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  1. I was using the SharperEye Reshade mod from speed-of-heat's guide alongside the fsr 2.x mod, but after moving up to vrperfkit I haven't added SharperEye back in.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I kinda thought that was the case, but was having trouble sorting through the forum threads.
  3. Hey guys, I've been running fholger's vrperfkit with my Index for a bit now, but I keep seeing threads about the OpenXR tool kit and I'm wondering if anyone is using it with the Index. I've tried to wade through the various threads (one being 72 pages long!), but just not sure if it works with the Index or the correct steps to getting it up and running. Is there anyone that can give a quick run down on if the OpenXR Toolkit is working with the Index and the steps needed for setting it up? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm running a 5800x as well, I'm curious to see the results.
  5. The Constellation Alpha grips on the WarBRD bases have ★ 1 x Dual-Stage Trigger ★ 1 x Dual-Position Flip Trigger (tactile switch trigger + button input for “UP” position) ★ Combination Trigger Stages - flip trigger and dual stage trigger and be pressed simultaneously as a combined trigger for additional trigger stages ★ 1 x Analogue Stick (+ Push) ★ 3 x 4-way Hats (+ Push) ★ 1 x 2-way Hat (+ Push) ★ 3 x Momentary buttons ★ 1 x Brake lever (VPC Contactless Sensor) + Momentary button ★ 1 x Scroll Encoder (+ Dual Push) ★ Lockable Twist Axis (VPC Contactless Sensor) ★ Adjustable Hand Rest ★ Metal Flip Trigger and Brake Lever ★ Translucent hood with programmable RGB lighting
  6. Very impressive! I can't get that specific with controls because my set up, which is all attached to my chair, needs to work for DCS, IL-2, an Star Citizen. I have dual sticks, a HOTAS, and an set of extra throttles that I can quickly move around depending on the game.
  7. Hey gotit, I can understand your frustration. I fly DCS and IL-2, and I own all of the warbirds for both. I love and enjoy both sims equally, but I fly both sims for different reasons. I'm not going go into those differences or what makes one better or worse than the other (there are many posts and opinions on that already), but the one thing that I really enjoy about DCS is the thing that is currently frustrating you. I think maybe if you rethink you control set up you may enjoy things better. It looks like you are using the keyboard too much and the "clickable" cockpit not enough. I fly in VR, so having to hunt and peck on the keyboard is not a great option, so I either bind important functions to my HOTAS or use the "clickable" cockpit, that way 95% or better input options can be performed without ever touching the keyboard. I'm around most weekends and some weeknights if you need a little help. Send me a message here and we can meet on ts or discord
  8. I've been using smart plugs as well for a few months now. So much easier to get up and running.
  9. My advise, still buy the 3080. Test both, keep the one you like most and sell the other. With current prices you should still come out on top.
  10. Is Motion Vector the same as Motion Smooting in SteamVR? If so I have it turned off as it doesn't seem to play well with AMD, in my experience. Running 5800x, 6900xt, and Index.
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