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  1. Ka-50N. Night-attack version w/ FLIR turret.
  2. Fire Birds! Holy cow, it's been ages since I've seen that movie.
  3. In a perfect world, we'd see the folks at ED team up w/ the folks at ESimGames to make the ultimate battlefield simulator. Shame we don't live in a perfect world. :(
  4. Nice choppers. I believe I've seen the first one, or one very similar, used in helicopter logging operations around the area I live in, out on the west coast of Canada.
  5. Heh, I saw that while I was down in Oz about half a year ago. It was a bit of a mixed bag, but still, it's IMAX, so it's hard to be too critical. I was wondering the same thing about the AWACS "imaging system," but I'm pretty sure it's just some CG they whipped up for the film.
  6. "Not a Good Day to Die" by Sean Naylor.
  7. I'm guessing you were watching the Su-25T tutorial when they told you to keep the throttle at idle when starting the engine to avoid an engine fire. According to the description of the Su-25T on the Lockon.ru main page... The A-10 and all other aircraft in the game have not been modelled to the same standard however. This is probably why you're not seeing a hot start.
  8. This isn't a vote between MiG-29 and F-16C, it is a vote between MiG-29 9.12B and MiG-29SMT. OR, "which would you prefer, MiG-29 9.12B vs. F-16C Block 50, or MiG-29SMT vs. F-16 Block 50?"
  9. That's a huge page file size. I guess it depends on how much RAM you have, but my page file is 800MB min/max. Considering how often I'm "scraping the bottom of the barrel" for space, even on a 120 GB drive, even a couple extra gigs can make a difference.
  10. Is it possible to load information from two seperate drives at the same time? I know there are large RAMdrives out there (eg. Rocket Drive) to which you can load an entire copy of the game, but I haven't heard of creating smaller RAMdrives and loading just pieces of the game to them.
  11. He did leave out Frazer's name. Read the first post again. Only when Frazer came out of the closet to tear a strip off Guru was his name mentioned in association w/ the email.
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