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  1. Thanks SolidGad.... I have tried the fixed version of bear trap.... However a very odd thing happens. When I play other missions and TE that I made, my joystick mappings are all as I have set them....When I run Bear Trap, some of my mappings don't work. (e.g. Navigation, although it shows the waypoints on the map, when I fly, the waypoints aren't in my plane....so I am flying blind. I have the switch to change waypoints in flight, but that switch on my Hotas or by keyboard don't work..... There are a few other Hotas mapping that work fine everywhere else with the exception of the mission. Can't figure it out....so I gave up on it....unless you have an idea...... That is why I am hopping that these payware missions don't have that issue...(however that is in 1.5, If I upgrade to 2.5, perhaps it will be fixed.)
  2. 1) Is this the same campaign that comes with DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 or the F15C for DCS world but is fixed, or is it a completely different campaign. 2) If I have DCS 2.5 and updated to the most current standard, will this purchased campaign still run.
  3. I have purchased some of the DCS jets but find them sometimes to complicated to fly if you don't fly them often. I am looking perhaps more to the DCS WWII series, but I fly offline so i am interested in offline single missions or offline campaigns. Does the current offering of the FW, Spitfire, P-51 and I-16 have them. I notices some that can be purchased, (none for the I-16 yet), but is there a community that post some user made missions and/or campaigns.
  4. For some reason I have so many options in my Air radar search modes that I am confused when to use them. The ones I know and know when it is best are the TWS, Bore, STT and BVR. But I also have the following modes and don't know when best to use them, if at all or even if they are meant for the F15. Can someone explain the best use for them or if I need them at all. L0OD/LMA Mode CAC_Flood/LMA CAC VS Mode CAC Bore Mode Thanks in advance.
  5. I am trying to build a number of different training missions for F15C (1.5xx ver) where the enemy will spawn at random altitudes and have random skill level. I have done some searches and saw how to create some random events, but not this specific type of spawning Is there a way to do this?
  6. I moved this question to the mission build section as it seemed more appropriate there.....
  7. Thanks Jason,,, I might want to look at the issue 2. But where do I find the Check to make sure your "Absolute Longitudinal Camera Shift" is bound to "TRACKIR_Z" and not Zoom View. Where do I go to check this...??
  8. Yes, I have tried leaning back and pressing F12 to recenter, I have just hit F12 None of them gave me the result where I can see the Speed and alt on the side. They remain positioned behind the bars.
  9. I have the current World 1.5.xx version and I am using TrackIR. When I am flying the F15C, the altitude and speed numbers on the HUD are hidden by the bars of the black bars that hold the HUD glass. I have tried adjusting my setting view in Trackir but when I zoom to a position that I want so that I have optimal view of HUD (numbers are large enough to read on the HUD) and view of the cockpit dials, the alt and speed lines in the HUD are hidden by those bars holding the HUD glass. How can you fix this. I don't want a zoomed in view where all I see is the hud and no cockpit inst. or radar MFD, but want the best balance for both (Ability to look at HUD numbers where they are readable and MFDs or some cockpit instruments).
  10. Is there any chance of getting the F15 qualification back. From what I have seen they are no longer available, but I would like to get them if possible. Is there any plans to make them available again
  11. Couple of questions. I have currently the latest version of World 1.5xx I want to get the F15C Red flag campaign. 1) Do I have to pay to upgrade to World 2.0 (Haven't downloaded 2.0 yet, but I don't see a price, but if I need to pay to get a key, OK,,,I just don't see that on my screen). 2) What do I install first NTTR or World 2.0/ 3) Just to be sure (and I know repetitive) but I want the most up-to-date F15 that DCS offers. Is there any difference if I have the F15C from FC3 or if I also got the F15C stand alone. (i.e. do some areas in the cockpit, graphics, etc etc...get upgraded from the one in FC3)?
  12. I have a CH Fighterstick, Throttle and pedals. I have mapped all buttons as required for me to the Hotas unit. My Throttle is mapped as CM devise 2, where the throttle and mini stick work fine -so I know they are mapped correctly. However I wanted to use button 3 on the throttle as my shift button I have Shift box checked and "null" in the Normal action - press field. However when in the cockpit, if I choose this button, it zooms in the cockpit instrument down center view. I have looked in the game keyboard commands and don't see any mapping for CM device 2 - Button 3 and I have not mapped that game keyboard command in the CH hotas. Also, button 2 is mapped to the ECM Jammer on/off in Normal action and the Landing Lights Cycle/Off in shifted action. When I press this button it zooms in the cockpit down right view. Again, I have not mapped this command in the Hotas, nor do I see any command in the CM Device 2 -button 2. If you have a CH Device, can you shed some light on what is happening here. All other commands and axis work fine. It's just these two. I want to keep the shift button as is, as I am so use to it.
  13. HI Hafody, Would it be possible to get the F15 CH Hotas, throttle and pedals. Let me know... Sent a PM
  14. Haven't played in a long time...forget where to setup the controller is? Any hints?
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