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  1. It depends on block? I heard jf17 has f-18 rwr? AN/ALR-67? It makes sense because JF-17 RWR also cooperate with datalink to show accurate identification of jets type and missile type? ALR-400 would be missile approach warning receiver? Yeah it is true DCS JF-17 has KLJ-7 radar which has 67 miles range, Anyone knows does JF-17 using Block 2s fly-by-wire system or thats the actual fly by wire system because i guess they must have changed the Auto/EFCS system cause you have to change it manually in DCS JF-17 which is a bit practical.
  2. Could anyone mention DCS specific JF-17 specifications? I mean what specific radar we have, What RWR it is using? What specific block airframe it is?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the update, that is really interesting honestly. The reason behind i tried to get to this specific feature was operational requirement at high mach numbers and high altitude where you have to charge offensive with formation. I have been testing JF-17 with Sd-10s capability with respect to formation engagements. We disqualify JF-17 in our formation only because of that issue and we replaced it with f-16 where Jf17s were not able to perform certain task and tactics. I hope we will see fully operational anti-surge system anytime soon. Good luck guys.
  4. @uboats Hi there, Thanks for the update. Would you guys mention what you have fixed so far. What really was the case here?
  5. Ummmm, I'm assuming this feature must be for safety reason, If french mirage2000 has the same issue then that would be a common thing in 4th generation jet, However there were many problems during creation of Jf-17, I would not say sanctions were the reason but if you look at augmentation and light fighter doctrine then with respect to logistic operations during war, I mean the availability of certain airframe parts all together, Jf-17 was born to overcome these problems. Its an open platform available for all military tech companies in the world as well as for developing nations. But despite after all it is a light fighter jet and it checks all requirements which airforce need. I made this post because i had question in my mind, If mig29 doesn't do the same thing then there are many question marks regarding early access JF-17. This must be a active feature for RD-93 engine if not passive. Mig29 doesn't shut down engine operation during Fox1 engagement. And yes Jf-17 has Mig29 engine if it makes sense. New block-3 JF-17 going to get RD-93MA version which is specially optimized for single engine operations. But specifically we don't know what block JF-17 is in DCS? I still doubt this is a safety feature for making fighter more reliable during combat? I don't mind this but there must be a override setting similar to EFCS switch which lets Jf-17 pull 8+ Gs during supersonic flight then if it has Digital control device or something like that related to engine haha
  6. Good review, So if this system is automatic then there is no way to turn off this feature or override this anyway?
  7. So you are saying engine pre-planned itself before launching the missile, Or because of smoke, engine reacts to this as soon as possible? There is also warning when i'm launching SD-10. Some modern engines don't do that right? What is actual factor here? Is there any button to disable this feature?
  8. Honestly i don't mind, But jf17 engine is not that advance as you thinking lol, There is no FADEC device available here in Jf, There is literally mechanical connection with throttle. But mirage 2000 does have FADEC Device.
  9. Yea that is why i reported, I'm firing SD-10 Off-boresight angle where no possible rocket exhaust was going through inlets.
  10. So after testing some indications what i'm getting after launching the SD-10s, i noticed these things happening after launching SD-10s. Engine RPM goes down and Fuel efficiency went down for 5 seconds. And afterburner got cutoff for 5 seconds. I got no indication of any failure on pilot check list. Only indications i am getting is Master warning blink for 1 and half second and A/B indicator light is going off for 5 seconds. You get no authority during 5 seconds on engines. Another thing which interested me is that on some angles there is no smoke at all touching the front inlets during missile operation, As well as smoke is not really the reason the engine is cutting off afterburner. Cause i went through the smoke of missile it didn't have any affect on engine. So it looks like there is some problem.
  11. haha yeah fair enough, totally agreed with that.
  12. I remember that deka said their graphics designer got corona virus and he was not able to complete graphics work, May be graphics are work in progress but no idea. Looking at graphics i guess just reflections are missing or may be DCS doesn't support that kind of graphics.
  13. I believe system gives the engine warning because of RPM? It doesn't have anything related to flight computer there is no such thing exist on rd-93 right? Its an analogue engine. Engine has digital unit but it is not full authority device if it makes sense since engine has mechanical connection with the throttle. There is no F.A.D.E.C system available in jf-17 like other modern jets do have.
  14. Hi there, I recently updated the DCS and noticed that finally Deka implemented afterburner flameout for RD-93 engine whenever you fire SD-10 and due to missile's smoke goes through intakes and then toward engine it flames out the afterburner for some seconds. But i was little concerned about accuracy of this feature. After testing this feature for sometime i noticed that even if i'm launching SD-10 off-boresight (Cranking position), I'm getting the exact same afterburner flameout warning even though i saw missile smoke was not very visible near engine intakes or missile smoke could be hitting left or right side of the inlets. I mean if left missile has been fired and smoke goes through just left or right intake then does it really physically flameout afterburner due to deficiency of oxygen going through engine? Or this feature is work in progress? Thanks.
  15. Yeah that makes sense. I just wanted to share some thoughts on the real MFCDs, How militaristic they look. I mean they have depth, they are more beefy you know. May be i'm looking for perfection too much as DCS is just a simulation.
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