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  1. Uh-huh. I was quite active here until my daughter was born and she's is 15 now. I remember leaving this forum and losing interest in dcs all together a while after she was born. Hence why I wrote "I think".
  2. Hey there, Mustang! Nice to be back. Just flew the Su25 and suddenly I remember the stuttering.
  3. Eaglewings - nice to see you around. I'm happy to see the download speed is still the same. Knock-Knock - call me fosil, pls. haha
  4. Hello, all. I think the last time I played DCS was 14-15 years ago and it'd be interesting to see who's from that era is still around. I assume most people have moved on? Anyway, I'm downloading dcs world and it is slooow. lol Can't wait to see what's new.
  5. I have been listening to this for years and it never ever gets old. 83cI9HfpELc
  6. In case anyone was wondering what caused this weird problem where my monitor intermittently losing signal for a couple years then one day windows decided to default to MS basic display driver. The refresh rate stuck at 64Hz and unable to update driver whether old or new. The problem was the GPU and I assume it was slowly dying. Google didn't come up with anything either.
  7. Yes, skinning is a pain and even thinking about it gives me a shrivel.
  8. I was never able to do this in max or maya and I've watched some good tutorials on rigging. I love Blender. Still needs lots of work but I'm learning and hope to turn him into a cartoon character soon. :D
  9. I recall reading many topics on DCS likes high CPU Mhz. Might not be true with 2.0 on up?
  10. This might not help but hardware canunk says no differences in vdo rendering. I don't know if things have changed with the DCS engine but I believe DCS prefers CPU power.
  11. leafer


    I had to google Yak 52. Wonder if a P-38 or La 7 would be a better choice? :D
  12. I don't think it is going to happen from ED but I'd love a proper tank sim. No 3rd party dev interested?
  13. I tried dcs 2.5 with Ryzen 3, 8 gig ram and hd7700 gpu and it was fine on med details.
  14. This is both fascinating and comical. Awesome. lol I can't get the youtube tag to work but it's dcs 500 aircraft dogfighting.
  15. Which transformation is more likely? I'd say just get a tan. :D
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