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  1. I already did Syria. Planning on Mariana and then PG next.
  2. What's SA map? I'm planning to do Mariana next and then Persian Gulf. I don't have any other maps and don't planning on buying any more so if I decide to do any other, maybe I'll just have to do it with 2 week trial.
  3. Updated to V2 Min textures added. Darker terrain to blend better with darker trees. Default Orange tree color and normal texture were not matched. Which caused flickers. Fixed. Darkened shrubs.
  4. Only downside may be that SteamVR motion smoothing might not work correctly. I have it turned off. But the card is strong enough that you don't really need it. I actually like it without ghosting on edge of cockpit frames caused by motion smoothing with Nvidia card.
  5. You can simply attach your VR controller to back of your hand. I use those wrist support they sell at Walgreens. Works great for upfront controls and MFD's. And I use button on my HOTAS as left and right click. Or I assume you can use these finger mouse for mouse clicks.
  6. Ah, thanks. I'm not sure if that's effective tho. DCS is still generating the log entries, but just not writing into that one file.
  7. How do you restrict writing to the log? Is it in autoexec.cfg?
  8. Could be just the shaders needed to be recompiled.
  9. Errors are unavoidable when using mods. Ignore them as long as they don't cause crash.
  10. It is possible if you disable 3D trees and use billboard trees only. Should look fine from distance but it may not look good at closeup. If you want to see how bad it'll look close up, manually edit options.lua in Saved Games. Set "forestDetailsFactor" to 0. Then run the game. This will force the trees to be billboards at all ranges. And when they're billboards, you can pretty much put anything on it since it's just flat texture.
  11. I can't imagine how a texture swap can cause campaign to crash. But try deleting one zip file at a time (or introduce 1 zip file at a time) to see which file is causing it.
  12. Included filelist.txt which shows you what each file does. You may delete ones you don't use for faster loading. You must not delete _helper.hlsl and _HMD.hlsl however. Updated for minor change in DCS 2.7.12. DCS VR Shaders mod for Notes This version is for compatibility only. Purpose of this version is to keep as much of Kegety's original as possible. As before, this version will have big compiling time when first launched. FXO and Metashader2 workaround still works. You can basically turn this into Simplex version by deleting files and folders to match that of Simplex. Some shader files had to be removed for compatibility as they are based on pre 2.7 shaders.
  13. V2 Min textures added. Darker terrain to blend better with darker trees. Default Orange tree color and normal texture were not matched. Which caused flickers. Fixed. Darkened shrubs. Darker Terrain V2 DOWNLOAD INSTALL: Extract into main DCS directory. OvGME or other Mod Manager recommended. NOTES: Not IC Safe For low flying helos, recommend using Forest Detail Factor of 1. And reduce Visib Range to compensate if necessary. For high flying jets, reduce Forest Detail Factor and increase Visib Range.
  14. You CAN edit the default DCS one. Just copy that line from this mod's atmosphere.hlsl to default DCS one.
  15. Open it with Notepad or Notepad++. Do ctrl+F and search for Taz1004. Last value before my name should be 0.5. Lower it to reduce haze. Default is 1.
  16. I'd probably get "punished" for making comparison but MSFS 2020 is very smart in this way. They release the planes in rough state and the community refines them. While they continue improving core and making paid add-ons. MS also provides the SDK for users to use. ED however continues to lock and encrypt more and more of DCS. I doubt they'll do anything close to what you're asking.
  17. Even tho this is plainly obvious issue that existed for years, they're just gonna ask you to provide track.
  18. You need to click "Views" in profiler to change the view to below. And either delete the additional Modes with Pinkie button or click on the Pinkie and assign something else. Then you can use Pinkie as normal button. By default, it gives you 6 additional modes. I suggest delete all other modes you don't use by clicking the X. Like below is mine. And I use pinkie, clutch, and all 3 mode button as normal button. And no idea about your second issue. Doesn't happen to me. There is Saitek clear calibration method you can try. Recalibrate the X-52 Pro Flight System axes: RegEdit – Logitech Support + Download
  19. Then read 8th post of THIS thread. Where I said "It'll be good regardless with both 3080 or 6900xt. Just offering another choice and decision is up to the OP." Perhaps you didn't read the whole thread but I'm just debating bus width which was brought up by Bossco versus total VRAM. And I did not argue with him on slower bus width of 6900xt because I agree that it is one of its weakness. But total VRAM is strength over 3080. Did I say 6900XT is best because it is mine? Did you read "I am aware that for tier to tier (3080 vs 6800xt), (3090 vs 6900xt), Nvidia is faster." I made it plainly clear that there are pros and cons on both cards. And that the OP has to choose based on his needs. And I never said 16GB is enough in all cases. DCS very well could "reserve" all of that too "depending on the mission" but it's much less likely to happen than 12GB wouldn't it? And that 3rd post clearly said it happened on Apache which is very early development. Is it clear now on where I was going on this? This was fairly civil discussion until you turned it personal and picking on semantics (reserve vs use). So you get to go on my ignore list. Bye.
  20. atmosphere.hlsl Search for my name. Lower the value at the end.
  21. I don't think anybody knows how much VRAM DCS really "needs". But what we know is that DCS "reserves" more than 12GB if available. And maxes out under 12GB depending on the mission. And according to that thread, DCS doesn't reserve "all" 24GB of 3090. And certainly doesn't reserve "all" 16GB of my 6900xt either so we know there's headroom with those cards. It's same with RAM. DCS wont "reserve" more than 16GB if that's all you have. But we all know DCS needs more than that.
  22. IPD in DCS adjusts separation of left and right "in-game" camera. So if you INCREASE the separation, then you're basically making your "in-game" head bigger. Bigger the head, bigger the separation between eyes. Which in relation, you're making the world smaller. Imagine if you suddenly became a giant in real world, everything would seem small. And vice versa. But this will only affect things close to you. A car would seem a lot bigger to a 5 year old than to an adult. But a distant mountain would seem about the same size whether you're 5 year old or an adult.
  23. I'm not trying to be critical either but I can't agree as that simply isn't the experience I'm having with 6900xt. And many others as shown below. All I can think of is perhaps you didn't have the correct settings for the card or had a defective one. Performance gap between 6800xt and 6900xt is much bigger than between 3080 and 3090. But much smaller price difference as shown by LucShep. $100 versus $700. 6900xt in my opinion is the biggest bang for the buck at the moment even for DCS. Remember I was comparing 3080 vs 6900xt because of them being in same price range. Not 3090. And total VRAM is more important than bus width. As being suggested in this thread, 3080's 10GB or even 12GB isn't enough for DCS.
  24. I don't run DCS in 4K but I'm currently having no issue whatsoever in VR with 6900xt. I don't use SSAO or motion blur etc but with most necessary settings at max. I am aware that for tier to tier (3080 vs 6800xt), (3090 vs 6900xt), Nvidia is faster. But I'd like to see DCS comparison in current pricing range (3080 vs 6900xt). And the thing I noticed is that AMD and Nvidia can't be compared with same setting. I was really disappointed at first when I ran 6900xt with Nvidia settings. For example, motion smoothing needs to be turned off for AMD etc so I'm not even sure if it's possible to measure the comparison in DCS. It'll be good regardless with both 3080 or 6900xt. Just offering another choice and decision is up to the OP. By the way, with 16GB VRAM, I do see 6900xt's VRAM usage per process going over 12GB even in single player missions. How does 3080 handle this with 10GB?
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