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  1. Your target coordinates are wrong. Your North is correct but East should be E36 56 53.49.
  2. I'm hearing from Baltic Dragon that this is a new bug . The TGP not lining up with the coords given has been around a while, but so long as you dropped on the coords in pre planned mode it was never an issue. After the last update this may not be the case anymore. From what you said, the work around might be to use the coords in the briefing to set a new WP, the target this with TOO mode. EDIT: Just tested myself on mission 5 and all worked perfectly. Used the coords in the briefing for a PP strike with both JDAMS, both hit bang on the target. This was from an airstart, I input the coords, aligned the JDAMS to 01 quality then dropped them in PP mode no issues. From what I'm seeing my original statement is still correct I think, the TGP won't line up exactly with the coords given, this is a bug Baltic Dragon is pursuing with ED, however the JDAM still appears to be fine providing the target is inputted correctly.
  3. This mission has two routes through it, the safer route above the clouds and a more risky route below the clouds. Whenever you check in with a ground team your altitude (above or below the cloud) is checked. If you are on the more risky route then as you are more likely to see things your experience will be different. Stranded SCUD is one of those things that is altitude dependent. From memory the scoring is based on killing all the scuds and stopping the last group (near the helicopter) launching. You might not have earned points for killing the tented scuds, you should only know about these if you were low at Firuzabad (stranded scud) as the special ops team gives you additional information.
  4. Bugged on Syria unfortunately, been like that for about a year now. Used to work when the map was released.
  5. Ok thanks I'll do more digging, must be related to the emergency then.
  6. Hi, thanks for the feedback, always appreciated! In a lot of my missions I like to throw a secondary or pop up target at the player to really challenge them. These are (as in mission 10) optional as they are deliberately made to push you to think on your feet. The load-out and location are often not ideal, giving you a risk vs reward decision to make - going after the target is going to be (at times very) dangerous weighed against how badly you want a higher mission score and full completion. If the task is giving you a lot of problems I would always encourage you to abort/decline it and live to fight another day so you can fly the mission to then end...there's often things happening on the way home too...especially in M10. Your points around other weapons being better suited is a good one, you're right - Mavericks for example would have been perfect for this task, but remember this was a pop up task designed to be a challenge - and mavs would have made it too easy in my opinion. Also from a mission planning point of view the Rock-eyes are often chosen to be loaded as the spare station leftover is the underbelly one, which is limited in what it can carry, admittedly I could go for a more unusual load out with a centreline fuel tank plus another on the wing, freeing up a wing pylon, but the asymmetric load can be a real issue so try to avoid that. Main advice I can offer for this task is to stay southwest of the target, if you're getting launched on by radar SAMS its because either the EW flight has already egressed or you left their protective bubble. The edge of this bubble is set very deliberately just past the pop up target position, part of the challenge I like to set is to get the player to try and build SA of where they are in relation to the threat area. If you keep the right positioning the radar sams should be less threatening, if you come lower though the AAA and MANPADS will of course be a threat to you as well. Hope that helps, good luck!
  7. yeah maybe, is a strange one and still not sure why. Was it also at the end of mission 2 after the in-flight emergency?
  8. Ok, glad you sorted. That information was given in the nine line brief as you approached the range.
  9. Ah yes you're right, I checked in the editor but missed that one! In that case advise keeping your altitude as high as you can and standoff with the gun as much as possible.
  10. The way I've always played this one... First task (command APC) - use a GBU-12, as long as you're not too slow (if you are the APC starts running), it will stop eventually in a new location and there will still be time to kill it after that. Second task (2 T-72s in the city) - use Mavs or GBU-12, stay high - there is no need to go low and end up in AAA or MANPAD range. Third task - repeated gun runs on enemy troop positions. You mentioned the AAA problem, this shouldn't be a factor unless you're way out of position, the AAA is located at Jiroft airport, which is still in enemy hands. Don't fly west of the city and you'll stay out it's way. Any attacks in the city are best made north-south, coming off the target to the east Hope that helps!
  11. Not sure, but checked the mission in case I made an error in the guide and it is correct, 2 points for following the noise procedures. Must have dropped some points somewhere else in a certain combination to get 97.
  12. Ok no probs, after the latest update you now need to press the data link button twice to switch to link 16 and then turn it on.
  13. Yes update should be on steam as well, so long as you're on the open beta version. If you're on stable the updates not landed yet.
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