERPOL or something? DHS can kick my door down, but if you're international... it's department of homeland security, not department of worldwide security.
  15. I understand, I didn't mean share something that resources were used to obtain. I meant, more like, just the name of the document. Then, those who have the means to procure, can compare. I just meant more, cite the source, not give it away. But, we're going around in circles. It is absolutely y'all's right to operate as you see best. Ultimately, four HARM, two... zero it doesn't really impact me. If I need four, I can bring 2. He runs out of gas anyway, since he spends the entire time in afterburner, so might as well use him quickly. And if I need more 2s, I can just put a trigger in the mission editor to give me unlimited 2s. You see, SAMs have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I send wave after wave of my own men at them until they reach their limit and shut down. And, in multiplayer, I actually do enjoy flying around this game, so it isn't a terrible chore to RTB as many times as it takes to get at my unlimited store of HARMs. At any rate, thanks for the conversation, and the hard work you guys put in.
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