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  1. Just use a joystick tester software that shows axis percentage to measure your detent position! Unfortunately it's not possible to add special options that can be changed in flight.
  2. It's there to serve as a "white paper", in case anyone with a strong experience in jet engine modelling wants to share its feedback. It also has some value for understanding any issue that could be found by users.
  3. Small precision, Sec Carb isn't a RPM control but a direct control over fuel flow. It also disables all safeties on RPM. Which means it can be used with a loss of RPM meter
  4. Flameout doesn't occur at a fixed altitude, it's based on pressure, temperature, richness and mach in the combustor. Should be between 60000ft and 80000ft depending on conditions (mostly airspeed)
  5. No, declutter is designed for hiding DO information (yellow markers and text). It shouldn't hide waypoints.
  6. Hi, Yes, it has already been fixed for the upcoming june release. Slats will now be fully independent, with 4 controls, damage state, and aerodynamics.
  7. Kercheiz

    G limit Override

    I love the reference
  8. The visual effects are handled by DCS core code, no change was done on the module side. You should ask on general DCS subforum.
  9. Interesting! So it's only made of shift registers?? There isn't any microcontroller in the Warthog/Virpils?
  10. Hi; I'm starting to design my own grip for a Virpil base. Is there any available board that would be compatible? Or do I need to cannibalize a TM or Virpil grip board? Thanks!
  11. The game can output surround sound to DirectX, so I guess in theory WMR or SteamVR could remap surround channels to the headset stereo using head rotation, but it doesn't seem to work
  12. Is there a way to get sound following head movements? Currently turning my head doesn't make any change in sound direction, which is a big immersion killer I think.
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