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  1. Finally got this thing mounted up on a prototype rig. Using cardboard as a temp rig until i get everything where i want it, then ill switch to metal.
  2. Hi Brun, if i can use that .obj file in fusion360 ill look through all 40 pages
  3. Hey did anyone have a file i could use to import this into fusion360? Im trying to make a mounting adapter i plan on sharing with you guys. I think i can up with something good if i have the model to mess with.
  4. Hi im a bit of a noob when it comes to setting this stuff up. does anyone have a step by step or can guide me a bit?
  5. Got it! I used the cutting drill bit on a dremel and then drilled it out slowly by stepping up the drill bits.
  6. Thanks, its getting there! I did search ebay but the array of inserts is confusing. I think brun's original design had a lip on it and i dont know if that matters or not. There's bunches for m3 and m4 metric but the have different diameters and i dont know if they would fit.
  7. Do you guys have any leads on the brass inserts? I'm having trouble locating them and the previous links are all dead. I'm 99% there! It looks awesome.
  8. These came from shapeways like this. I thought they would twist off but nope lol
  9. Guys, how do you detach the dials? Every time i try it breaks off. Do you drill them out?
  10. Its here! Its looks great except for some wavy patterns on the crs panel. How did you guys mount yours?
  11. Thanks Lobinjaevel, what im trying to wrap my head around how do you sim pit builders have any available usb ports? Do you guys use powered hubs so you dont hvae all the pc ports clogged up?
  12. guys, i guess i have a follow-up question. Are there boards out there that will do like 20 or more pots? anything you can recommend?
  13. Thanks guys. it just seems crazy to me if you want to build a sim pit you are going to need tons of these boards. The BU0836X im looking at right now only has inputs for 8 pots. How many pots are going to be needed for a hornet simpit?!
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