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  1. I would verify and then double-check and verify again that freesync is not on. I say that because this statement makes me think it might be. I've got a 3080 and with GSYNC enabled my FPS basically stays the same but with it disabled my FPS dips more than 5 when Clouds are set to Ultra. Also, are you using the exact same monitor cable? Are you using an HDMI or DPI cable? What is your CPU utilization during these?
  2. If you have Discord, look for the DCS Training Group. There's a lot of people there who are willing to help you learn.
  3. Hello, Are you using DCS Stable or Open Beta?
  4. What kind of monitor are you using?
  5. Look for this file - autoexec.cfg In your user saved game folder C:\Users\_YOUR_NAME_HERE_\Saved Games\DCS\Config Add the statsColor line and use the RGB of your choice. options.graphics.statsColor = {0,0,0} Found this to help. Posted July 11, 2019 (edited) FYI: you can also create the file autoexec.cfg in C:\Users\$USER\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config with the following content: options.graphics.statsColor = {250,250,250} With this you don't loose your configuration, if you update DCS. Further Information can be found in C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Config/graphics_readme Members 11
  6. I have a 3080 and it's a beast but it only has 10GB RAM. ( Depending on how my settings are, I consistently use over 7.5GB and sometimes max out my 10GB of my VRAM) If money was not a concern I'd go with the 3090 because it has 24GB RAM. Does that really matter? Not sure, but If I had an extra $2500, I'd buy a 3090. LOL
  7. Yeah, I've tried (MSAA 2x ), (MSAA 2x + SSAA x1.5), (MSAA off + SSAA x2) and to my eyes it just LOOKS better with MSAA 4x. I've always ran with SSLR ON and just recently enabled SSAO after I saw a video of how it helps with clouds. I'll have to test this more because I don't see a big difference in how the clouds look between HIGH and ULTRA. Again, it could be my eyes. LOL When you changed your resolution to 1440 does it make everything look too compact compared to the resolution you had?
  8. Thanks Hiob! Here's my first run at this one. 24-07-2021, 06:27:26 DCS.exe benchmark completed, 12158 frames rendered in 148.125 s - hiob Marianas Average framerate : 82.0 FPS Minimum framerate : 68.0 FPS Maximum framerate : 95.0 FPS 1% low framerate : 68.4 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 66.5 FPS
  9. NICE post! My computer specs: CPU - AMD 5800X (tuned with - CTR 2.1 RC5) GPU - NVIDIA 3080 (undervolted and overclocked) RAM - 64GB Corsair HD - Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe LG ULTRAGEAR 2560x1440 165Hz I ran your track file with my current settings and here are the results. 22-07-2021, 21:25:40 DCS.exe benchmark completed, 12279 frames rendered in 139.953 s Average framerate : 87.7 FPS Minimum framerate : 81.0 FPS Maximum framerate : 106.6 FPS 1% low framerate : 80.8 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 80.0 FPS Tomorrow I'll use your MAX settings and post the results.
  10. You are in a similar situation I was in last year. When I downloaded DCS last May I had the following rig: AMD 2600K (3.4GHz), Nvidia 1060 3GB, 16 GB Ram and an SSD. Although it ran DCS fine and the graphics were OK, I was constantly trying to improve the graphics and performance. First thing I did was expand the ram to 32GB, overclocked the CPU and the video card. With those 3 changes my graphics performance only moved from Low-Low-Mid range to Low-Mid-Mid range. No matter what I changed the QUALITY of the graphics didn't improve enough for me to enjoy. I still wanted MORE! I knew that the only way to truly improve on my graphics was to upgrade my Video Card. Going from a 1060 to a 1080 just didn't make sense to me, so I started looking at the 3080. Putting a 3080 in an old computer like mine didn't really make sense so I jumped and purchased a new computer. (decision to purchase pre-built verses build my own, is another story) Now I've got an AMD 5800X with a NVIDIA 3080 and 64GB of RAM. On default settings my new rig performs three and a half times better than my overclocked\upgraded\overworked\old computer. I don't worry about graphics settings now. Sure I still try to tweak the settings but I really don't need to. Long story short. To truly upgrade the graphics of DCS you will need a better graphics card. Does that upgrade work in you current system or does it make more sense to upgrade the MB and CPU along with it? That's a decision between you and your bank account. I upgraded everything and I'm glad I did. If I didn't, I'd be spending most of my time tinkering with my old system and not flying!
  11. I'm running the 5800X and 3080 and absolutely love them. Have 64Gb ram too and I run most settings MAX'd. Worried about high temps? Then try this program: ClockTuner v2.1 for Ryzen (CTR) Guide - Introduction (guru3d.com) I use this program specifically to lower the temps on my CPU. It works and is awesome.
  12. I have had this happen to me several times. It is very frustrating for new people because just when you are getting comfortable with the controls and basic aircraft handling everything gets messed up.
  13. I have the T16000M flight pack, it is working great and I have never used the TARGET software.
  14. Realistically I would never be allowed to operate a military aircraft because I'm color-blind. As for this product, it would be nice to have an option to change the color for those of us who are color-blind.
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