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  1. The game has interesting features like FLIR. The combats look much more arcade than ArmA 2 though, which is an infantry sim.
  2. Perry

    Australian love

    The pictures are nice but the story isn't credible :p It looks like a (small) basking shark, this specie is not dangerous. But I would do the same thing if I were him. :D
  3. No and no. And there is no leaning either. Dragon Rising has been created with consoles in mind from the very beginning. Have you patched the game to 1.01? Are you using the AI modules correctly ? I have heard, and seen, a very different account from owners of the German version. and you are right as Dragon Rising is mainly a console game.
  4. This video is horrible, it is nothing like Operation Flashpoint at all. There is even an exploding barrel at 03:39 in the video. They should have named the game "Action : USA vs China, fight for Skira Island !". The main difference between easy and hard mode is the absence of the HUD and the one bullet kill, but it will still play arcadey. Arma II looks superb though and the gameplay is excellent.
  5. This is how I understood it but I didn't knew it was something new. I thought that missile shot through datalink information had been around for some time.
  6. The MICA missile was tested in 2007 with this kind of scenario. There are some differences though, the MICA used was the RF version (there is also an IR version) and the targeting was done via Link 16. The IR version could probably do the same with targeting done via Link 16 or HMSS. MICA webpage at MBDA : http://www.mbda-systems.com/mbda/site/ref/scripts/siteFO_contenu.php?lang=EN&noeu_id=124&page_id=107
  7. Perry

    Armed Assault

    The tanks are a little bit better in VBS2 I believe. The best solution would be that esim (steelbeasts pro) does the tanks but it's a small company...
  8. Perry

    Armed Assault

    ARMA 2 looks so good: http://www.dailymotion.com/IDEAGames I am a big OFP/ARMA fan and I hope one day Eagle Dynamics and Bohemia Interactive will team up and release a sim together :thumbup: (ED : aircrafts & choppers, BI : infantry & tanks).
  9. Thank you for your input, it is very instructive. Before reading your message, I wanted to buy both joysticks. CH for helicopter and WW2 sims, and arcade games. Cougar for Jet sims (F4+mods and DCS : "fast movers"). So after reading your experience I think I am going to save quite a lot of money :thumbup: (approximately 200 euros for cougar + approximately 300-500 euros for a modification). The biggest problem I thought I had with CH products was the lack of detentes on the throttle but I will believe your word on it.
  10. for DCS : A-10 - Soldiers can enter houses, buildings, dug-in positions and bunkers and shoot from there - friendly FAC can designate those targets to the player conducting CAS :)
  11. Enemy soldiers fire RPGs at helicopters
  12. ... I have seen yet. Good music too. Rafale Red Flag 2008 : http://www.air-actualites.com/video/redflag-2008.html
  13. Maybe this is the reason why the Russian army preferred the Mi-28 !
  14. Thanks mvsgas and gillers for the answer. Very interesting links :thumbup:
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