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  1. Ooooh, if we are getting the Belgrano ... surely we will be getting HMS Conqueror too!!
  2. I looked at Deephack's video and he says Sensor Select Switch Left - LONG puts the TPOD into LST mode and sure enough in his video I can see the LST label at the bottom of the MFD. I have the SS switch bound correctly (I think), but holding it down does not put me into LST mode. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?
  3. We got the assets pack in the last patch, but am not seeing Type 42 Destroyers - is that going to be forthcoming? Apart from the Invincible, I can see Leander class UK ships not not much else.
  4. Since yesterday's patch I have had 2 out of 4 occasions when starting in multiplayer that flipping the 3 switches, Battery, Main AC Generator switch and DC Generator Switch have not resulted in any power in the jet. After waiting a few seconds for something to happen I had to ask the Ground Crew to enable ground electrical power to get the jet going. Is there something I am doing that this startup fails for me so often - nothing else needs to be checked and enabled before hitting those 3 switches?
  5. Are there really 2 Riverside Farms that close together? Also find no label for Two Sisters or Mount Tumbledown - would like to set the troops down there and fly CAS to support the Scots Guards!
  6. I put the WMD7 pod on my aircraft and startup as normal, click on CMBT and then click on the button to enable the WMDP pod, then when I bring up POD on the right MFD the screen just stays blank. Limited set of options come up, clicking anything does nothing to bring up the WMD7.
  7. I'm missing something because when I pull the trigger nothing happens. I don't want to involve George at all. I am in the back seat. There is an overhead JTAC drone continuously lasing (Stoneburner server). I am armed, WAS is set to Hellfire and in the weapons page I have acquisition set to Seeker, and Mode is Hi. Laser code in channel A which is the universal default of 1688 which the drone is using. I fly within range of the missiles, can see the target area up ahead and pull the trigger and nothing happens. Do I need to tell it yo look for the laser before launching? I though the Hi mode was LOAL, do I have to set that somewhere too?
  8. This happened occasionally before today's patch, but now I'm getting it about 80% of the time. The MFDs just don't power on when I am going through my usual cold start routine. I have attached a TRK file. jf17_no_mfd .trk
  9. Yes it was selected, I unselected it and it works just fine now !!!!! Oh one more thing, I did have to make sure my throttle was up in the front seat, looks like the guy in the back doesn't override that, I did have to move the lever I use all the way up for that.
  10. I only have 40% fuel in the Apache, and no weapons other than the gun.
  11. Here you go. 6 or 7 bounces in the Track file apache_bounce .trk
  12. When I am in the CPG seat and use 5 short up clicks to get the Pilot to come up to 50 feet, he does that ... then he sinks to the ground, then he goes up again, then comes down, up, down, up down ... I shot a video of it. Can anyone tell me if there is something I need to do in the Pilot seat itself before switching to CPG seat to make this work? My Bouncing Apache!
  13. Positions 1, 2 and 3 are OK in the cockpit, but hitting 4 or 5 does not take you to the side gunner's positions after the big update last week.
  14. Since last week's big update I can no longer switch to the Minigunner's position by pressing 3 on the top row of the keyboard in the SA342MG. Was working on a number of days prior to the update. Mapping is still there, just doesn't work.
  15. Same for me. After rolling forward and then stopping with my throttle moved down from 30% to 0%, suddenly I start to spin right, torque by itself jumps up well over 100, I go straight up at a huge rate, then I get overspeed warning and after a few seconds low power warnings and that is with me not touching the collective or throttles at all.
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