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  1. DO you have the F18 profile loaded for both the take off and combat panels? This is done within the software itself from the 'key binding tab.
  2. Although this is not really the answer you might be looking for I can offer this. Flying the plane is easy. Using the systems to employ the aircraft as a weapon is all the work and learning. This is how it is in real life. One learns to fly and operate an aircraft fairly quickly. The next couple of years is learning to become mission capable. My advice is immerse yourself in what you can find online and keep on practicing. It doesn't exactly happen overnight so to speak and DCS is a very challenging game sometimes.
  3. Not an expert but I think the left tape is left wing and aft tank right tape is right wing and forward tank.
  4. I have a warthog and do not use target or any profiles. I just set my stuff up right in the DCS controls settings and save that. What I can mention though, is to check for redundant settings on the throttle and stick (and if you have rudders or any other input device[s] as appropriate). Duplicate entries happen all the time and the control settings usually need to be cleaned up to work right. Keep in mind any new devices you add later will also do this and require closer inspection. This may not be exactly what you're looking for but I hope it helps a bit. Good luck and happy flying!
  5. I use the VR pointers in cockpit in VR so I am never using the mouse when flying and I never have the blue cross on my screen. I am happy and no issues or frustrations.
  6. The idea of an FC3 type product that is warbird centric is a great idea. I, at one point thought it was going to be done then I realized, "Oh no! I am projecting my wishful thinking in to reality" It has been kicked around before... Personally, I think it would be a great idea and it would be in my stable on first day or pre-order. I believe the strength of it would be to add a group of warbirds in to the game that might require less development behind the scenes because they would not be high fidelity. Maybe I am projecting wishful thinking in to reality again. lol Long story short - I would buy it.
  7. Click TCN and ILS on HSI MFD (left side top two buttons)? Setting ILS on carrier in mission editor and then when in the mission turning it on with the UFC to the channel you set it to. These ideas pop in my head off the cuff from what I can deduce with absence of more info. Maybe it will help - hopefully - good luck!
  8. Oh, it will be a grand grand day on the forums when ED addresses the LITENING pod and brings it back to an accurately modelled digital zoom... I can almost see/hear it now. The pros and cons, the realism argument, the why cant they make it both ways for people who don't like too much realism, the way it is now vs then, the game vs sim, the tears, the frustrations, the sweet diatribe... mmmm a delicious heady brew is brewing.
  9. I think they (ED) made the F/A-18 module poopier then it (the actual F/A-18) really is in an effort to keep the high alpha low speed bread and butter of the hornet secret as some aspects are still classified.... If one wants to hide what an airframe can really do one needs to make it either better or worse then the real thing. Looks like we, unfortunately, got the latter. The flight model seems to me to have improved a bit since initial release but it would be great to see more realistic performance in the high alpha slow speed regime(s). As it is, the F/A-18 is my favourite module and what I have the most time in. PS: That is a really good show (Jetstream) and anyone in to military aviation and/or the F/A-18 would really enjoy it I am sure.
  10. " Facemelting would have been more like "Oh yeah, and here's a Tornado/Fullback/Cobra module" "As it is, i'm not hyped for the Apache and also wouldnt be for the Cobra" "drop a Cobra from left field. That would have been face melting." Seems to be a little confusing but I think we are clear you won't be getting the Apache... I think many others will... If I am smellin' what your sellin' I think what I am hearing is you don't like multicrew airframes for helicopters but don't mind them for fixed wing. I know the Apache will be in my hangar when it arrives but not everything is for everyone.
  11. Thanks, Mikhail, the throttle has arrived (actually a week or two at least ago) and I just wanted to say Thank You, Sir it is lovely. Well made and it impresses my friends too *lol* so that is also a win. To anyone on the fence - if you have the funds and are worried otherwise - don't - there is nothing to worry about. This is a very, very good product you will be happy with. Mikhail is available if you have questions. He was very informative and set expectations appropriately. He provided the information on how to set it up and curves and everything. The only limitation is waiting for the inner parts from Virpil and that is out of Mikhail's hands so a little patience and you will be rewarded. To others thinking about it - have no fear it was easy easy and even had no duties coming to Canada. To Mikhail - Thank you for making this for me - I am very happy. Have a great day everyone!
  12. Tank - Got ya... Yes, thank you for the clarity on your post and thanks for sharing.
  13. Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor?
  14. A quick glance it looks like the height the helicopter is above the roof is equal to the height of those walls going all around the edge of the building itself. Just an observation off the cuff.
  15. I believe Leatherneck Ent is planning a period correct Essex class carrier to release with it's F4U Corsair. http://leatherneck-sim.com/2021/06/25/2021-summer-update/?bx_sender_conversion_id=38644491&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=mail&utm_campaign=weekend_news They mention that the Corsair will ship with the full inventory of British and American ordnance - so maybe there is some hope
  16. I think what you are looking for is under the CONTROLS > MISC tab > F2 EFFECTS drop down box on the upper right side... You can set it to NONE, FLOATING or SHAKING.... Good luck and happy flying!
  17. Oozler

    Noob questions

    I just bought whatever little mini keyboard I found on amazon for a few bucks to check out and get going in a pinch. The thing to consider, or keep in mind, with the mini keyboard solution vs a button box of some sort is that the mini keyboard will be recognized in DCS as a keyboard - the same as your main keyboard. It is not it's own separate device. On the other hand, an independent button box type of peripheral will be entirely recognized as it's own device. Just thought I would point out the subtlety that DCS doesn't see 2 keyboard devices with what I am doing.
  18. Oozler

    Noob questions

    I use a Warthog throttle and stick, 2 MFD's, the WinWing Take-off and Combat panels and I still use a mini key board for some functions. I play in VR. Of course, with more complex programming of the Warthog I could likely add other layers of functions - but I do not. The difference between those two WinWing throttles is essentially the larger one is made to emulate the switches in the area of the throttle of the actual F-18 whereas the smaller WinWing throttle is made to apply more generally to any aircraft even though the current hand grip(s) are modelled on an F-18 . The new smaller one from WinWing will also allow you to swap out the throttle for other aircraft (ie) F-16 once they become available. This is supposed to also apply to the stick in the future. So - short answer - I have many peripherals and I still need to use a keyboard for some things. Everything is easily assigned right in DCS from the controls management screen.
  19. I do a lot of flying at night so the ghost hands are a little weird for sure.
  20. Ok - problem solved (at least for me). Maybe this will help the OP or someone else. I have the WinWing take-off and combat panels. The last time I was playing DCS and doing cold starts I had left the switch for the INS on ground and it never crossed my mind to check that. I flew the mission I first noticed the issue (Marianas free fly) and when I looked at my left MFD I saw INS DEGO... Bam! Light bulb. I got my INS in the correct settings., relaunched the mission and worked as advertised. Autopilot not working? Check your INS is a go
  21. By default DCS makes a waypoint about 6562 feet plus or minus. This means the pod is also looking at that point in space. This can be addressed in the mission editor prior to playing the mission if it is one of your missions. Or one can also use the HSI screen and then go in to DATA on the MFD, scroll to the waypoint number in question and then edit (UFC) the altitude on the fly. If one is unsure of what height to set in this scenario, using the F10 map and putting the pointer over the spot will show you it's height above sea level and you can use that. This is on the fly if you are ever in a mission, but basically, it is nice if the mission maker accounts for a waypoint that is on a target being used as a designator and has set the altitude before hand for all players.
  22. I noticed the issue then tested it on a couple of missions I have made and fly frequently and it was the same on all. No go. And these are missions I know for a fact it worked. Now, maybe something changed in activating the A/P I am not aware of, but otherwise I am doing exactly what has worked prior without a result.
  23. I just got this issue after the latest update introducing the Marianas. I don't know how but the autopilot will not engage on balt or ralt and cpl will not work. Hitting the A/P button brings up the appropriate screen on UFC but when one tries to click a button to engage a function nothing happens. Hopefully fixed soon.
  24. Generally, when you are moving closer to you or further away (up and down) the height(s) of the radar scan range changes. It does this because it is a cone. Closer to you the smaller the cones area, further away the larger. The diameter increases as you go further out. But say you want to scan a specific distance at a specific altitude. You may not want to scan a huge amount of sky when you want information about a specific area you know something is up but you aren't seeing them on the screen.
  25. I believe there is a full fidelity F-15E in the works now so your wish for a fully clickable (and multicrew) F-15 may just become a reality.
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