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  1. My order arrived yesterday, much faster than expected. So now finally I’ve got that T-50 stick to go with my collective. And it’s glorious! Controlling the Apache or the Huey is almost ridiculously simple with my Virpils. I’ll never go back to Thrustmaster. I’m sure you’ll love it!
  2. I see I’m not the only one. Love the Huey and feel very much at home in it but the Apache felt… sluggish. However I’m sure it’s really the pilot aka me who’s sluggish. Takes time to get to know the beast, I guess.
  3. Server seems to be going down. Well, I'll use the time to practice violin.
  4. Do you own the Syria map?
  5. Boy, massive update. 35 GB download. I wonder how much the Apache is. Other big thing that comes to mind is the Syria map expansion.
  6. Cold start, taking off, crashing.
  7. I'll use the corner buttons for the sixth button plus the favourites button too. And additionally shift modifiers on the corner buttons. This way I'll have direct access to the 3 FABs I'll probably use more often (WPN, FCR, TSD), the other 3 will be shifted. BRT, VID etc. will also be shifted on the corners. Should work just fine.
  8. About 4 to 6 weeks. Virpil billed my card 11 days after ordering, because they only charge you when your order is manufactured. About 2 weeks later my order was shipped, so I had to wait exactly 4 weeks. Now I'm waiting for my MongoosT grip. Another 4 weeks... really should have ordered it together with the other stuff.
  9. Shipping was even faster than I’d been told initially. And Virpils customer service is absolutely great.
  10. Why do I have to think of my kids in former days: „Are were there yet?“…
  11. Let me guess: You’ve got this in your clipboard and just paste it whenever applicable. So, every third thread in this sub-forum.
  12. OPPOTATO has created a nice profile for using the Cougars. Myself I’ve adapted this a bit and think it’ll be very usable.
  13. Tbh it was the Huey that decided things for me. I‘ve so much fun learning to fly helos in general that I’ll use the hell out of my collective even if I decide I don’t like the Apache. After all there’s also the Kiowa in the works and the BO-105, too.
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