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  1. not about "balance", just have some usable and realistic values on some weapons, the RCS of some weapons are totally unrealistic (LD-10 have 0.07 when SD-10 have a more reallistic 0.042, or GB-6 havin 0.25 what is simply ridiculous high) making them unusable cos they get intercepted when far from target. Sa-10 can start shooting a LD-10 at more than 40nm
  2. 802 sould be close to the RB15, almost the same amount of HE warhead (if i remember well 3 usable in game ASM are around 200kg +/-10kg), same piercing first stage warhead (Harpoon doesnt have this) and both are seaskimming (again, Harpoon dont do that), but you found that 802 in game dont do SS and fly like harpoon even higher sometines, has a ridiculous high RCS, and now not working self radar.
  3. thx, didn't know this, i think this is the file, atacking Gazianthep at the end of the track D3W_CaptureSyria_V0.49-20211121-120921.trk
  4. No, MP server (i never play SP), no tacview (both server and me) and no ACMI activated.
  5. LD-10 RCS is ridiculous high, same for GB-6, both are engaged by SAM's at ridiculous distances compared with other weapons of the same class or even some planes, LS-6 is a JDAM so must be on bombs and bombs in DCS dont have RCS. Maybe is a problem with server, dropped 12 LS-6 on 4 targets (tigr, btr-82a, gaz-66 and t80u in 3 sorties) only one doed some damage (direct impact in F6) 64% for an Gaz-66, tryied with GB-6 HE for the t80 and BTR and missed by 20m with 7m/s wind, alignement was correct (fresh spawn, full alignement)
  6. with the actual weapons RCS (LD-10, GB-6, LS-6, 802), and some weapons being unusable due to no damage (LS-6) or simple failing in guiding (GB-6 failing for more than 20m), and SD-10 being notched as easy as AIM-7, its a module that i dont wanna fly more. very disapointed on how this module is going
  7. Some comparison about RCS in 2.7.8 Reflection = 0.07, _file = "./CoreMods/aircraft/ChinaAssetPack/Entries/Loadouts/jsow_ls6.lua", _origin = "China Asset Pack by Deka Ironwork Simulations and Eagle Dynamics", _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.LS-6-500", caliber = 0.377, Reflection = 0.25, _file = "./CoreMods/aircraft/AircraftWeaponPack/cruise_missiles.lua", _origin = "AircraftWeaponPack", _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.C_802AK", add_attributes = { "Cruise missiles" }, caliber = 0.36 Reflection = 0.08, _file = "./CoreMods/aircraft/AircraftWeaponPack/cruise_missiles.lua", _origin = "AircraftWeaponPack", _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.AGM_84D", add_attributes = { "Cruise missiles" }, caliber = 0.343, Reflection = 0.07, _file = "./CoreMods/aircraft/ChinaAssetPack/Entries/Loadouts/mils_ld10.lua", _origin = "China Asset Pack by Deka Ironwork Simulations and Eagle Dynamics", _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.LD-10", caliber = 0.203, Reflection = 0.05, _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.AGM_88", caliber = 0.254, Reflection = 0.05, _file = "./CoreMods/aircraft/AircraftWeaponPack/glide_bombs.lua", _origin = "AircraftWeaponPack", _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.AGM_154A", caliber = 0.4, Reflection = 0.1, _file = "./CoreMods/aircraft/ChinaAssetPack/Entries/Loadouts/jsow_gb6.lua", _origin = "China Asset Pack by Deka Ironwork Simulations and Eagle Dynamics", _unique_resource_name = "weapons.missiles.GB-6-SFW", caliber = 0.3,
  8. ALR-400 is RWR and MAWS: KLJ-7 from wikipedia: In look up mode 150km (80,995 NM) for 5m2 RCS (V1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KLJ-7
  9. In Spanish Air Force i mean EDIT: Spanish F-4 was C version
  10. its easy found photos with the Thompson pod, was the only fighter doing that rol (ELINT) till the CORE implementation in the F-18. When F1 released, only a few "old" planes from Spanish Air Force will left to be made (f-86, f-5, f-18, harrier already done and EF-2000 incoming) so what do you think will be next?
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