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  1. Opened a brand new map, added the supercarrier CV with a single waypoint after the initial one, added the TACAN, ICLS, LINK4 and ACLS commands to the initial waypoint, added one client FA-18. Saved. That's it. Single CV, nothing at all else in the entire mission except the ship and the hornet.
  2. Same result. All missions with ACLS work fine in SP, but not on a dedicated MP server. This includes a completely clean Miz file with only the CV and one client Hornet added to it.
  3. Did you see the missiles from two of the ships detonating repeatedly at launch?
  4. It's a short track, just a complex mission. I sent you a message with the link.
  5. I would be happy to send the track file, but I can't get it below 9M and the limit here is 5. Is there somewhere else I can post it and give you the link?
  6. I have been seeing, more and more frequently, that SAMs explode almost immediately after launch. This seems almost to be at random at mission start as sometimes, they work and other they have the issue. This is fairly game breaking as you can not predict when it will happen and makes any SAM related balance unpredictable. This error is present in the logs for each launch: ERROR SOUND: invalid host_params(MAIN_17098752/weapon): orientation They explode so quickly, tacview thinks they damage the launcher/launching ship:
  7. Heya Folks, I am looking for a way (Moose/mist/ME) to enable a CV group to have two stations. By that, I mean the first station is WPs 1-6. WP 6 has a command to switch WP to WP 1. This works fine and the ship cycles through it's pattern. What I can not figure out, is if I also have a second route, with WPs 7-12, how to make the ship 1) go to WP 7 and 2) return to WP 7 when it hits WP 12. This is easy for a ground or air group, you just tie the go to waypoint command to a trigger and when that trigger is set, the group changes to it's new pattern. WP 6 can have the command to switch to WP 1 and WP 12 can have the command to switch to WP 7. Ship groups, however, can not do this. First off, they can only select a WP to go to from SP to 9. You can not use WPs 10+. Also, if you have the change WP command at more than one WP for the group, changing one, changes them all. No matter where the command is in the route, changing one to WP2, changes ALL of them to WP 2. That includes if you put them into the Triggered Actions section of the group. Changing the destination WP changes it everywhere. So, if anyone has advice on how to use Mist/Moose or other script to set a new WP for a ship group, please let me know. Thanks,
  8. Hopefully an easy question. Once you create 10 TOO targets. The 11th is still #10 and I can't find a way to clear them or start over at #1. Can you just enter the number you want after you hit the TOO button? So, if I want it to be target 2, but when I hit TOO, 8 shows on the up front display, can I press 2 and override it? Have not had time to try that yet.
  9. What altitude are you dropping them from? I am having issues with the bombs falling too fast when dropped around 20k feet. They seem to track ok until they exceed a speed around 500kts and then become erratic.
  10. Is there no horn silence command? I looked for one, but hearing the horn on a long descent is beyond annoying.
  11. Please allow us to fix it until/if you get around to it. It's well and good to say you need to fix it, but, the RAM air for example, was reported YEARS ago.
  12. Eagle Dynamics\Custom\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\IndicationResources\Displays\MFD_stroke_font.svg Readability for the MFD font for those of us that have trouble reading the white text. Eagle Dynamics\Custom\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts.fonts.lua Eagle Dynamics\Custom\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Materials.lua Eagle Dynamics\Custom\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\Displays\Common\indicator\StrokesDefs.lua Readability for the HUD, similar to the MFD, for those that have a hard time reading the default. Eagle Dynamics\Custom\Mods\aircraft\P-51D\Cockpit\Scripts\clickabledata.lua Fix for the RAM air control. In the default aircraft, you can move the control, but it does nothing.
  13. Another example to make it more clear. These two aircraft are flying in close formation. I locked one up, then dropped the lock. Notice the one I locked and dropped, is frozen at the point I dropped the lock. The other on is constantly updated by DL. My radar is actually painting both, but the original dropped track is frozen at that dropped location.
  14. If you lock a single target, or a second one in DTT, and lose the lock, the track is frozen on both the FCR and HSD pages. The target at 06 has been dead for over 5 minutes. The one at 18 is 20+ miles from the shown location. This is with an AWACS airborne that was showing those tracks on the HSD before I locked them. If I find the brick and relock the original target, the track updates it's location, but I get no datalink indication of where it is after the lock is lost. None. It's fozen in the lost lock location on both the FCR and HSD. Another example: The target at 32 was locked by me and then dropped. It is actually about 5 miles in front of the target at 26 at the time of the screenshot. But, the datalink is only updating the one, of the pair, that I never locked up. At this point I can turn in and re-acquire the target that was at 32 and the track will update based on my own radar lock, but never again by datalink. The only way to clear this seems to be switching from RWS to TWS or vice versa. This also only seems to happen with the last two tracks locked. Locking a third, removes the ghost of the first. This makes using the radar in a datalink environment highly problematic as not only are you not getting the right information, you are being shown out of date information. This also shows the ghosts when not using datalink at all, but I could understand that scenario as long as they eventually aged out or had a button to clear.
  15. Seems to cause crashing with todays patch. Specifically seems to happen on shot down aircraft impact with the ground.
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