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  1. I've been trying to get used to this new forum too - but I'm having the same problems as others and am finding it frustrating. I have no idea what new posts have been done since my last visit. The "Latest Activity" has a 'View more' button that only works for a few clicks and then stops showing anything else. (And even if it did continue to work, it's so inefficient). I appreciate Desert Fox's view on the why's - but that still doesn't stop the issues. The last 24hrs has had numerous questions and requests, met by silence (and if not silence from ED - I can't "find" their posts to say otherwise).. I'm left not knowing if these issues are even been considered or if what we have here is 'it'. I'm thinking norbot and terry have the right idea - for me at least -in that if it's frustrating the way it is now, it's probably better for me to leave and find somewhere else to join up for DCS conversations - and check back in, in a few weeks to see if issues have been addressed rather than get more frustrated trying to persist with something that in it's current form is unworkable for me. I hope to be back in a few weeks. Ciao.
  2. Thanks. Looks like I have a couple of options. Chopper Tuesdays sounds like fun! Not sure if I can make it Tuesday evenings but if I can - I'll definitely be keen to check in!
  3. +1. You've done the community an incredible service by allowing people to experience a helicopter in DCS! Thank you so much!
  4. Just wondering if anyone can advise what is an acceptable level of ping for MP / servers - especially for helicopters? I'm keen on checking out Low Level Hell, but my ping times are 200-250ms living on the wrong side of the world (from command prompt - haven't checked in DCS yet) :( - and I'm not sure where the limit is on DCS and acceptable pings. Being not a FPS - are pings times a little more gracious or are these ping levels going to cause me (and other players) issues? Alternatively does anyone know of a equivalent server in Asia/Pacific region if these levels would be unacceptable?
  5. Few different reasons - but generalising to provide cross-band functionality, and replicate crossband repeaters with UAV's for LOS challenges. Just simply looking to see if it's possible or not.
  6. Is there a simple way to configure a SRS server to work as a crossband repeater? (ie, someone tuned into 259.000 can speak with someone on 118.000, or 38.00hz)?
  7. Thank you for adding your experience to this. I said No from the beginning to Oculus because of facebook's forcing you to have an account anyway - but this just helps to confirm I've made the right decision. It will be interesting to see if this ends up breaching any local laws in some countries. Yes - facebook have T&C that people click 'I agree' to, but if those T&C aren't legal in some countries - facebook could find themselves in hot water. But then again - like usual - they'll probably just pay the millions in fines which is small currency to them and continue on as normal anyway. Will be interesting to see if a 'jailbreak' comes out for these devices that allows them to run independent of facebook, but for me - just not worth the trouble.
  8. And thirdly - it's much easier to reference where you're looking in VR to external objects if you need to glance in the cockpit and then back out again. With TrackIR - it can be much harder to reacquire the same position. :-) I have both TrackIR and VR - VR even without the stereoscopic images would be far better for dogfighting and the likes with quick glances back in and out again.
  9. I paid attention to this last night while playing. I tried changing the IPD and noticed that it changed the cockpit only. Outside on the supercarrier - there was zero change in perspective. I also noticed that it felt to me like the deck floor was at or very close to my real living room 'floor' level - as though the people weren't down lower (or me higher up), but were the equivalent of standing on my floor and they were just smaller people. Same with the distance to the end of the carrier - when I paid attention to it - I felt more like a giant at Gulliver's island. I'm not sure if IPD is supposed to make difference everywhere or just the cockpit. This is a simulator and this isn't a complaint - but I have to agree with the OP - the distance and height especially seem to be 'off'.
  10. I have no idea how effective this would be but if it's a simple change to include such an option I would be very willing to try it too!
  11. Now that you mention it - sense of height doesn't feel right to me either. I don't "feel" as high up when in the cockpit compared to reality - but I just put that down to being a limiting factor of VR, lack of peripheral vision, or a combination of things I'm not aware of. We're obviously up high which can be seen when looking around - but it certainly doesn't have the feeling of being that high. Even the distance looking back at the wing doesn't seem as far as it should even though the 3D effect is definitely there.
  12. Have you tried opentrack as an alternative to TrackIR? No way I would spend $'s on TrackIR now with VR being not much more expensive, especially when there's alternatives at a fraction of the price of TrackIR such as OpenTrack. And yes - I too was duped into this thread thinking it was an announcement. Not funny Jan!
  13. Finally got Vaicom working. Not sure what the issue was but I ended up having to do the following TWICE and then it started working again: - Delete Exports.lua file - Perform Repair and Cleanup on DCS World Install - Reset all settings in VaiCom No idea if something failed the first time around or I messed up, or whether something needs to be done in a particular order that I had the wrong way around so by doing it twice it fell inline.
  14. Actually - at this stage all I'm chasing is for the most smooth experience without stuttering, or seeing duplicates of images such as aircraft and without having objects rendered differently in each eye. Since the post I've had a couple of 2hr sessions with 60hz and re-projection at 30fps. So far I've definitely noticed the 60hz vs 90hz when in clifftop house. But after being in DCS for a short period - I don't notice it anymore. Whether that's my brain adjusting to it and having the ability to ignore the lower refresh rate or the image in DCS being different I don't know. 30fps may not be as liquid as 45 or 90 - but the experience is smoother. I've been enjoying having no stutters, and everything looking clearer. I've even been able to push 200% SS (with the HP Reverb) and still have a smoth experience - which has given me sharper detail as well as the smoothness! I probably won't keep it there, I'll probably pull it back a bit and introduce some nicer textures - but the exersize of chasing smoothness instead of FPS has yielded positive results - for me. I'm under no illusion that there's no difference between 60 & 90hz and am fully aware that faster frame rates would be noticable, but at present to go to those faster settings - I end up having greater factors introduced that cause more discomfort. Namely stuttering, and objects rendering differently in one eye compared to the other. These I don't "get over" while in game - and are constant irritation for me, whereas the 60hz and 30fps re-projected seem to give me a much better experience. Maybe I'm lucky and my mind isn't sharp enough to keep up with noticing the slower refresh rates after I'm immersed in game play :), or maybe I'm just more sensitive to weird artifacts that are introduced at the higher FPS than I am refresh rates and FPS. (Or maybe being brought up on Commodore 64 graphics and conditioned to be OK with those has assisted too :lol:) but either way - the change from 90hz to 60hz and being OK with 30fps makes me feel like I've just upgraded my GPU in all the areas I was having issues with.
  15. Yes - that's my understanding. But I have found that even though SS can be changed while "in game" (ie, FPSVR shows the new setting) - it doesn't seem to take effect until I close and restart. Apart from that - it seems the same but a different scale.
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