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  1. So I am having a similar issue. The JTAC has LOS and distance is short. At best, he will NOT do a laser mark. Often, he will immediately respond "NO FURTHER TASKING" when there are a ton of units. It is daytime. Things are complicated as: - there is ANOTHER JTAC marking targets in the same vicinity, though a different group. That one works fine. - the second JTAC is spawned by the same F10 Radio command that spawns the GROUP he is supposed to mark. - Even if I place the 2nd one VERY CLOSE to the first one, I get the odd behavior of either NO FURTHER TASKING or TASKING without MARK. Both are SCOUT HMMWV's. Was going to try making the second JTAC a Drone AFAC and see if that helps. Maybe you can't have to JTACS that close together? USING only Built in functions no CTLD/MIST EDIT: REAPER DRONE AFAC worked fine in conjunction with the the Ground FAC. Don't know WHAT the problem was with the second ground FAC.
  2. Check the settings under the MISC tab and make sure FORCE FEEDBACK isn't checked. This happened to me (not sure HOW it got checked) and TRIM did not work until I unchecked it.
  3. @ex81 Nice job. Only change I would suggest is that Mother is not always going to be on 127500 radio frequency. It depends on what was set in the Mission Editor, so I'd make this step more generic.
  4. I had a similar issue lately and while it may not be the same as what you are seeing, and this is how it was resolved: Problem: So, all of a sudden, my TRIM stopped working. I saw the red X when I hit the trimmer, but when I returned to center (in either mode) the nose would pitch up like there was no trim. Solution: I found it buried in an older thread: Somehow, in the MISC tab, FORCE FEEDBACK got checked. I don't know how, but it was. Once I unchecked it, TRIM was working normally.
  5. Ok, thanks. That makes sense. I just tried it in Single Player and this is the case.
  6. Jumping on this thread rather than creating a new one. I think the question is related or at least related to the new implementation of the D/L settings that came with the ACL. - Previously, just turning on D/L would get you datalinked contacts with other flight members on the SA page. Last night in a Multiplayer flight, we could no longer see each other. Is there some additional setup needed now on the D/L MIDS menu? - Possibly we didn't setup the SENSORS subpage of the SA to enable LINK4, but it seemed automatic before and when I jumped into a Single Mission it was all set up. (We did Hot Starts) Was this changed? Thanks!!
  7. Ahhh ok.. that makes sense. I thought that setup was for the current mission not just an illustration.
  8. I must be missing something abut the LINK 4 frequency. In the Mission Editor, he setup the Default Link4 to 336 (which is what showed up on the Datalink initially) but then the Kneeboard showed a different frequency for the GW which was punched in. Why set a frequency in the Mission Editor if it will be different based on the Carrier itself? When we set TACAN number/ICLS number in the mission editor Advanced Waypoints, this is the value used in the mission. Link 4 behaves differently?
  9. I hear you!!! My story is similar, but there is definitely a happy ending!! - I loved and flew the hell out of Janes F/A-18, and when I got the DCS F/A-18 I was initially overwhelmed. I sat in the formerly familiar cockplt and had NO IDEA what to do, or what the various DDI pages meant or did. But I put in a lot of time reading/watching videos/practicing and now, while I have a lot to learn about flying and fighting, the cockpit and systems are very familiar and jumping into the cockpit is like putting on a pair of comfy shoes. (but I still trip on the laces fairly often). - I loved and flew the hell out Gunship2000, Janes Longbow and Longbow2 and EECH and was looking forward to the DCS Apache. Cue the overwhelming amount of stuff to learn and a tiny bit of Buyer's remorse. I remember watching the videos WAGS put out before release and thinking "There is NO WAY I can learn this" As with the F/A-18 , I've put in the study time and the practice time gotten to the point where I am quite comfortable in the cockpit and with the usage of most of the systems. I have a long way to go to be decent at actually FLYING the Helicopter but it's getting better every day. DON'T GIVE UP.. you will definitely get there. The old sims we flew were complex in their own way and they also had significant learning curves despite being somewhat simplified compared to the DCS implementation, so give yourself more than 35 minutes
  10. @Raptor9 Thanks. That explanation makes perfect sense. I understand the logic behind it now. That said, I am not a Human Factors Engineer or a UI Developer, but it seems to me that when you have a big old screen displaying every single Point of Interest in your database in one place, it would be nice to be able to interact with those points of interest in more ways from that screen. I guess I need to go ask Boeing
  11. The process of putting a WP in a ROUTE baffled me for the longest time. Here's what you have to do... In NAV Phase Create a WP. I did it via CURSOR ENTER on the TSD, but, of course you could enter the coordinates. (You cannot put a TGT Point into a ROUTE.) Now hit the RTE button to show the RTE on the right. Click ADD on the left Select your point... either via CURSOR SELECT, or via KBU selection, and then click on the RTE point you want to insert it at. Use END if you want it to be at the END of the route. Here's a little .trk that may be helpful. In this mission are 4 WP's and I created a 5th, 6th and and added each to the RTE with a different method, first with CURSOR SELECT, next with entering the point to be added with the KBU What annoys me is I haven't been able to add a WP to a ROUTE from the COORDS-->WPTHZ tab. Gonna go RTFM some more, as it is odd you can't really operate on WP's from here other than creating an Acquisition source. My .trk is very basic. This video has more detail: starting at 7:49 for ROUTES, but creating points by various methods start at the beginning. Add WP to Route.trk
  12. Recluse

    AH-64D VR

    ...and YOU get what I have been saying from the beginning! This makes ME happy! I have struggled to describe it and I don't know if it is a QUEST2 thing in specific or a VR thing in general. A lot of folks (even QUEST2 folks) say EVERYTHING IS FINE! So maybe it is what you can tolerate. All I know is when I look at the IHADSS in 2D or in the VR Mirror coming from the right eye, it looks TOTALLY different from my VR view. In some ways the VR version has a LESS intrusive Monocle frame (when it is ON) but the 2D/Mirror version has a lot easier to read symbology and the Monocle frame eventually fades into the background. To use your long gun analogy further, it is like looking through a peep sight, and eventually your brain makes the sight frame disappears and only the front post is visible in the FOV. I imagine same with Monocle frame. Note: Monocle frame on or off doesn't change the way the IHADSS looks farther away or overly large in VR compared to 2D. I actually prefer the frame ON now.
  13. Recluse

    AH-64D VR

    Similar experience with Quest 2 RTX3070. My big issue is what you mentioned about the IHADSS projection being farther away from my eye than it appears on either the 2D screen or the mirrored VR screen. I cannot quite describe it, and I cannot get a screenshot to truly represent what is seen in VR, because the capture from the IHADSS eye looks like the 2d mirror not the VR appearance. I kind of accept the jitter, but the view of the entire IHADSS especially the critical right side altitude and Vertical Velocity indicator is very hard to keep in focus compared to how it looks in 2D because it appears farther away and is not as clearly in the FOREGROUND of the cockpit elements It looks much better in the CP/G cockpit than the back seat, but probably due to the width of the front cockpit.
  14. Thanks for that! I thought that should be the case (based on how it worked for WPs) but went for the REDUNDANCY route
  15. Glad you got it sorted out! Happy to help out as I have been helped out by countless others around here!
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