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  1. Does anybody know how I can use F10 map markers to merge individual units into a singular larger group? I know I have seen this feature before but do not recall where. This would prove beneficial when building artillery units with CTLD while not wanting to set the same firing order multiple times. Additionally, not having to create numerous move orders for forces. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  2. Dedicated client will let you only host a single server/mission. As stated previously, the only interface you have is to select server options via a web browser. If you want to use ME then you'll need a full version through Standalone or Steam. You can run both Dedicated and a standalone simultaneously.
  3. Thanks Grimes. With your input, I was able to get it working.
  4. Does anybody have a good reference for script that does a decaying function over time? Such as for every 1 second 1 point is reduced. Pretty new to scripting and not sure if this is best serviced as a flag and flag value or something else entirely. It seems that I can use: function trigger.action.setUserFlag(string userFlagName, boolean or number userFlagValue) to establish an initial value and then run a while loop that reduces flag value over time. Additionally, I am thinking about having an option that upon event either increases value or further reduces value based upon world events. Thanks in advance!
  5. Nothing to apologize for. I appreciate the attempt.
  6. Thanks. I tried your suggestion and it results in no troops spawning. I have attached the lua and mission file for greater reference. Perhaps that will shed more light. Cyprus Sandbox.miz EnrouteAmbush.lua
  7. Perhaps I have been performing the wrong step or putting it in the incorrect place when I have made attempts at getSurfaceType and to then take an action. Simply put, what I would like to accomplish with the above is to have a SurfaceType check that occurs and then only spawn if the return is 1 or perhaps rather ~= 3
  8. Just seeking to have ground units not spawn in the sea.
  9. Firstly, any assistance is much appreciated. I am not much for coding and have to beg borrow steal what I can find when it comes to scripting to make missions feel more alive and dynamic. I have a script that generates random OPFOR spawns. It's nice but there isn't a conditional check to discriminate what type of surface it is spawning onto and thus you get guys with AKs and APCs out floating in the water shooting at you. So much for that surprise sea infiltration.... I would like to change that but uncertain how to properly do so with the Land.SurfaceType. I am at wits end with how to properly insert this check. local _aheadPointInf = AmbushZone.getPointAheadOfUnit(PlayerUnit:GetName(), math.random(3200,3700),"Infantry") local aheadPoint = POINT_VEC3:NewFromVec3( _aheadPointInf ) local aheadZone = ZONE_RADIUS:New( "AmbushZone_"..Function.RandomVariable(3), aheadPoint:GetVec2(), math.random(600,800) ) local group = AmbushZone.SpawnInfantry:SpawnInZone(aheadZone,true) SCHEDULER:New( nil, function() Function.DestroyGroup(group) end, {},AmbushZone.EnemyUnitsLifeTime)
  10. In effort of not having to reinvent the wheel, does anybody have a lua script that allows you to alter the score points awarded for damaging/destroying equipment/objects in a custom MP mission? I have noticed that on my custom MP missions that the game does not always return a value for destroying something. Several people on the server want to feel a sense of reward and the game currently isn't providing that. Yay points. I have searched the forums and haven't turned anything up but I'm sure it's out there. Can you help please help me? Thanks in advance! 43d Tactical Fighter Wing - DCS World Stable Release
  11. It now seems to be working properly. No need to respond.
  12. Greetings. I have grown frustrated with being blown across the runway due to not understanding what appropriate crosswind controls need to be inputted. After a quick search, I have discovered that a mod will create an ATIS function within DCS. I found DATIS on Github: https://github.com/rkusa/DATIS. The problem I am experiencing with it at the moment is that it doesn't seem to be dynamic to the mission despite the statement on Github saying that it is. I am not quite sure where my problem is manifesting from if it does in fact pull dynamic information. Is anybody else having this issue with DATIS? Do you know the fix solution? Am I better off with trying MOOSE instead? Thanks.
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