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  1. I live in Germany and i saw the TV-Spot. Its the full version of Lock On(not the addon). The Magazine is called "Computerbild Spiele", they release every month, about 2 and more Fullversions. But i saw Lockon also in some Computermarkets for about 5€. And you get Flaming Cliffs for about 15€ in ebay. In other words you get it complete and full for 30€ including.
  2. Read this! I wrote a Email to the starforce support. They asked me about the BuildGuid and the BuildSignature of the protect.dll. Next day i got a key to my CD. I have to start the game and hold down the shift key and then i entered the key.... LockOn starts. I hope too, a working fix will be released soon. But this is a quick selfhelp. Good Luck all!
  3. Im looking forwar to a "Lock On: Hell above the Water" Addon. With especially more Ships and the F18+Carrier thing. It would be nice if the lifts on the carriers has any functions.
  4. What i said "Another victim of copyprotections" especially Starforce. I think Starforce may not work on Longhorn too. Have you tried to install WinXP and WinXP64bit on the same system or so?
  5. Hmm but when i use Ventrilo i got o lot of sound bugs in Lock On.
  6. In the noticed that Lock On have now a good performance but when i fly a mission like the Mission 2 in the Su27 Campaign my framerate drops form 40FPS and more to 10-15FPS while im looking to the closed cloud cover or flying into it. I put all the settings in the graphic optoins to the lowest details. What can i do? My System: AMD Athlon 2800+ 1024MB RAM Dual Channel Gainward Geforce FX 5900 XT Golden Sample @460Mhz GPU/ 800Mhz RAM Forceware 71.89 Motherboard A7N8X-E Deluxe Thanks for any sugesstions.
  7. Since Lock On Version 1.0 im missing something... A example: You succesfully destroyed your targets after hours and approaching the runway... touchdown... "Hmm wtf... the braking parachutes dont open... where i put the key for the parachutes?" You hit ESC... Abort mission? Yes No And now?? There should be a Button to go to the options panel. Im missing that. And you?
  8. hmm i use Fraps to recored videos... and now with my SATA Raid 0 System it works better...
  9. Lockon needs a real dedicated Server.... ED we need Servers...!! I got a dedicated Windows Server too with 100Mbit Broadband Connection... still waiting for a Server Version
  10. Hmm not the CD-Drives but Soundcard crashes sometimes... while starting with the LockOn CD. And sometimes my whole Computer hangs up because CD detection error. And it cant be the drive, because i got 3 CD-DVD drives. Im thinking about to buy a 4th DVD-ROM only to leave some game DC in the drives. Is there a CD-Changer for PC? I hope someone would invent something like that. Everytime i have to search after my CDs. I have installed about 25 games and all need a CD to play. Dont tell my getting the download version of LockOn, i dont trust the activasion System of Starforce or any other hardware depending activasions.
  11. Hmm everybody is waiting for BF2 ^^ Im too... Its not a sim, but i think it makes a lot of fun.
  12. The Addon has costs me 47eur... but it is every cent worth... But these copyprotections makes me sick... and your are in right @simfan this protections scares customers. I wonder why ED does not release FC as a Fullversion incl. Lomac... I think they would catch more customers and the community will grow and they will get more fans on their site. At the moment its to early true... And if the protection would be removed, it would be just to say "thank you for your buy" to their customers. The Customer is the victim of copyprotections not the hacker... because a hacker hasnt payed the sim, but the customer. BTW: And remember Lock-On is Simulator not a game! Games are for everyone but sims only for fans.
  13. Sure? How often to you reinstall Windows or buy new Hardware?
  14. No bad idea LOL i decided for the CD-Version because there is no activation depending on hardware needed. But the CD-Version sometimes crashes with the CD-Protection and i have to restart the computer. Althought the CD-Version is better... but the performance to start it is worse. Just click and play... that would be the way i like it. Atari has removed the Copy Protection form UT2003 and UT2004 after some months. And Take2 has released GTA2 for free download and so Sierra has released Ground Control 1 for free. Why should ED go not the same way? If there are no more sells... make a free release to catch more Customers for future releases. And ED may evade problems with upcoming problems with other hardware or newer Windows Systems. BTW: Flamings Cliffs is the best simulator what i have ever played. :icon_supe
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