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  1. Hi dggoofy ! I'm glad you like it. And I confirm your point 1 Feel free to express your feeling about the other missions.
  2. You're right. It's a good solution to create an action that never happens. Surely the best way. Waiting for an answer, I did some tests. I manually added an entry in the mapResource file (["ResKey_Action_150"] = "Bip.ogg" for instance) and it works also but it's a bit labored ... So I will follow your advice. Thanks !
  3. What is the properly way to add a sound file in a miz file to call it in a script with "trigger.action.outSound" ? The doc says : "The sound file must be placed inside of the miz file in order to be played." But when I do that (in the root folder or in the "l10n\DEFAULT\" folder), the sound file is systematically removed by the mission editor each time it save the mission.
  4. Hello o-Tomcat-o ! Thank you for your post. It's really useful for me to have some feedback. Concerning the A/A refueling, yes it's hard, needing some (tens of ?) hours to master but an essantial skill Concerning the voices, you are absolutly right. Of course it's far more immersive to have real voices but it takes too much time (by the way robot voices are also a bunch of work but a bit less ...). I suppose it's mandatory for a paid campaign. But for a free one, robot voices are bearable (and better than nothing ... I hope). This campaign took me several months and as you can guess it's not my main job ... So I have to make some compromises. But I keep in mind your offer ... we never know ! Thank you so much for your video, it made my day. It's nice to see another player flying one mission I made and to hear your live comments (by the way, your radio alti seems off ... but it's useful especially to respect a required AGL like for the show of presence). I'm looking forward to see the next ! Besides your voice, if I need a video trailer I know who to ask now Waiting for my next campaign (maybe one day ...) you could try my previous one. Shorter but sharing the same mindset. Thanks again and good flight ! (edit : I took the liberty of adding the link of your video in the download page)
  5. Thanks a lot ZHeN for your feedback. It's important for me. I take your remarks
  6. Hi Wagner ! Thanks for your comment. Was it only freeze or crash ? Syria map is very demanding in term of hardware ressources (far more than the other maps). I also experienced regular freezes (and more rarely some crashes) on it, never happened on the other maps. But the build of the missions themselves are as simple as it gets to avoid problems. Nevertheless tell me if you have any other trouble. What do you mean by "had to do a game repair" ?
  7. "The Cedar and the Rooster : A Mirage Story" is a fictional story-based 10 mission campaign for the Mirage 2000C, fully voiced-over, taking place in the Middle East. Briefing doc and kneeboard available for each mission. Situation : February 1993. Despite the end of the civil war in 1990, Lebanon is remaining in a unsettled situation. Militias, directed undercover by Syria and Iran, are agitating the country. After heated discussions within the international community, France has decided to send 4 Mirage 2000s to ensure Lebanon air policing. Link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319066/ Hi everyone ! Here is my second campaign for the Mirage 2000. The first one can be found here : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314265/ The two campaigns share the same mind set. If you enjoyed the first one, I'm sure you'll enjoy the second. Feel free to comment, ask, report, ... R.MES
  8. Firstly because it's a valid configuration, secondly I have that in mind for a special mission in my next campaign coming (very) soon (the first one here).
  9. Bug still not fixed in the last stable version (DCS ...
  10. Your second track is strange. I'm not able to reproduce it. I don't understand where is the difference. But, indeed, I think it's not linked with the PIC lock : the Super 530s are "Ready" from the beginning, as soon as you switch on the Master Arm. By the way, I'm not sure to understand what do you mean by "retesting after I'd spawned in with magics previously" ...
  11. Hi ! When I mount only 2 Super 530Ds (without Magic), it's impssible to use them. Actually, they are never "Ready'. The symbol "P" never appears on the PCA and "530" symbol never stop blinking on the HUD when "530" is selected on the PCA. I'm absolutely sure this config was working in DCS 2.6. And by the way, this config is in picture in the last official english manual, section 15-1, page 221. When I add 2 Magics, the Super 530Ds work ! Even if I launch or drop the 2 Magics before ! So ... is it a bug or really an invalid configuration ? R.MES
  12. R.MES


    Thanks Alpiino. It would have been nice to specify it in the news ... I got excited by reading this for nothing ...
  13. R.MES


    Sorry but ... I don't see Cyprus ... Is-it really available in the public 2.7 version ?
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