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  1. Hi , I instaled 2.0 RC3. Everything is running, but I can not fly in the cockpit. Till this version all worked exelent
  2. What about CUBANACE? Is he do something with this , or mode is death?
  3. Is this mode working with 2.7.7 Stable?
  4. Now working fine. I reinstal desert Farp and now all is OK. Why it's not Work before- I do not know
  5. Hi, Repport: - It's the same version VPC what I have (but for test I replaced it for version from link) - all components working fine - Caucas Blue and Red work perfect - My misions with VPC work perfect - PG Blue work perfect - PG RED - still only vehicules. No airfield equipment and YES- I have Russia and Iran in RED coalition
  6. Ok, I'm find it. One more time thank You for help Flappie. All working now
  7. Flappie, I check yesterday after Ka-50 and do not find in MI-8 "Camera transpose mode on/off". I use only "sim".
  8. I looking for this option in Mi-8 but can not find :((
  9. Hi, I have VPC and I using it in my missions , but it's not work with Your's Red Static Templates. I see only vehicules. Blue working perfect
  10. Hi, One more time thank You. Have You got solution for the same problem with Mi-8?
  11. 6DOF.svgHi, After last update I lost possibiliti mooving and change my pov in cockpit by mouse to UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT (look picture). I can do that only in numpad (R Shift+R Control+2/4/6/8). Have anybody the same problem?
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