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  1. One thing I have noticed when this happens, is there's a very brief pause in DCS, a lag or something, less than a second, after that, the dashed crosshair follows PHS, and if I settle on a target, the crosshair will bounce around my focus point. Changing acquisition point doesn't do anything. If I set it to fixed, the dashed crosshair will settle to the head tracker diamond, but the TADS video on the Pilots MFD (Video -> TADS -> TADS) still tracks with PHS.
  2. Not sure if it's the same as the OP, but we keep getting an issue where the Pilot and CPG desync. The CPG can see where the TADS is slewed to, target and fire, but as the Pilot, I see the dashed crosshair that is bouncing all around the Pilot Crosshair. The track is larger than 5mb, so no sure how I'm supposed to get that to you
  3. @BIGNEWY Can this code be added to the default LUA so that it isn't lost during every update to the module? I now have custom code for the Apache and the Hornet that gets erased after updates. Am I doing something wrong? Should my custom code be in my saved games folder instead of the DCSWorld/Mods/Aircraft/FA-18C\Input\FA-18C\joystick folder (etc.)?
  4. Couldn't give two schlits about realism. Is what we see in the flir video realistic at the moment? Nope, most items in the game don't have a FLIR profile. Are there fair comparisons between the views of someone on a 4K flat panel vs someone in VR? NOPE! Not even a fair comparison between VR zoom and zoom with axis. There are many limitations inherit to the sim, and many missing items, that make identification difficult. Are we getting IR beacons? So long as George stops immediately locking onto friendlies and firing on them. If it were up to me, the target list would be sorted by most dangerous threat to my aircraft shown first.
  5. Every time I lose an apache, or load into a server, I have to load in Farp's, airfields, hazards, waypoints, targets, etc. It would be nice if we could save these locally, hand them out for planned missions to our group, etc. That way I can just load up all my planned data instead of using the KU to re-enter each and every time I spawn in. Thanks in advance
  6. I have this problem occasionally with my Reverb G2 (WMR). Windows Mixed Reality program will have a banner across the top of the screen, you use L-Win+Y to make it go away but you have to be alt-tabbed out of DCS in order for that to work, refocus the DCS window, and the mouse will be back.
  7. Also rather annoying that the list will populate with tank 1 tank 2 helicopter 1 helicopter 2 etc, with no IFF and no distinction between type, etc. Not very helpful when you are trying to target an enemy and George constantly slaves on friendly units.
  8. And while you're adding that, UNDO and REDO, please. Accidentally deleting an object and having to recreate it from scratch is a PITA.
  9. Could it be made possible to change the name of the Custom1 Custom2 Custom3 names when we save? For example, I would like to have one called Desktop, and another called VR, and another called Experimenting, or whatever. Having it on the screen as opposed to trying to remember or having to write it down. It would also be nice to have more than 3 save slots.
  10. Shame we can't update the mesh. Having the Jedi Transition in high detail would be great. Or ALL of the Sidewinder Low Level route with a correct mesh.
  11. @BIGNEWY @Wags I would like to suggest an improvement to the DCS User Interface to include a small section on the VR Settings Tab. In this section would be a pulldown menu to select from a list of 'scenes', for example the existing reinforced hangar, outside on the tarmac, the deck of a carrier, the hangar deck of the carrier, etc. The contents of this list would be based upon the terrain modules you have installed. If you don't have the super carrier, then the carrier deck/hangar would not appear as an option. The next pulldown menu would be a list of the aircraft that will appear in this scene. The list would be populated with aircraft modules that you have installed. I have seen a screenshot somewhere, I don't recall where, with the opening DCS menu with another aircraft on the deck of a carrier. Currently we have only some russian plane inside a hangar somewhere in the Caucasus map I assume with no easy way of changing it. I recall reading that it could be changed, and the screenshot confirms it, but I don't recall it being easy. Definitely not as easy as the method I suggest here. I assume its editing deep within some LUA file, which I myself am incapable of without breaking something. Thanks for your time. Flame me if you like, but a change of scenery would be nice even if I am on fire.
  12. Mirrors on or off by default is set in the main DCS settings window, and it's global, effects all aircraft.
  13. My throttle firmware is 23, my stick firmware is 11. I was unaware of the tmc file you speak of, I've never run any programs into my hardware via the target software. Like I said, I don't trust their software, a quirk of mine that exists from all the way back in the TM WCS days, way before USB when joystick ports were used. I've used thrustmaster products since about 1992. My stick, throttle, and TPR pedals are plugged into a powered USB3.0 hub. I'm very happy to help! I love supporting community efforts!
  14. Having received my faceplate, I have to say I really like it. The Hornet logo is a nice touch. The LED backlighting is ON POINT, where the ebay throttle faceplate much of the text did not line up with the lighting. LooseCannon has put attention to detail where it comes to the backlighting. I personally HATE the target software, and wish there was a way to control the lighting via keyboard keybind. TM puts way too much reliability in their unreliable software IMHO. Every time I open that software, do what I need to do (usually adjust backlighting) and exit, my Joystick stops responding, I have to unplug and replug it in for it to be recognized again. My throttle had, for some reason, some very slight alignment issues, some of the holes in the faceplate wouldn't line up, like 1/64" off. LooseCannon fixed that right up with the second version. I guess some slightly expanded tolerances will help with manufacturing variances on TM's part so that one part fits all throttles. Overall, I REALLY like the plate. Having launch bar control on there makes more sense than the INTR WING inhibit, which I never used. I would post photos, but nothing I took photos of looked much different than what LooseCannon posted above. What you see is what you get. The quality is there, the functionality is there, there isn't that much more to show. Overall, I would recommend if you fly the hornet and rely on labels. In order to make DCSWorld recognize the two top switches for ON/OFF programming, you will need to add a couple lines of code to your DEFAULT.LUA in your FA-18 folder... (PATH \~~\~~\~~\DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Input\FA-18C\joystick) I usually paste this code around the 880 Line Number in the LUA (near ED's code for special switches)... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Special input for 3-pos 2-signals switches on joystick F/A-18 Thrustmaster -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { down = SMS_commands.MasterArmSw, up = SMS_commands.MasterArmSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.SMS, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Master Arm Switch (special) - ARM/SAFE'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Instrument Panel'), _('Master Arm Panel')}}, { down = iCommandPlaneGearUp, up = iCommandPlaneGearDown, cockpit_device_id = devices.GEAR_INTERFACE, name = _('Landing Gear Control Handle (special) - UP/DOWN'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Left Vertical Panel')}}, You can save this file, because when DCS updates, this code occassionally gets overwritten: default.lua F18 Special Switch Enable
  15. The virpil warbird will take Thrustmaster grips without need for software or modification. However, they're always out of stock or backordered. You can get the TM Warthog Magnetic base on Amazon right now for $159-ish
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