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  1. So I've been looking through some documents and I've noticed that the AIM-54 is said to have an autopilot. But in the weapons entry file they don't. Is their autopilot just listed in a separate file like the ED weapons have theirs listed in the missile_table file separate from their other information in the missiles_data file, or are they just missing autopilot code?
  2. They pretty much are lego bricks now. I assume theres some code directly in the stations coding that gives the correct rotations. With some minor translation (x/y/z axis positioning) issues that i have yet to figure out how to fix the AIM-120s will show up rotated correctly when i put singles on 1B, 3,4,5,6, and 8B in my F-14BM mod. And other Sidewinders will just show up in the correct positions by default, the tricky part there was figuring out how to get the rails to show up.
  3. Very nice looking update. All the customization options and multiple variants look very cool. BTW what is the block number for the F-14B we have?
  4. Ok, cool. Btw if youre going to touch on the bombs, i have been trying to make my own version of the old warhead rework mod. But it just makes the game shut down while loading, so i think that file might be looked at by the protection that ED implemented for the hornet. I tried making a useable hawk by making a new weapon declare in the F-14s weapons lua yesterday after talking with lance. But, all it did was make the F-14 show up as an A-10C. So idk if you can take what i did and make it work since im pretty new to DCS modding and i dont know if im doing it all right, but if you want to try just PM me and ill shoot you the file with the code. So far i have been successful in adding AIM-9X and AIM-120 to the tomcat and a few extra bombs and rockets. But that all ive gotten to actually work so far. Shrikes kinda worked, but theyre hard to get to lock when you cant hear when they lock on since they have a pretty small boresight before the firing and it doesnt line up with the ADL.
  5. So, it at least doesnt cause the game to crash on load.
  6. Do you have any plans to update this again? Or Have you not updated it because it still works?
  7. Ive tried that, but he always goes back to TWS-A, even when there isnt a missile in the air.
  8. TWS-A works like it should from what i know. It's just that jester employs it so terribly and is so slow with IFFing that its only useful when the missiles are already flying downrange. Also that second part is definitely bait.
  9. Is there any chance we can get separate commands for jester to go into TWS-M and TWS-A in the radar mode tab of the BVR radar menu in the jester wheel? Currently it is extremely hard to use the radar at range when TWS-A keeps flashing back and forth like crazy, looking at everything as it constantly re-prioritizes close un-iifed targets which you can clearly see are friendly through data-link. Its incredibly annoying to deal with and makes me lean toward flying other planes when i dont have a friend who is able to fly RIO with me. This would be a highly welcome quality of life improvement at least in my opinion.
  10. The mod works fine in singleplayer aside from the F-86 being replaced by the A-10C. But when you load a multiplayer server it CTDs.
  11. Like Nightstorm said, the saved games folder doesn't work for LUA edits to add available weapons for example. Unless if were all missing something. But if that's the case, please shed some light on the situation. It would be very helpful, especially for people like me that are just now getting into DCS modding recently and don't know much about how to do things.
  12. And i would recommend changing the title to something along the lines of "Mods no longer possible?" ED as far as iv'e seen has never supported mods. They've just been possible with the way the game is programmed. Looks like ED is finally taking a stance on modding though.
  13. I can confirm this. I tried to do the same thing to update my mods. And when i tried to load them the game wont load any modified aircraft, and when i try to launch a mission even without modified aircraft in it the game just CTDs.
  14. It looks like the mod is making either the F-18 or the F-14 dissapear from me and my friends games, and making the game crash on the start of a mission. I cant check if it breaks anything in missions either because of the crashing.
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