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  1. I wanted to ask, if it's possible, to have multiple flags active at once in the mission editor. For example: Flag 1 is value 1 at certain point of time. If Flag 1,1 -> Flag 2,1 -> Flag 3 true
  2. I am trying to get a group to start, after it has been set to "uncontrolled". What am I doing wrong?
  3. We got you. As well as ten other threads. We know, that G2 has better visuals. The thing with the G2 is problematic Software support, horrible controller tracking and the price of 700 Euro compared to 350 for the Q2. I dont want to spend 700€ on a headset which has got great views but I cant play any shooter with, cause the controller tracking sucks.
  4. Yeah, this is exactly the way i got my settings. I though its called PD in the Oculus Software - but like you said, its basically just the slider up to max which I got.
  5. I just can recommend the Quest 2 - look at my topic or further questions.
  6. In my opinion: Yes! Definately. I came from the Q1 and things are way clearer now. I had problems spotting distant aircraft or ground units before, which is now easy. Things in the distant on Q1 kinda just disappeared due to the fast, that the Q1 had not enough pixel to show those. Cockpit elements are super clear - Reading stu on the DDI is very simple. Okay - I guess my english is not good enough to understand his tweet. How do I optain the best Settings? Setting the Slider in Oculus Software to 1.5 or Setting the pixel density to 1.5 in the OTT?
  7. These are my Settings in DCS and in the Nvidia Control Panel. I am NOT using Oculus Debug Tool since its not necessary for me and its using a lot of ram. I set the PD to 1.5 in the Oculus Software itself.
  8. "Software side, it's really a pain in the a** (Oculus software is sooo straightforward), but thanks to the community (Dburne, Speed-of-Heat, Imacken, etc.) I had gathered all needed information before receiving it, and I thought I was ready to fire it... Well, actually no, it still took me almost 2 days to make it run properly. Now I'm enjoying it with better visuals (except sweet spot) with pretty the same settings in DCS as with the Rift S (quite high, eye-candy-lover here!!) But it's not a perfect experience, I find the Rift S was a bit more "ballanced" in this regard." What do you mean by that? I was like: Install the Oculus Software, changed PD to 1.5 and I was good to go. What else did you tweak?
  9. May I ask, how much material you needed to print those parts? And awesome work mate!
  10. I would definately go for used ones in the local sell markets - but there are no mfd cougars on sale. Not in the internet stores, not on the used sale stores/sites or on facebook. Besides that, people are selling them, if someone is selling them, basically for the price for brand new articles which is about 100 Euro [150/160 CUSD]. Since Im flying the Hornet, I would need 3 MFD Cougars anyways. Those controllers have up to 20 Buttons, I need 23 I guess per DDI. For the MFHD a little bit more.
  11. I'm currently looking for some DIY MFD Cougars without a display, since I dont need them. I would like to use them in VR just to switch quicker through the menues. Is there something on the internet, because I havent found something like that so far. I just dont want to spend the 100€ for the original Cougars tbh.
  12. I dont really think that anyone who reads the topic gets what I want - anyway - I'll try to explain it. Playing in VR you have basically three options for interacting with cockpit elements: Fix crosshair: You have got a fix crosshair in the middle of your view - looking on stuff and pressing a mouse button (for me, left and right mouse button is set to my throttle) will let you interact with things. Use mouse cursor: You can simply use your mouse and interact with things. Use hand controllers: You can use your hand controller and interact with things. What I'm looking for is to have the fix crosshair in the middle of my view + using my hand controllers. So far I havent found a way to do so. Does anyone know a way?
  13. Hey everyone, I wanted to share my experience with my new Oculus Quest 2, so far, with you, since there was so much negativity about this headset. I came from a Oculus Quest 1, where it was hard to spot aircraft in the distant and read cockpit elements. With the Quest 2, I can read everything in the cockpit of the F/A 18 easy. Graphics are clean and smooth. I'm currently playing on 1.5 PD setup in the Oculus App on Windows. Graphics ingame are set to max, except shadows which are on flat. MSAA is off - this gives a huge improvement on the yet so good graphics but has a huge impact on FPS. Im running currently on a 1080ti - non OC. If you're okay with linking your Oculus Account to your Facebook Account (I already had a Facebook account, so I really dont mind linking the shit together) this 350€ headset is totally worth it. Users coming from the Rift or Quest will see a big improvement. I cant tell anything about users coming from the Rift S - but maybe some of you guys can share your experience too. I'm planning on upgrading my computer in February/March - will keep this thread up to date.
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