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  1. Starting with the simple questions. Have you configured CL2Sim to communicate with BrunnerDX, see attached screenshot of the CL2Sim setting screen, with the configuration for remote control With CL2Sim configured and running (and connected to the CLS-E) start BrunnerDX and do you get the two green buttons confirming that BrunnerDX is connected to the Arduino and also communicating to CL2Sim Finally ForceFeedback does not work with all modules. It is limited to those that are direct actuated, e.g. Warbirds and Mig-15 and due to the module configuration the F-14. All other modules it acts as a simple resistive spring, though you can feel the grip move as you apply trim in the hydraulic actuated modules. For FBW as I recall there is no effect
  2. I use a 10 cm Sahaj extension without an issue on a MonsterTech deskmount. I think in the past I used the Virpil 20cm S mount, but I stopped as with the MonsterTech standard mount the grip was too high and not comfortable to use. Maybe with the extended MonsterTech it would be more comfortable - however in regard to forces and grip/base deflection I do not recall any issues. The Brunner base is massive, and I use it as right mounted base - it is too large to mount as center with the secretlab chair with the MonsterTech desk mount - maybe floor mounted with a chair cutout would work, but that would need more than a 20 cm extension
  3. In my experience the Brunner is precise and finds the centre without much "hysterisis" that I think you are referring to. I dont really fly helicopters, and definitely not in the hover but a quick flight in the Hind at low forward speed found no issues about hysterisis feedback loops
  4. In my experience: 1) The Brunner Plugin for DCS adds no value IMHO, unlike the Brunner Plugin for Prepar3D which is really good - ground rumble, engine vibration, atmospheric effects. The Arduino add on fron Chuls is excellent for adding force feedback to modules that support it, but sadly does not add the ground rumble etc. Neverthesless it really is a game changer 2) FFB only really works with the warbirds and the Mig 15 as these do not use hydraulic or FBW. I have no idea about helicopters as dont really fly them - though just acquired the AH64 but it is a daunting learning experience. For hydraulic actuated planes such as the F-86, Mig-19 as well as the Warbirds you definitely get the grip moving when you adjust the trim. Strangely the F-14 FFB is rather well modelled and you also get airframe feedback. No idea about the F/A-18, F-16. Mirage 2000C as I use the Realsimulator FSSB R3 for FBW aircraft, but TBH I rarely fly them as they are so complex compared to the Warbirds and Mig-15. Fly the Spitfire with Brunner and you are aware how sensitive it is 3) Brunner and Arduino in IL-2 is superb, can not use anyother system now. The stiffening of ailerons with speed is really impressive, and the warnings for departure from controlled flight in combat essential - though I still spin in the FW-190 4) I use the Realsimulator F-16 SGRH CE on the Brunner base with a 10cm extension and have no issues in any game with mapping. Having said that I have the wonderpul Virpil CM3 throttle, CP1, CP2 and CP3 so have plenty of buttons without relying on the shift function. The Realsimulator grips allow for 8 different settings for each button if you can work that out. Personally I just use the game interface. The extension allows for more precision and gentler input changes 5) I have experienced overheating probably about 5 or so times in hundred's of hours of simulated flying. In the warbirds excessive input results in drag and rapid departure from controlled flight, so even in extended turning flights in DCS or IL-2 it is not the Brunner that is the limit but the aility to sustain the turn whilst maintaing energy. I use 65% setting for the FFB effects and as I say have experienced overheating on a handful of occaisons, and that was when I used a higher than 65% setting. In the summer (yes we have one in England) the Brunner base actuators get hotter as they dont reject heat that well to high ambient temperatures - I have seen node temperatures around 38C, but that tells me it is time to take a break before I lose the FFB effect To be honest, once you have experienced the Brunner I do not think that there is a way back to mechanical bases - though the realsimulator FSSB R3 is also impressive. The price is high, higher as I think you also need either a floor mount or a desktop mount such as the superb MonsterTech mount (I use the 1st geberation mount) so factor that in to your decision
  5. I use the Samsung 49” ultra widescreen with DCS, Prepar3D and Il-2 etc with no issues. IMHO 49” ultra widescreen with TrackIR is better than VR much better clarity and vision, however there is no 3D depth but I am willing to sacrifice that for the benefits. I also have the Cubesim 800 x 600 displays and everything runs fine
  6. I use the Brunner Base with the Brunner DX force feedback. For the grip I use the Realsimulator F16 SGRH CE. I do not double assign buttons, but the Realsimulator Grip each button has 4 positions plus press. The Realsimulator has a rotary dial beneath the coolie hat which allows for 8 different profiles in the Realsimulator software - though again I do not use this function as I find I have more than enough funtions on the Realsimulator grip. They are not cheap but IMHO the best grips that are available.
  7. Hi, I use the Arduino Micro with Brunner DX. Connected to the USB Port via a USB micro cable - the Brunner DX software locates it and loads the firmware to the devise - really easy https://store.arduino.cc/products/arduino-micro
  8. kozehub was alleged to have shot down 2 P-51 that bounced him in mis recognition in a La-7 Eric Brown was very impressed with its handling but not its ergonomics or robustness - it was still made of wood with plywood covering
  9. Another excellent video from Greg’s Airplanes - this time about the super prop that was actually made and put into service the F8F Bearcat. It would be fantastic to get this module
  10. Oxman - like the Multipurpose-UFC, just received mine
  11. The La-7 would be an absolute beast, especially at low to mid altitudes. A complex plane to manage according to both German and Eric Brown reports, with manual adjustment for all engine controls, but that would make it all the more rewarding to learn. The flight characteristics were apparently a delight, just a complex plane to manage with a high pilot workload
  12. The overheating issues are in my experience not really an issue. I have not encountered overheating in DCS - though have had it occur in IL-2 during really prolonged low speed high deflection turning fight. In DCS this does really occur as high deflection input will generally cause all warbirds to stall - the Brunner only really works with Warbirds, Mig-15 and F-14. In Il-2 I fly the early war low speed high manoeuvrability planes that allow turning fights rather than boom-n-zoom i.e I am useless at deflection shooting The out of box support is an issue but using the Arduino workaround by Chuls largely overcomes this I bought the Brunner for Prepar3D and civilian simulation and the out of box effects are fantastic, ground rumble, turbulence, engine vibration etc. the price is high but don’t dismiss the Brunner there are several happy users here on the DCS forums
  13. The issue at the start of the flight in Il-2 is that the auto-leveller is enabled, either give a controller input such as rudder, or toggle the auto leveller. The issue of the disconnect is the overheating, vary rarely experience this - generally when giving high levels of the axis input for pro-longed periods of time such as an extended turn fight. Make sure you are using the latest firmware from the Brunner site - version 574 along with the latest software.
  14. As far as I can see only the P-51 control bindings are not affected.
  15. Since the last update the controls menu has become corrupted, with several command disappearing and a lot of commands combining into a heading input as per the attached file for keyboard commands. Uninstalled the module and reinstalled the module with no change, and this seems to be the only module effected How to resolve to get the original controls options back Keyboard.html
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