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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CcqHdkvsTMR/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. That is referred to as "Jitter". Do a search for that and see if it helps.
  3. 3090tis are around 2K. If you are seeing them for 3500 its because it is being sold by a 3rd party seller and not Amazon/Newegg/Etc.. directly.
  4. It depends what VR PPD chart you use since most of them are off a little (quite a few of them only use HR/DF and don't take other factors into account, which is a little simplistic, tbh). Having said that, for sure 4K is a lot better visually than VR with regards to what you "see", but that quickly fades once the sense of space/depth takes over and immersion is greatly increased. Pick your poison! One this is for sure, it sure is tough for me to use TrackIR after flying with a the G2 and even Rift S.
  5. Make sure Steam doesnt have your res set at some super-high number.
  6. What OpenXR Toolkit settings are people using in-game?
  7. What....? I think you need to take a look at your res settings (or something else?) I own a G2 and it is nothing like what you described in your post. I have no issues reading text in cockpits or even spotting vehicles at a distance. Honestly not sure how you are seeing what you describe What you describe reminds me of the DK2 lol
  8. Does installing the DCS specific XR toolkit override the pre-existing XR toolkit? I use XR toolkit for MSFS and I dont want this install to mess with that one.
  9. I agree. I remember being iffy on buying a VKB setup since my WH still runs great. OMG...what a difference.
  10. I might have to try the 30s just to see. I spent more time tinkering than flying. hahaha
  11. I have the Stronghold Long set from VKB. It is rock solid. I went with it over the Monstertech because it was cheaper and has a ton of addons you can do later (keyboard mount, cup holders, phone holders, etc...). From day of my order to my doorstep was about 7-10 days here in California. Monstertech is great as well, but imo, they just charge too much for what they sell. I also heard it can take quite a while to get what you order. If you choose the Monstertech over the Stronghold than get the Foxx mounts or Predator mounts. Almoat the same thing but a lot cheaper. Lol
  12. I hear you. I put just one 50 on each side last night and the feel is super light. Sure beats the WH for flying helos though LOL Have you tried a 40 and a 20 or 40 and 30 combined yet? *Edit* I just tried a 50 + 20 and it feels pretty darn good. Still light but just enough tension.
  13. 50's def seem like the way to go from what Ive read. Im going to give those a go
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