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  1. Yeah this is hella broken. Working on a new mission. Created a late activated unit with a single triggered action of GO TO WAYPOINT. When I try to set it up in my triggers, it has a few issues that you can see in the attached image:
  2. Having this issue as well. Exactly as described. Except after I remove the unit, the bug still persists. It seems to affect all units with triggered actions and they all must be deleted first. EDIT: It might be more than the static template. I have several groups with triggered actions to SET FREQUENCY and TRANSMIT MESSAGE. I noticed the triggered actions disappear sometimes and I have to double click or triple click on the unit to select it when this happens.
  3. Having this issue with ground units too. Only way to move the actual unit is to restart the mission editor.
  4. Been over a month and no reply so bump. This issue bothers me as I use a nice shiny paint job on some training helicopters that is ruined by this bug because we don't use hardpoints.
  5. Thank you for fixing this! Us rotorheads at BSD are extremely grateful
  6. Good find! I hope this applies to the forest layer in general across the map.
  7. Bump again. Recent update made the workaround no longer work for the F10 view. It is now impossible to see any contour lines on the west coast of Syria while flying!
  8. When you remove the hardpoints from the airframe, the tail reverts to the default specular rather than the modded specular. Can be replicated by using the Royal Australian Navy skin and removing the hardpoints. This happens on all liveries with a modified specular. Hardpoints removed (bugged) Hardpoints added Here is the code from DCS World/Bazar/Liveries/uh-1h/Australia Royal Navy/description.lua
  9. Bump. I realize this primarily only affects helicopter operations but we're paying players too!!! Really hard to make a flight plan when the entire valley is solid green with no contour lines.
  10. I believe this mod is causing a crash to desktop when someone joins your helo or you try to join someone else's helo.
  11. 1) Do not allow artillery or bombers to create a large mess of bomb craters. These are highly unoptimized overlays that exponentially eat away the framerate as they multiply. 2) Be stingy with the deck crew models. They seem to impact framerate quite a lot. 3) Only use small details like traffic cones, signs, ammo boxes, etc in locations where the player will be stationary or not moving around much. Examples include the parking spot. Rearming area, or near any helipad. 4) Use low quality airplane models for background parked aircraft. (such as the f-18 and f-16 low quality models) 5) If you are using rain, be extremely vigilant with everything else. The particles in DCS are also very framerate heavy and rain has no shortage of that. 6) Consider splitting groups of 12 or more aircraft to two or three different starting positions to minimize "base lag".
  12. Rivers don't have anything to clip into at the bottom so vehicles just bob along or get eaten by the river and disappear entirely.
  13. Flappie has brought some insight to this issue with a temporary workaround. This is honestly the most ideal view of the forest layer in my opinion. You can still see the trees at higher zoom levels and the terrain underneath. I hope for the sake of everyone working on missions in the mountains this gets implemented in one way or another.
  14. This is immensely frustrating and I'm concerned it's not being addressed. This first image is of a mountainous area in the ALT view. Imagine trying to place a FOB or SAM site here, not knowing if its in a valley, on the side of a steep hill, hanging off a cliff, or at the top of a peak. This second image is a cropped and blown up photo of the same area zoomed out to the point the green layer no longer shows. As you can see, it is immensely varied with very important contour lines finally showing up.
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