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  1. Yes it sets the rudder trim in the control window but this is ignored by DCS and the rudder input is determined by your physical pedal position NOT the trimmed position. If this does not happen on your system I am puzzled. The video by RedKite explains the trim modes better than I can. He discusses the relevant rudder issues at 7.00-7.30 minutes and 10.30-11.30 minutes
  2. Here are my settings I use for no pedal trim. The controls window will still show the pedal trim being set at the same time as the cyclic trim. However the pedal input remains at the position of the physical pedals not the trimmed setting. This is why I said it “effectively” turns off the pedal trim. If this does not work for you I do not know the answer to your question or perhaps I misunderstood your question in the first place. Good luck!
  3. Selecting pedal trim option to “joystick without springs and FFB” effectively turns off pedal trim.
  4. Thank you. My install had not updated (I thought it used to do this automatically). Did a manual download from the Vaicom website and all is working nicely again. Now it is time to play Paradise Lost by Reflected and MAD Campaign by Stone Sky. Happy times!
  5. Any updates about this issue with the Huey?
  6. Thank you for this. Just playing with the mission generator is giving me loads of enjoyable missions. Once I stop playing I'll get round to using the scripts in my own missions. This is amazing work. I can't wait to see how it continues to develop. Thank you again.
  7. Mainly fly helicopters so checking six not that important for my gameplay Obviously though the fix is just a temporary solution until ED make a permanent fix to the bug.
  8. This fix posted on the 2D bugs forum seems to have worked for me . Hope it works for others as well.
  9. You are correct it mainly seems to be when looking at UI area. This video shows it quite well when the game is paused and you can see the UI. The flickering almost always seems to happen when the main focus of view is on the UI area and goes when looking elsewhere. Please note the VR mirror does not give the same FOV as the headset. In game it is even more obvious the flicker occurs on looking forward.
  10. Started getting a similar problem since 2.7.9 but only in VR. Please see this thread with track and video attached. Might be the same problem others are describing.
  11. This youtube video of my VR mirror shows the flickering that I am describing in VR. This is the track I posted above. The flickering starts at about 1 min and 30 seconds into the video. The same track plays back without any problems in non VR. I have noticed the flicker only occurs on looking forward out of the cockpit. I can stop the flicker by looking outside to the side or down into the cockpit. Very strange!
  12. I too am getting intense flickering during VR play since the update. The display seems to flick between the DCS display and another display but the flicker is too quick to make out the image on the other display. I have noticed it particularly during low level helicopter flight when I get close to a large building or monument. The flickering continues even if the game is paused. The attached track shows it well on my machine. The flickering starts just a few moments after I start to hover near the coloured monument in central Damascus. The track plays OK in non VR playback but the flicker is reproduced on playback in VR. I have an Oculus Rift S with a 3080 graphics card. Drivers 496.76 (release date Nov 2021). My other VR games are working without any issues so this definitely seems to be a DCS issue. As mainly a helicopter user it is dramatically affecting low level game play. flicking track.trk
  13. Very nice mission with a great sense of immersion. Worked flawlessly on my first playthrough. Will definitely buy your campaign on release. Thanks.
  14. This looks really good. Only got as far as destroying the bridge and station so far before I had to go back to real life. It has worked as described for me up to now. Will play more and try and finish it in the next few days and report any issues I come across. I like the mechanic of acting as a forward observer in this way. We need features like this to give us helicopter users more variation in missions. I look forward to see how you develop and expand this. Thanks for another fun mission
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