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  1. +1 this is really a much needed improvement. Full hose and basket physics would be great too.
  2. +1 compared the the 16 the hornet really looks graphicly dated in that department.
  3. Yes, elevation looks to be the problem. You are scanning the sky well above the targets. Lower you radar elevation and you will start to pick them up.
  4. It really is great, well done ED. With thw addition if plane directors it will be truly amazing.
  5. Not sure if this is planned or a little visual bug. When relight is engaged there's a light effect in the mirrors. During daytime you shouldn't see that, maybe at night there would be some residual light in the mirrors though.
  6. Yes you can. Get the MSN page up in the jdam and thw flir on the other DDI and watch the chords change as you move thw diamond on the flir. You will fine a more thorough explanation in chucks guide.
  7. Seemed a straight forward answer to me. . . My opinion is based on the majoritys thinking on the matter, as evedenced by the comments within this thread and other. Ps this is not a dig at ED, just stating that it seems the majority of people want lights rather than a briefing room.
  8. Where is it not said or written?however thank you for your very productive feed back on an opinion
  9. We currently don't have night wands because of this. Sure we'll get em, just need to wait 4 years for them to finish this feature that only a handful will use.
  10. I'd rather have night wands for the deck crew.
  11. I don't have a track, but when strafing the van pepper jumps up right as the in rage symbology appears.
  12. @Tree_Beard I find switching to a 2 bar scan in TWS auto mode works well for me.
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