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  1. Hi 

    When using JSOW in Vis mode which command is it to zoom the camera in. So i can assign it to my HOTAS. I.E The camera on the TGP pod in the MFD

  2. If you want to get more in-depth about the theory behind retreating blade stall, this is a great vid. It's for the Hip, not the Hind so the speeds are different, but otherwise it's bang on
  3. I've had this issue with the fishbed too, next time it happens I'll chuck a on track on here
  4. Tried finding a more relevant place for this to go but I couldn't so... Would it be possible to get a list of the newsletters available on the main website, similar to the changelogs? Currently it's hard (for me at least) to find the newsletters without trawling through the forums to find a link, or to dig through my emails, which seem to lag behind a fair bit.
  5. Looks good! Not really relevant to the guide itself, but is the ingress / egress stuff for waypoint sequences just semantic, or does it have a practical purpose? (e.g. different symbology etc.)
  6. Razo has it right, but to be super unambigous, you're trying to lock onto a datalink image when you don't have a radar return, which you can't do. Also worth bearing in mind the different scan centering modes (AUTO/MAN/BIAS) that may affect the position of the scan volume. As always, Chuck's guide has an excellent section describing this
  7. This was my first thought, that vertical speed indicator is for the takeoff mode, the "blank" one as you say is cruise. Weapon symbology is on A/A
  8. A2A is all about tactics, I've found this is pretty good
  9. In my personal experience the Quest 2 just didn't cut it, even with VERY high settings, couldn't read the MFDs on the viper or hornet
  10. FWIW 300ft range with 30ft base seems to be a good setting for me. I understand that's not answering your question, and I'm also eager to find the actual convergence
  11. I would also love a bit of a refresh for the Su-25 planes. Obviously the dream would be a full fidelity one, but I have a soft spot for the froggy in any case
  12. Can't check it out right now, but sounds excellent. Do the sites include realistic air defence emplacements (I assume they would have some), or is that up to us? Anyway, looking forward to trying it
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