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  1. Does Eagles Dynamics plan to correct the AI's ability to detect you with its radar? I did several tests and even 100 nautical miles from the AI, radar off while flying 50 feet above the ground the AI is heading towards you when it is not supposed to see you, I find that it kills more immersion than the simplified flight model due to the fact that it is almost impossible to intercept the AI properly and it completely destroys the BVR against the AI.
  2. Thank you for your answer ! I understand that the choice in the use of weaponry depends on so many factors that we cannot consider that the most used weaponry is necessarily the most useful in all circumstances, but I ask myself even the question, on the existence of the data which I mentioned previously, is there a detailed report which would list the bombs or missiles and classifying them by frequency of use during the last ten or twenty years or is these informations are classified? With this kind of data we could know precisely if dumb bombs are now completely relegated to the background or if they still occupy an important place because of their low cost, etc.
  3. Sorry for my awful English, it's not my mother tongue I rephrase my question more correctly : Do you have any sources which would indicate which are the most used bombs by the US Navy or Air Force ?
  4. Hello everyone, I looked for a long time for information on this subject, statistics which would detail which are the most used bombs (MK82 or GBU 12 or JDAM?) Without ever finding anything, and what you would have sources that give an idea of the air-to-ground weapons most used by the US military? The only thing I could find is that which gives an idea of the price range of these weapons : https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32277/here-is-what-each-of-the-pentagons-air-launched-missiles-and-bombs-actually-cost null null
  5. Here is the channel of the real fighter pilot he makes videos in French and in English : https://www.youtube.com/c/ATECHUETTOPGUN2SPEAKER/videos
  6. An excellent video, rare enough to be highlighted, a real Rafale pilot from the French Air Force "ATE CHUET" tries his luck against a DCS player, for those who master French we learn a lot about dogfight, I lets you guess who wins the multiple fights :D (we see from the point of view of the dcs player the real pilot is the opponent)
  7. Hi buddys isn't the plane underpowered ? When I look at the specifications of the real plane, we can see that it is supposed to reach 72,000 feet / minute : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16_Fighting_Falcon#Specifications_(F-16C_Block_50/52) I know that is in an optimal configuration and not really the same IRL, but in the game, empty wings with very little of fuel, it's not even close to 25,000 feet / minute Here, we have a real F-16 pilot who claims that the model flight is underpowered : https://youtu.be/rtAVvQ6mPDA?t=1147 How to explain the huge gap between the specifications and the plane in game, is there as big a gap in speed as that ?
  8. Hello I was asking myself a question and I can't find any information about it, the question is this, in real life what will determine for a pilot the choice, between using a laser guided bomb or a Air Ground Missile ?
  9. Hi guys, I can't see the ground at night with infrared mode with the TPOD I already had a similar problem with the F-18 but with the new update it works, by cons now it is with the F-16 that I can not see anything on the ground with the infrared :
  10. The gray option is used to provide two things: an adjustment scale at the bottom of the screen, to adjust the brightness of the screen I think it works a bit like that in video games: You have to adjust until you see all the color bars and this allows you by pressing zoom once to switch to the brightness setting that you can adjust with the arrows, if I'm not mistaken
  11. no I'm aiming for desert soil, I have the impression that when there are clouds the visibility on the ground is improved, but when I remove all the clouds, I don't see anything anymore, I will send you the track as soon as that i get my hands on my pc :thumbup:
  12. Lol my too but I understood everything thank you, but the problem is that the ALG is supposed to provide the optimal setting according to what we aim with the pod right?
  13. Hi guys, I can't see the ground at night with infrared mode with the new tpod, (and of course i aims the ground not the sky ) is that normal ? Switch beetwen Black or White didn't change anything :huh:
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